I took a look at the small school. It was the size of my middle school back in Phoenix. I took a deep breath and walked up the wet steps to the office. Another thing about Forks it rained all day, everyday unlike Phoenix's dry, humid heat. I opened the door to the office and it wasn't as bright as my old school office. Maybe it was because the dark, grey sky and cold air made everything depressing, yet the secretary smiled.

"Hello sweetie, how can I help you?" She asked warmly. I smiled back and my hand tightened on my backpack strap.

"I'm Isabella Swan, the new student" I informed her and she got a knowing look.

"Ah, so you're in the infamous daughter the chief has been raving about" She said as she printed a few things out. I shrugged; I didn't know if Charlie talked about me or not. I hoped he didn't.

"Yep" I smiled. She handed me a small sheet of paper, an agenda of sorts, and a little folded piece of paper.

"This is your schedule, your agenda, and the school map. Oh, and you have to get this signed by all of your teachers. Have a great day" She smiled and handed me the slip. I nodded and walked off. I tried to memorize the map so I didn't look like a dork walking around the school with a map in my hands. The bell rang and I looked to my schedule. First hour was Foreign Language. They put me in the French class. Wonderful. I went to first hour and that seemed ok. The teacher, Miss Allete, was nice and outgoing. She seemed more of a theatre teacher than a foreign language teacher. My classes went by quick; I had French, English, and Biology. Then there was break. Which meant sitting at my own table, or trying to make some friends; which I currently failed at except for a girl named Jessica Stanley in my English class. She was nice, but seemed like the gossip type with her brunette frizzy hair, and caked on makeup. I learned that she was on pep squad, but she had a broken ankle from falling from a routine during practice. How typical. She didn't have her uniform on, which she looked glad to not be wearing.

"So, here is where we eat lunch, and have break." She smiled and opened the cafeteria doors. I nodded.

I walked into the huge cafeteria room and there were tables with people everywhere. All different cliques were clearly shown.

"Wow, you guys have tables everywhere, and there are people everywhere" I told her. She nodded virgoursly, and linked her arm with mine. I tensed.

"The table you sit at is your social status" She smiled. What? I was sure the confusion was shown clearly on my face.

"Here let me explain" She said and pointed to a table in the corner. I looked over and there were guys in jerseys and jeans. They were laughing and there was food all over the table. They were your typical jocks; how surprising.

"Over there are your jocks, all levels of Varsity JV, you name it; that's their sections. Over there, that's the soccer table. Then the football table next to them, the baseball players, and all the sports tables for guys are there. Over there are the girls table. The cheerleaders, the softball players, soccer players, every sport like the guys. Occasionally they migrate and all girl and guy sports are separated into two groups. It's weird. Over there are the populars. The popular football players and cheerleaders sit over there." She said and pointed out where the sports teams where seated. I looked over and saw the girls and guys sitting together today. I liked that. Back in Phoenix the girl and guy teams of the same sport competed against each other of who got the highest rank and all that. It got irritating after a while, but you learned to ignore it after so long.

Then you have the main populars table, which is where I sit. The running back Emmett McCarty, and Rosalie Hale. They've been together since sophomore year. Then baseball player Jasper Hale, Rosalie's older brother, is with Alice Brandon who is on the Varsity cheerleading. Then you have Edward Cullen and he's a running back on the football team too; but he's single and Alice's cousin. All five of them are inseparable. Supposedly, Jasper and Rosalie's Mom used to date Alice's dad and that's why they're so close. Edward just joined because he's part of Alice's family, even though Alice is a year older. They're sitting with the populars. That' Tanya Denali, Lauren Mallory, Tyler Crowley, James Romania, Victoria Nomad, Riley Biers, and Bree Tanner. Bree and Riley are a thing, but they're not exactly public. Lauren and Tyler just broke up, but you catch them together every once in a while. I think they might be back together at the end of the month. Victoria and James have been caught in the janitor's closet more than once; I've seen it. It gets public too. Now Tanya has her sights set on Edward, but shotEdward isn't into her, which pisses off Tanya." She said and went on about them. I just nodded. I looked around at all the tables.

The athletes, populars, band geeks, theatre kids, Asians, the desperate wannabes, druggies, singers, artists, you name it, they had a table. I've never seen anything like in my whole high school life.

The only thing left for me to question: Which table did I sit at? That was up to me.

This is supposed to be a one-, but since I read it over and it seems like something that doesn't belong as a one shot, I don't know if I should turn it into a multi-chapter. You decide.


P.S. I know populars isn't a real word, but try to ignore that fact. I know, it seems really stupid, but bare with me(:

XOXO, Lizzy