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Third year - Mid-Year

Before Not-Dog-Man.

Prompt by: gruesome mushroom

Marik watched Guard-Pest and Thief's-Redemption from his hiding place under Plant-Scent's bed. As he watched, Guard-Pest put Not-Rat into a small cage on his bed-side desk and then pulled his covers up. Ten minutes later the room was filled with sleep-sounds. Marik slowly left his hiding place, ears alert for any sign that one of the boys might wake up, and jumped onto Guard-Pest's bed, studying the cage. He wouldn't be able to open it with paws and he hadn't gathered enough shadows to banish it yet, so he would just have to try the next best thing. Climbing up to Guard-Pest's chest, he batted the teen's cheek and waited.

Ron groaned as he opened his eyes, wondering briefly what had woken him before noticing the weight on his chest. Looking up, he saw Hermione's cat, Crookshanks, watching him. "Wha…?" The cat's face suddenly split in a far to wide grin and it's eyes almost looked purple.

"Your Rat or your Soul, Mortal." Ron opened his mouth, trying to scream, but nothing came out. After a few seconds Crookshanks' smirk grew wider and it stood up. "Your Soul it is, then." Ron blinked, jerked to the right, and grabbed Scabbers from his cage, holding him out towards the demon cat. No way this flee-bitten vermin was worth his soul.

*Next Morning*

"I'm telling you guys, that cat's a demon."

"Give it a rest, Ronald. You just don't like Crookshanks because he follows his instinct to hunt rats." Bakura watched, amused, as Guard-Pest and Scholar-Friend continued to argue, glancing down from his perch on Aganai's should on occasion to look at a very smug Marik. He would have to follow tonight to make sure Not-Rat was properly dealt with, but he didn't see how even Marik could mess it up from here.


Really should have written this one before Not-Dog-Man. Oh well, now we know how Marik got Scabbers.