I followed Jessica to her table and helped her with her backpack. As we got closer to the tables I suddenly felt inadequate with the students around me. When I came to small town, dinky Forks I wasn't expecting to be around people with money. It was obvious Forks' reputation wasn't all it summed up to be. The majority of the kids here have money; and I'm talking about being able to go into a mall and blowing hundreds of dollars on clothes and not getting in trouble for it. It was to be expected.

"Here Bella you can't sit here" Jessica smiled at me wamrly and patted the seat next to her. I slid in easily and there were small murmurs of hellos to Jessica.

"Guys" Jessica said loudly. A few looked up to see what all the fuss was about but the rest continued to have a conversation with themselves, not hearing her.

"Guys!" Jessica almost yelled and they all looked to her.

"This is Bella Swan, she'll be hanging out with us." Jessica said smiling still.

"Hi Bella" A big burly guy with cute deep dimples and curly brown hair on his eyes greeted me. His blue eyes sparkled and he gave me a top smile.

"Hi" I replied feeling nervous. He chuckled and stuck out his meaty hand.

"Emmett McCarty" He said amused. I shook it and he nodded to the blonde on his left.

"This is Rosalie, my girlfriend" He introduced. Rosalie gave me a look that shrunk me by ten times. Her plump red lips pursed and she tilted her head slightly at me giving me a judging look. She was stunning. Long silky thick blonde hair, piercing cold violet eyes, a baby smooth complexion, and body most girls kill for.

"Nice to meet you" She finally said, her distate coming through her tone. I shrunk about ten more times at that.

"Rosalie stop being rude!" A little black haired girl spoke up from across her. She looked to me and smiled, "Don't listen to her" She said with a roll of her eyes, "she's just pissed off as usual. I'm Alice Brandon it's neat to meet you!" She said excitedly and sprung up from her seat next to her blonde boyfriend and rushed over to me to give me a giant bear hug. Damn she was strong for her tiny size.

"I can tell we're going to be best friends" She smiled brightly at me. I giggled and nodded.

"Thanks Alice" I said not knowing what else to say to that. She gave a tinkling laugh and sat back down to the blonde next to her.

"Jasper Hale, Rosalie's brother. Don't be too offended by what she says; she's just in a bad mood" He said covering up for his sister who glared at me from her spot at the table.

"She's always in a bitchy mood" A kid muttered from across Alice. I looked down to him and he played with his pizza crust in his hands. Alice noticed my staring and she slapped the boy's hands.

"Edward!" She scolded in her high pitched voice, "stop being so rude!"

"Sorry" He muttered to her then looked to me. My breathing hitched. He was the most single-handedly gorgeous guy i've ever laid eyes on. Long bronze hair stuck up in different directions reminding me of the color of a penny, a tan smooth complexion sticking out from the other Casper pale kids at this school. His green emerald eyes with tiny flicks of gold in them. His pink lips in a hard line at me as he gazed at me bored.

"Edward Cullen" He said and leaned over the table and held his hand out. As soon as my hand touched his he retracted and sat on his bench.

"James Romania" A man spoke up from the other end of the table with blonde long hair in a bun at the bottom of his head.

"Victoria Nomad" The redhead next to him said and gazed at me wildly. Her eyes were shaped like a cats and to be honest she scared and intimidated me a little.

"Tyler Crowley" The boy across spoke up with the buzzed head. The dirty blonde next to him smiled at me softly and said "Lauren Mallory" just as softly as her smile.

"Tanya Denali" Another strawberry blonde spoke up with a hint of arrogance. She looked at me and smirked with knowing eyes exactly what kind of person she thought I was.

"Hey your Chief Swan's daughter right?" She asked accusingly. I nodded not knowing whether that was a good or bad thing. Last thing i needed in his dinky town was to have a bad repuatation on my first day.

"Yeah" I answered in confidence at her, surprising myself. She looked surprised as well but her smirked stayed.

"Hmm" She said and cocked her head to the other side, "that explains a lot"

"Tanya!" A brunette next to her exclaimed. Tanya rolled her eyes at her and went back to sandwich. I was surprised she even ate.

"Sorry about her" The brunette apolgized, "I'm Bree Tanner" She said happily and gave me a big smile.

"I'm her boyfriend Riley Biers" The ashy blonde said next to her and Bree beamed at him. He gave her a gentle smile and I looked away.

"So Bella what's it like having a police chief for a dad?" Emmett asked.

"It's okay. Only benefit is I can get out of tickets easily and you know that type of thing" I shrugged and Emmett sighed sadly.

"Lucky. I'm still paying off for the three speeding tickets I have" He said. I gasped then chuckled.

"I can probably do something about that" I offered. His eyes sparkled and he smiled.

"Really?" He asked happily. I nodded.

"I'll see what I can do" I told him. He gave me another giant smile and he looked to Rosalie with an excited expression.

"Hear that Rosalie?" He asked, "Bella's going to see if she can get me out of my speeding tickets!" He said.

Rosalie gave him an amused look and nodded.

"Okay Emmett I'll see if that really happens" SHe said and shot me an annoyed expression.

"Hey Bella I'm having a few people come over after school today, do you want to come?" Alice asked giving me her usual plastered smile.

"Sure" I smiled back. Rosalie looked at me with angry eyes and her head whipped to Alice.

"Alice! We were supposed to go shopping before people came over!" She said angrily.

"Oh Rose calm your tits, Bella is coming with us too!" She said in her 'duh' tone of voice. Little did Alice know that the reason Rosalie was upset wasn't because she didn't include me in their plans, but because i was joining them.

"Oh no Alice it's okay, you and Rosalie go shopping and then we'll hang out" I offered trying to make the best of both worlds. Rosalie gave me a winning smirk and to be honest her too-cool-for-you bitchy exterior was getting on my nerves.

"Yeah Alice see, Bella's okay with not coming" Rosalie said in her bitchy excluding tone. I clenched my jaw and balled my fists at my sides to not say anything to this bitch.

"Rosalie, Bella is coming and just deal with it." Alice said angrily then she looked to me. "Bella you're coming whether you like it or not!" She said in her final tone of voice. I had nothing better to come back at her with so i sucked it up, sighed and plastered a fake smile on my face.

"Okay Alice I'll come" I said sweetly. She grinned and squealed in her spot.

"Yes!" She pumped her fist in the air and i chuckled to myself. Rosalie's blatant glaring at me with her menacing expression quickly stopped.

Boy was I in over my head.