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Second Year

Prompt by: meh

Prompt: Bakura driving the car.

Bakura's eyes widened when he saw Guard-Pest climb behind the control-circle of the roaring-machine, quickly vanishing the bars of his carrier-room and flying out to land on the control-circle, turning his head to glare at Guard-Pest until the child nodded. "Harry? Can Hedwig drive?" Guard-Pest asked.

"Probably just as well as either of us." Aganai commented. Bakura turned to face the clear-solid again, waiting for Guard-Pest to start the roaring-machine and make it fly.

Several hours and two awed humans later, Bakura glared at the roaring-machine. It had started whining a while back and felt ready to give out. He squawked in surprise when in suddenly stopping roaring, headed right for the beating-tree on the grounds. Bakura screeched angrily, loosening his hold on his shadows slightly. The roaring-machine gave a sudden squeak and swerved mid-air, landing roughly in the mud beside the lake. Bakura nodded before turning to his Aganai, content to see he was uninjured. Oh, and Guard-Pest as well.


Included below is a list of names used in this chapter for people and items by animas. Note that animals usually have a different name for their owner then what other animals use and sometimes use different names for other people as well. If you have any suggestions for names not included in the master list feel free to leave it in a review. Master list can be found on my profile.


Harry Potter - Aganai (Japanese for Redemption) (Bakura)

Ron Weasley - Guard-Pest


Cage - Carrier-room

Steering Wheel - Control-circle

Automobile - Roaring-machine

Glass - Clear-solid

Whomping Willow - Beating-tree