Hello, everyone. I was reading all of your wonderful reviews and I'd like you to know I almost cried from happiness. So, for all your reviews, I'd like to ask what you would think if I made this a series of puzzleshipping flut (Fluffy smut) one shot? Yes? Hell yes? No? Hell no? maybe? I'd love to hear your opinion. Thanks for all the reader love *Mwah* also, I'll be writing an interview with the ygo original characters. Post your questions as reviews or message them to me. Luv to the readers!

And now a word from out sponsors.

Yami: Yu-Gi-Oh is sponsored by Yugi O's. They're Yugilicious. Wait a minute...Yugilicious? Is that even a word?

Director:It let's the kids know that they're tasty.

Yami:Yes, but Yugilicious? Are they supposed to taste like Yugi or something?

Director: Yaami? (Like yam with an ee)

Yami:And how wold somebody go about testing that? Besides the...obvious method of couse.

Yugi: Just say the line, you amatuer

Yami: Fine,Yugi O's: Apparently they're yugilicious...

That's is all for now my pretties! *Hands out cookies*