Peter POV

It has been eighty wonderful years; I have my mate, my daughters and son-in-laws with us down in Texas, I remember coming back to Texas about sixty years ago after traveling everywhere with my mate and daughters and their husbands. I remember the day when the boys all asked me for the girl's hand in marriage it was heartbreaking but it was wonderful to actually see the girls glowing on their wedding day.


It's the day of the wedding, I still don't know why they want to have their wedding on the same day and time but I never voiced my concern, seeing them happy is what made their mother and I happier. I looked at my beautiful wife and wonder how I got so lucky.

"What you looking at?" she said jokingly

"You my beautiful mate" I told her wrapping my arms around her

"I love you" she said smiling at me

"Love you to darlin" I said kissing her lips lightly

After five minutes I knew Bella and I had to go get the girls ready to walk them down the aisle, they wanted both their parents to walk them to their mate's, we were glad to seeing as it is a different wedding all together. The wedding march started to play on the piano Edward was playing and we walked down the aisle with the girls on our arms towards their mates. The Volturi were there, when they got the wedding information they didn't send the r.s.v.p back through mail, they called and told us that they are coming and how many.

"Be good to them" Bella and I said walking over to our seats and sitting down

The wedding was beautiful; the girls glowed through the whole thing once the reception took place the girls danced with their mom and I one at a time, then the boys danced with my mate; after a few hours Bella and I decided to go hunting together. We came home five minutes before they had to leave for their honeymoon's luckily they were not going to the same place, they wanted that to be different but the arrival back here the same though.

End flashback

"My mate, what has your head away?" my mate asked me

"Just thinking about the girl's wedding day" I replied

"That was a strange one, but what about them adopted kids?" she asked

They each adopted four kids; they went to the orphanage and looked around seeing three they each wanted, Sierra and Brady adopted two boys and two girls, Cordelia and Collin adopted three boys and a girl, and Gabrielle and Seth adopted three girls and a boy, two years after marriage. Each different ages but they were loved and never let down for anything, when they started calling Bella and I grandma and grandpa I could feel my dead heart expand with love and pride.

"Are they coming soon?" I asked

"Yes, in fact here they come" she said laughing at my antics

"Hey mom, dad" the girls said

"Hey my daughters" Bella and I said together giving them a hug

"Where's our grandkids?" I asked smiling

"Outside" they giggled

When I stepped outside I took in the sight of my grandkids; they still acted like they were teenagers, they all got changed after college and they were around twenty five when they asked to be changed; they did not care that they were slightly older than their parents.

Bella POV

If you would have told me that eighty two years ago that I would be a vampire, a mate, a parent, and a grandparent; well I probably would have laughed at that, but I would not change a thing about the years that have gone by, it was two years after the reappearance of the Cullen's that I finally forgave them, the Cullen family are in Texas nobody could be away from us. We thought they would have gone other places but they told us that they wanted us to be a family and we agreed with them, so they live about ten miles away from us they do have little cottages on their land for the other's but you mostly see them in the bigger house on the land than in their homes away from home.

"I am happy, that we have kids and grandkids" I told Peter after he came in with the grandkids

"I am too, I never would have thought we would have kids and grandkids, even though they are all adopted" he told me while wrapping his arms around me

"Who cares that they are not by birth, that doesn't mean we love them less, I say we love them more because they gave us joy" I told him

"That's true" he said

"Mom, when are Aro, Caius, and Marcus coming?" Cordelia asked

"A minute" was all I said when a knock sounded at the door

The door was opened up and the Cullen's and Volturi walked in our house to spend time with the girls and the grandkids; I couldn't be any happier, I love having them around, when Peter and I want to travel I know that everything is taken care of and that when we get home nothing is destroyed. The first time Peter and I traveled we came back to the house slightly messed up from the mated couples having fun while we were gone.

Even to this day everyone is still slightly shocked that the Volturi brother's are all nice when we confronted them about it all; they then explained it was an image to uphold so that no one would disrespect them and that they don't like anyone, we seen it firsthand that they are sweet but they can be forceful when need to be. The girls in fact call them Uncle's now you would think that even though they are nice the Caius would just act like he was happy but he was so happy; Carlisle, Aro and Marcus told us when the girls were out one night that he has never smiled this much and he is carefree with everything around him. Learned that Marcus was unhappy after Didyme got killed; but twenty years ago I sent him on a little quest to Spain and that's where he met Ramona they got married few months later. I was brought out of my thoughts when someone called me.

"Mom, is everything okay?" the girls asked

"Yeah, just glad to have you three home for a while" I said hugging them

"You know that we will always be here" they said softly

"I know, I just like spending time with you and the grandkids" I said smiling

"You know, dad is having fun with them right now" they giggled

"Oh yeah, he was eager to see you guys. How's your husband's?" I asked

"Good, having male bonding time together out in the woods" they said

The old pack back in Forks; retired few years after we left; they said that since there is nothing else for them to do, they all had kids and the wolf genes were handed down to them, there were a slight change in it all, there was three girl wolfs instead of one. They are all happy; Sam and Emily died fifteen years ago they both died in each other's arms with their family around them, Jake and Angela died fourteen years ago they both had a heart attack in their sleep, the others died between the death of Sam and Emily and Jake and Angela, two were shot they were somewhere at the wrong time; they were all wonderful people and I will miss them, we went to pay our respects a month ago to the old pack, it shocked us all that the new pack allowed us on their land, they did show us the treaty and how we were all on it and allowed on the land, that it was changed before we left to come back to Texas.

They did ask Seth, Brady and Collin how come they haven't aged or anything; they told them that if they stay phasing then your imprint will not grow old and neither will you; that did intrigue them, but when they met their imprint's few years ago they decided to stop phasing so they can grow old together, we all became close I know it would be hard because my best friend Jake's kids look just like him and Angela. I couldn't be any happier with my life; I got my mate, kids, grandkids, and parents and siblings and a whole lot of friends in La Push, Washington.