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Chapter One

For Ronald Weasley, the decision to become an Auror was one of the best. The money that the twenty-eight year old received for hunting down dark wizards had allowed him to do things he never could before, one of them being taking his wife on a luxurious vacation in New Caledonia, Noumea. They weren't there for any specific occasion, just for the hell of it.

Ron was currently setting up the table: plates, napkins, cutlery, glasses for wine and such. He finished it off with a beautiful vase of roses, which he placed delicately at the center of the dark wood table.

Ron then went to the bedroom and began smoothing out any creases in the large bed of their hotel room. The fine, gloriously patterned material felt like pure silk beneath his large, rough hands. The hotel suite itself was magnificent, with it's dark carpeted floors, the long crimson red curtains that covered each window, the light cream color of the walls, all completed with the candles that Ron had placed around the bedroom and dining room.

Ron was feeling like a true romantic that night. He had their whole evening planned: Once Lavender was done with her beauty appointment (getting her eyebrows waxed, her hair styled, and her nails tended to), they were going to have a romantic dinner, followed by a glass of wine and some sweet talking, which would eventually lead to an hour or so of passionate lovemaking. He could just picture the look on his wife's face when she saw what he had set up, and smiled at the thought.

Ron looked up and his eyes were drawn to the curtains. They were red and long, reminding him of his sister's hair. Ginny...

For the past few weeks, Ron had found himself thinking about his younger sister, Ginny Weasley, who became Ginny Thomas a year ago. And the way he thought about her wasn't the way that a brother should think of his little sister. He had always been protective of her, as any brother would, but there was always something more.

He only felt slightly guilty about thinking of his sister when he was supposed to be thinking of his wife, but that guilt quickly disappeared when the memory of what happened a few days ago flooded his mind...

Ron had just finished filing away some last-minute paperwork in his Auror office when he began to think of the large lake located by his family's home, the Burrow. He wanted nothing more than to visit his old home in order to take a refreshing dip in the cool water. So, after he said goodbye to his workmates, he first conjured a pair of tight fitting swimming trunks and a towel. After putting on the trunks, he Disapparated from his office and to the Burrow.

Once he appeared before the familiar house, Ron began swiftly walking toward the lake, his towel hanging over his shoulder. Suddenly, another figure came into view. As Ron squinted his eyes, he saw it was his younger sister Ginny. Her back was to him, and she was taking off her brightly colored dress, leaving her in only a pleasantly tight pink bikini.

Ginny began kicking at the tame water lightly, testing its temperature. When she decided it was warm enough, she entered the water until it went up to the swell of her hips.

Seeing his sister in such a revealing outfit made his body react. Ron could feel his cock twitching in his tight trunks.

"Bloody hell," Ron muttered to himself in shock, as he looked down and saw his member showing quite clearly through the material of his trunks.

It was at that very moment that Ginny turned and looked at him, having sensed another person's presence. Her breasts were wet and slippery from the water and nearly bursting from the bikini top.

Ron's mouth hung agape. His feet felt rooted to the spot.

"Would you like to join me?" Ginny said, smirking at him. Her eyes looked him up and down, and stopped when she saw his bulging erection. She licked her lips in desire.

Ron was at loss for words. The only thing going through his mind at the moment was fuck her, fuck her, God I want to fuck her.

Before his dirty thoughts could continue, Ron quickly Disapparated to his old bathroom in the Burrow, feeling the sudden need for an ice cold shower. He practically ripped the few clothes he had on from his body and turned on the shower, putting it on the coldest setting. The ice cold water pierced his pale skin as he entered the shower. He let out a groan of relief as he ran a hand through his wet ginger hair.

He had only been in the shower for two minutes when, suddenly, the curtain was pushed aside and there stood Ginny, a look of lust and arousal present on her pretty, freckled face. She had put her dress back on, but was no longer wearing her bikini underneath it. Her eyes scanned her brother thoroughly, stopping to stare at his Quidditch toned chest, his long legs, and his hardened manhood.

To Ron's shock, his sister boldly stepped into the shower, clothes and all. She grabbed Ron's wide shoulders and pushed him against the side of the shower wall. She moved one of her hands to the back of Ron's neck and firmly pushed his face to her own. Their lips immediately connected in a heated kiss, and, strangely enough, neither of the siblings were feeling even the slightest trace of guilt about cheating on their spouses.

Ron's hands snaked around Ginny's small waist, and reached up to grab the zip of her dress. The material was soaked as he pulled it off her body, allowing her perfect figure into his sight at last.

"Fuck," the young man cursed as he took in her deliciously full breasts, the rosy, erect peaks, the trail of freckles along her flat stomach, the swell of her hips, and the creaminess of her thighs. "Come here," he said, rearranging their position so that Ginny was now against the wall.

He licked his lips as he pressed his erection into her thigh, causing Ginny to moan. The water plastered her hair to the sides of her face, and her brown eyes were dark and intense with passion. It had been so long since he has seen his sister like this, so unguarded and so willing.

He moaned and their lips connected again, their tongues exchanging saliva passionately. Ron suddenly broke the snog in order to squat before his sister. She spread her legs in approval. Ron took in the sight of her pussy: shaved, pink, and with a wetness that had nothing to do with the shower water.

The siblings locked eyes for a moment: Ginny's tree bark brown met with Ron's baby blue. Though she said nothing, Ginny's expression was begging him to continue, no matter how wrong it was.

Ron nodded at her and dove in. He was experienced in the act of pleasuring a woman orally, so he knew just where to lick and nibble at his sister's velvet tunnel. Ginny moaned wildly as his mouth found her swollen clitoris. Her juices filled his mouth, and he groaned, sending wonderful vibrations into Ginny's aroused flesh. She tasted better than any dessert he had ever indulged in, or any woman he had ever been with.

"Damn!" the young lady cursed, hitting her head against the wall in growing anticipation. "Ron, I'm close!"

It was at that moment that Ron removed his mouth from Ginny's pussy – much to Ginny's dislike – and stood before her.

"Why – did – you – stop?" she said through her pants. "I was going to cum so hard!"

"Exactly," Ron said into her ear, "I want you to cum with me inside you. I want to fuck you so much, little sister."

"Oh," Ginny moaned in delight as Ron lifted her and wrapped her legs around his waist. "Fuck yes, Ron!"

Ron pressed his erection into her entrance, but did not enter her. His tip teased her wet hole, making Ginny moan in frustration.

"Please Ron," she begged, holding onto her brother's strong shoulders.

"Just look at this," Ron said, while squeezing one of the cheeks of her arse. "Your pussy is weeping for me. It's crying out in desire for my cock." He pressed himself into her more firmly, but still not going in all the way.

"Yes, Ron!" Ginny wailed. "Don't make me wait any longer!"

"As you wish," he said huskily into her wet neck, and slid into her at last.

A shock went down Ginny's spine as he filled her. His thrusts began slow, savoring each delicious wave of warmth, wetness, and tightness. Ginny moved her hips to meet him with each thrust.

"Oh Ginny," Ron said as he gave her bum a slap. "You're so wet for me."

"Yes, Ron, I'm so fucking wet for you!" she said. "Faster! Harder!"

Ron obeyed, speeding up the pace of his thrusts and going even deeper inside her. The sound of Ginny moaning his name and the sound of their skin slapping together with each thrust was pure music to Ron's ears. His sister was so beautiful and sexy, and he secretly envied Dean Thomas – her husband – for he got to experience this kind of physical intimacy with her on a daily basis.

As he entered her roughly once more, Ginny exclaimed, "Oh, Ron! I'm close!"

Ginny climaxed intensely around Ron's member, taking Ron with her. They both screamed in ecstasy as the orgasmic throbbing and releasing sensations overcame their wet bodies. Ron's incestuous seed was squirted deep inside her velvet underground, while Ginny released a coat of delicious pussy juices around Ron's manhood.

"Oh Ron," Ginny said through her erratic pants, "that was just what I needed."

"Yeah," Ron said as he nibbled at her earlobe. "I needed this too."

Ron shook the memory from his head, knowing that he should be concentrating on the romantic plans for himself and his wife. After examining what he already had set up, he decided that he should make a quick stop at the store to pick up a few more extra things. He grabbed his wallet and a pair of sunglasses from one of the sofa chairs and left. It was at times like these – when he was checking his wallet to make sure he had the appropriate amount of muggle money for what he needed – that he was thankful to one of his best friends, Hermione Granger, for teaching him about how muggles live. Without her guidance, he would have no idea about how to do things like shopping.

Ron's head was still swimming with thoughts of his younger sister and their last sexual encounter. How wrong it was, but, at the same time, how right.