Chapter Three

The room was officially perfect. With some help from Ginny, Ron had set the plates with the steak dinner for himself and Lavender on the table. Ginny had placed a heating spell on the meal to make sure it would remain fresh and warm. The wine was placed in a bucket filled with ice, just begging to be tasted, and the candles gave the room that irresistible romantic glow that Ron hoped to achieve.

Ginny placed a vase of red roses next to the vase Ron had already set out. In her opinion, roses were the most romantic flower in the world. She frowned slightly, knowing that her time alone with Ron was almost up, for she would have to leave her brother so he could be with his wife. The sadness and jealousy boiled inside her once more. The minute she had began helping Ron, her mind kept flashing with different images of them making love in various places around the spacious hotel room, each time in a different position. She let out a long breath, thinking with fear that their encounter in the shower would be the last time she would connect with her brother sexually.

With a heavy sigh, Ginny walked over to a chair and picked up her jacket, purse, and sunglasses, getting ready to leave.

Ron had just been lighting the last of the candles, feeling very proud of himself, when he noticed Ginny preparing to leave. He felt strangely disappointed and jealous that she had to leave to go back to Dean. Even though it happened only a few days ago, it seemed like ages since he and Ginny had been physically intimate. He loved his wife, but, at the same time, he could not deny the connection, the desire, the intimacy, and the passion that he experienced when he was with his younger sister. Neither of them had ever cared that it was incest, that it was so very taboo, and it would most definitely ruin them if anyone ever found out.

"Ginny," Ron said calmly, while walking over to her.

She turned to face him. "Yes?"

"Um...thank you for helping me tonight. I really appreciate it, sis."

Ginny sighed but tried to seem happy. She was hoping that Ron suddenly had a change of heart and wanted to spend the evening in her arms.

"'re welcome, Ron. So...will Lavender be arriving soon?"

"Yeah," Ron said, noting that it was getting quite dark outside. "Pretty soon, I expect."

"Cool," she said dully.

"So...what are your plans with Dean for tonight?"

"What?" Ginny said in confusion, then she suddenly remembered the lie she had made earlier. "Oh, yes! We're going out to dinner," she recovered. "Well...good night, Ron."

"Good night, Gin," he murmured in response.

They stared at each other for a moment, each of them attempting to hide the lust in their expressions, but failing.

Ginny stood on the tips of her toes and leaned in to peck Ron on the cheek. Ron boldly turned his head so that their lips touched ever so lightly, but it was enough to send both of their hearts racing.

It was only awkward for a few seconds, their lips still touching. Ron moved his lips against her own, wanting them to continue. This kiss was slow at first, but when Ron grazed his tongue along her lower lip, things got hotter. Ginny opened her mouth and wrapped her tongue around Ron's skillfully. Her mouth tasted faintly of minty toothpaste and the smoothie she had earlier, making Ron groan into her mouth. Their tongues danced in a passionate tango, screaming all of their feelings without saying a word.

Ginny was the first to break the kiss. Ron sighed as his sister gave him a melancholy smile.

"Good night, Ron," she said, opening the door. "And good luck."

She left without another word, leaving Ron utterly confused about his true feelings for his wife and sister, and, even worse, an erection in his dress pants.

A whole hour and a half had passed, with not a sign of Lavender. Ron was sitting at the table, his stomach grumbling with hunger, feeling immensely tempted to start his dinner. He rose from the table, feeling thoroughly frustrated, and went to the kitchen to grab a beer from the refrigerator. He didn't want to open the expensive wine until his wife arrived.

Another twenty minutes passed, and Ron was now on his third bottle. Suddenly, an owl flew through an open window and landed on the table next to him. Ron detached the note from the owl's leg, already having an idea about who it was from.

Just as he had expected, it was from his wife:


My dear, I really hate to have to put this into writing. Remember how I told you I wanted to get my hair and nails done before I saw you? Well, just as my paint was drying, I received an urgent message from my assistant, telling me that the company manager scheduled a business conference, and insisted I attend. I know this is a great inconvenience, but that's one of the burdens of working for a fashion business. I had to leave immediately, and probably won't be back for several weeks.

Again, I'm so sorry. I love you.

~ Lav

Ron sighed and shooed the owl away, feeling miserable. All of his efforts for a perfectly romantic evening had gone to waste.

For the past hour and a half, Ginny had been having dinner (by herself) at a little restaurant located across the street from the hotel Ron was staying in. As she payed the waiter and left, she experienced an unusual desire to check up on Ron. She didn't know if it was their sibling connection, but she had a feeling that he needed her. While she walked swiftly back to Ron's room, another memory wormed its way from the crevices of her memory, the memory of the first time her relationship with her brother turned sexual...

It was Ron's sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and Ginny's fifth. Ron had just ended his relationship with Lavender Brown. It was late at night, and, as Ron entered the Gryffindor common room, he expected everyone to be upstairs in bed.

He was surprised to see a young girl sitting on the couch before the fire, crying her eyes out. Once he spotted the girl's long ginger hair, he immediately knew it was his younger sister, Ginny. He figured that she too had ended her relationship. Even though he hated seeing his strong sister in such a state, he couldn't help but feel elated that Ginny was no longer with Dean Thomas. He never cared for Dean...well, he never cared for the idea of Ginny being with him romantically. Not just Dean, he didn't care for any bloke that expressed an interest in his sister that was beyond friendship. She was his little sister and it was his job to protect her from things like boys and heartbreak.

He walked over and sat on the couch next to her. Ginny jumped in surprise.

"Oh...Ron..." she said, once she wiped her eyes enough so that his face was clear. "I was just..."

"Shhh..." Ron silenced her, placing her head on his lap. "It's gonna be okay, Gin, I'm here for you. Your big brother is here, and I'm not going anywhere. Unlike Dean."

Ginny cried a little harder when she said his name. For the next few minutes, Ron stoked her hair lovingly and allowed her to cry until she ran out of tears.

She wiped her tears away and sat up.


"Yes Ginny?"

"Will you...will you help me forget about Dean for the night?"

"I'll do anything for you, Gin."

Ginny pounced on Ron, forcing him back on the couch, and straddled him. Before he could give any sign of protest, Ginny grabbed the sides of his long face, leaned down, and captured her brother in a kiss.

Ron immediately pushed her away.

"" he began. "I can't...I mean, we can't. It's wrong. We're brother and sister."

"But, Ron," she said seductively, "there's nothing wrong with finding comfort with someone you're close with."

"But..." Ron said.

"And besides," Ginny continued. "we're both officially single now. So, why not?"

Ron gave in, knowing he couldn't resist his sister's bewitching good looks, and...her body. She was offering herself to him and that thought alone made Ron grin like a fool, as well as make his cock twitch in growing excitement.

The snogging began anew, this time with tongue, and soon, before either of them could truly come to terms with what was happening, they had both removed their clothing. It was wrong, but oh, so right. This was to be a night to remember.

"Hmm, Ginny," Ron moaned into her ear huskily. "I want to taste you."

Ginny went and sat down on one of the stuffed chairs and spread her legs. Ron positioned himself before her wet pussy, enjoying the musky yet sweet scent that filled his nostrils.

Ron licked his lips and dove into the main course that Ginny was offering him. She tasted delicious. The juices that filled his mouth reminded him faintly of fruit. He had been blessed with a long nose, which bumped against her aroused clitoris with every lick and flick of his tongue.

"Oh...RON!" she yelled in ecstasy. "How – did – you – get so – good – at this?"

Ron smiled into her pink flesh, thinking about how his sexual encounters with Lavender had paid off. He knew exactly how to pleasure a woman this way, and he enjoyed having his sister so unguarded and squirming around him in pleasure.

Ron knew what he would do next would send her over the edge. His mouth found her swollen nub and sucked on it lightly.

"Fuck!" the fifteen-year-old cursed, riding her lower half against her brother's face. "Oh...Ron...I'm gonna...I'm gonna cum!"

Ron removed his face from her cunt. He knew what he wanted: he wanted her to cum when he was inside her.

"Oh Ron," Ginny moaned, "Inside me now. Please." He loved hearing her beg for him like this.

Ron stroked himself a few times, preparing his manhood for what was about to come.

"Now, Ron!" Ginny said impatiently.

Ron obeyed, and thrusted into his sister roughly. The sound of her pussy juices squishing around him was loud and arousing. She was tight, so tight that Ron almost would have thought she was a virgin.

"I'm gonna make you scream my name," Ron groaned deeply into her ear.

"Yes, Ron," Ginny said in approval as a bead of sweat began to form at her hairline. "Make me scream your name so fucking loudly." Ron smiled at these words. He loved feeling in control at times like these.

He continued to pump in and out of her velvet tunnel wildly, making sure to kiss and nibble at her neck and earlobe as he did so. Their freckled bodies were soon slick and glistening with sweat by the warm fire. The sound of skin meeting skin seemed to bounce off the walls, along with the sounds of both of the siblings moaning and groaning in their incestuous fulfillment and ecstasy.

Her tunnel was warm and wet around Ron's manhood, which was now seeping with precum. She grabbed onto the cheeks of his arse, forcing him even deeper inside her.

"Fuck, Ron...I'm so close...YES!" she screamed and squirted her cum around his member. Her wet walls throbbed and contracted around him orgasmically, and she soon took him with her. Ron came with a call of his sister's name, his seed squirting deep inside her womanhood.

As he rode out the last waves of his orgasm, Ron rested his head in her sweaty cleavage.

"Love you, Gin," he muttered quietly into her damp flesh.

Somehow during that wonderful flashback, Ginny had found her way back to Ron's room. She knocked on the door and waited. No answer. She knocked again, this time harder, but still no answer.

She grabbed the doorknob and was surprised to find that the door was unlocked. She entered the room, calling Ron's name as she did so. Ginny was even more surprised to see that dinner and wine had not been touched, but all of the sweet smelling candles were blown out, some of them still leaving the light scent of vanilla in the air.

An empty beer bottle was on the floor. This worried Ginny. She looked and saw another beer bottle, like a trail of sorts. She found Ron in the living room, resting on a lounge chair and looking quite disheveled: his ginger hair looking as though he had just got up from bed, his dress clothes scattered by his feet, leaving him in nothing but a pair of loose fitting boxer shorts, and a half empty beer bottle in his hand.

"Ronald Weasley!" said Ginny, in a voice that sounded quite like her mother. She walked up to him, snatched the beer bottle from his hand, and placed it on a nearby table. "What the hell is this?"

"S'nothing," Ron said, his voice sounding only slightly groggy.

"Ron," Ginny said, a little more calmly this time. "How many bottles have you had?"

"The one you just took from me was my third."

"Oh, good," Ginny said, sighing with relief. "I know it takes more than that to get you drunk. But anyway, what's going on? Where's Lavender?"

"I'll tell you what went wrong, Gin," Ron said, standing up, and grabbing the note from Lavender that he had previously been sitting on. "What went wrong is that I decided to plan a perfect night for my wife. But then she has to go to a damn business meeting."

He shoved the paper at her, and Ginny took it. She read it once, then twice, feeling very sorry for her brother.

"Oh Ron," she started. "I'm so sorry. Have a seat."

Ron plopped himself down on a couch, and Ginny sat next to him.

"Ginny...I want to talk to you..." he began.

"About what?" she encouraged.

"This marriage," Ron said at last. "I don't think it's working out."

"What do you mean?"

"I love Lavender, but...our marriage isn't as strong as it used to be. I feel like her top priority is work, then her husband. This isn't the first time she's canceled on me because of something job related, but, I dunno, I guess I was just hoping that this night would be different. I'm such a fool."

He turned to look at her, and, to Ginny's shock, his blue eyes glistened with tears.

"It's okay to cry, Ron."

"I know," he said as the first tear slid down his long nose and cheek. Ginny grabbed the back of his neck and made him rest against her chest. Ron wiped the tears from his eyes. Ginny ran a hand through the tangled mess that was his hair, and gently traced random patterns on his bare skin. She noted how his muscles felt pressed against her.

Ron loved the feeling of his head on her large breasts, and he couldn't help but begin to rub her thigh gently, in an almost unnoticeable manner. Even in the worst of times, Ginny could still find a way to turn him on.

Both Ginny and Ron looked down to see a bulge forming in Ron's shorts, but Ginny pretended not to see. But then Ron looked up and her, and she looked down at him with the brown eyes he loved so much. He thought those eyes could light up the world.

"Gin," Ron said, ready to spill his heart out to her. "I think it's time Lavender and I get a divorce."

"Are you sure?" she said.

"Yeah, that's what is best for the both of us. I can go on with my life and she won't have any husband to worry about, so she can go to all the damn business meetings she wants to."

"If that's your decision Ron, you know I'll support you through anything."

Ginny was secretly doing a happy jig at the thought of Ron no longer being with Lavender. She also felt special knowing that she was the first person he decided to tell how he truly felt about his wife. She thought she should be honest as well.

"Ron," she sighed, "if I tell you something, do you promise to keep it a secret?"

"As long as you didn't murder anyone, yes," Ron joked.

Ginny laughed lightly before turning serious once more. "Dean and I have been separated for almost a year now."

"What?" Ron said, sitting back up. "But you said that you two had plans..."

"Lies," Ginny shrugged.

"But he was at the party..." he said, thinking back to the huge Weasley party his parents had decided upon a week or so ago.

Ginny shrugged again. "Mum invited him, naturally, thinking that we were still a happy married couple. I haven't told anyone yet. Neither has he, and it would have looked weird if he declined Mum's invitation."

"But...why?" Ron said, confused. "Why are you two not together?"

"We were arguing over every little thing, Ron. It was horrible. I felt like I couldn't go out shopping with Hermione without him objecting to how much money I spend or what I was wearing. We are too different to be together, we want different things in life. So, we thought that maybe some time apart would help. It wasn't going to be long, he was just going to stay at his parent's house for a few weeks, a month at the most, and that would be it. But it's been almost twelve months, and nothing has changed."

"But...why?" Ron repeated, still unclear about one thing. "Why didn't you tell anyone, though?"

She sighed again and let out a light, humorless laugh. "I'm a Weasley, and Weasleys never split up. I knew if I told Mum, she'd be all up in my face about it, treating me as if I were a baby. I just didn't want to tell anyone else because I didn't want them to look at me and think 'There's that poor little Weasley woman who is having marital issues. Let's pity her and express our deepest sympathy.'"

"Oh, Ginny," Ron said, grabbing onto her hands. "Nobody would think that of you. We all know how strong you are, and we all would have known that despite any problem you were having with Dean, you would find a way to work it out."

"But...Ron...I'm kind of glad about it."

Ron's eyebrows crinkled in confusion. "Why?"

"Because...well, think about it. My time away from Dean has brought me much closer to you. Think of all the things we've done."

Ron no longer felt upset about Lavender's absence. All that mattered now was his little sister.

"I've enjoyed our time together," he admitted.

"Ron," said Ginny, twirling her fingers across his large palm. "I don't want to focus on our failed marriages. Not tonight, at least. I just want to focus on us."

"Yes, Gin," he said knowing exactly where this was going. He grabbed at her slip dress and pulled it off her thin frame easily, licking his lips at what she was wearing underneath. Her large mounds were held within a tight fitting, black lacy bra. She was also sporting a pair of delightfully short red and black boyleg panties.

"Hmm...did you plan all this for me?" he said as he placed his hand on the curve of her bum.

Ginny chuckled. "Maybe."

"Hmm," he hummed, looking her up and down. "This outfit looks beautiful, Gin, but I'm sure it would look even more you."

Ron had worked his charm, and, within a matter of seconds, Ginny was completely naked before him, and she had eagerly removed his boxers.

"Just sit back and relax, Ron. Let me do the work this time." Ginny squatted before him, her pussy juices dripping onto the floor, and began sucking him off. She had wanted to do this for so long now. She had been dying to know what it felt like to take in her brother's size, to know what he tasted like, to have him squirt his cum down her throat while moaning her name...

She only had a small amount of knowledge about pleasuring a man orally, it wasn't something that she had done to Dean often. And, when they had, it wasn't the same as what was happening now, since Ron was several inches longer than Dean.

She began bobbing her head along Ron's long shaft, taking him all in. Ron moaned each time he hit the back of her throat. Her mouth was so pleasantly warm and wet, similar to her cunt. She fondled his balls while flicking her tongue across his tip, which was releasing precum. She sucked and swallowed the clear liquid, moaning at his taste. Her moan sent vibrations through Ron's erect flesh, causing him to moan and grab the back of her head.

"Right there Ginny," he said and she gently grazed her teeth along his shaft. "You're a natural..."

Her hand stroked him as her mouth continued to bob over his huge member, gathering up all the precum she could. She cupped his balls and rubbed them in her warm palms.

"So close..." he muttered in pleasure.

Ginny smiled against him. She was going to know what her brother's incestuous seed tasted like.

"GIN!" he screamed in ecstasy, throwing his head back against the chair. At last, his seed squirted from the tip of his member and into Ginny's open mouth. He tasted deliciously salty, and she swallowed each drop of the white liquid eagerly, even going back to lick up any spare drops.

She smiled up at her panting brother, a drop of cum dripping down her chin.

"Good Merlin, Ginny," Ron said through his heavy panting, "that felt so...fucking good."

Ginny smirked, feeling quite proud of herself, and got up from the floor in order to straddle Ron's lanky frame. Ron could feel her on top of him, but had no idea what was to happen next. Without the slightest bit of warning, Ginny placed her weeping pussy over Ron's cock and began to ride him.

Ron opened his eyes in sudden pleasure as her wet tunnel covered him. Ginny seemed quite skilled at this position, but then again, Ginny seemed skilled at anything sexual. He placed his large hands at the sides of her waist to help her as she ground her lower half against his hardness in fast paced movements.

"Oooh," Ron said, taking one hand away from her waist in order to cup her ample mound of a breast, "I certainly like what I see." He leaned forward and took one in his mouth. Ginny yelped and threw her head back, sending her blazing red hair flying down her back. As he proceeded to suck and bite at her rosy, erect nipple, one of his hands slithered over to the milky orbs of her arse, grabbing at the cheeks and slapping one.

"Ron, oh...fuck!" she cursed, feeling her release approaching quickly. She loved being in this position, because there was just something so empowering about riding a man, especially, in this case, when that man was Ron, her older brother and lifetime protector.

Her pussy juices continued to squish around him loudly as the riding continued. Ron moved his mouth from her breast to her neck, which was damp with sweat. Ginny moved her head to one side to allow him more access. He bit and kissed the delicate flesh passionately, leaving bruises here and there, marking her as his own.



Their climaxes came only a second apart: Ron's round of cum was released deeply within her velvet hole, filling her up, and Ginny released as his cock bumped against her nub. Her pussy coated him with a fresh layer of the sweat smelling juices.

The siblings took a few minutes to allow each other to catch their breath, but both of them knew that the night wasn't over.

Ronald and Ginevra Weasley made love four more times that night, which, added with the sex they had just had, created a grand total of five mind-boggling rounds of ultimate physical intimacy.

The second time around, Ron forced Ginny against the wall, and plowed in and out of her roughly, but lovingly. He loved the way Ginny clawed at his back and the feeling of her slender legs wrapped around his waist. The third time, the two decided to shag in a more familiar environment: the shower, except this time, Ron took her from behind. How wonderfully tight her arse felt as the water dripped down their already sweaty bodies. And for the last two rounds, they made love on the bed, each of them taking turns being on top.

Ron was now holding Ginny close to him underneath the warm covers of the bed. Ginny, being physically exhausted and satisfied, had fallen asleep against Ron's bare chest, his arms wrapped securely around her. Ron looked down at her and smiled. She looked so cute when she was asleep. Seeing her like this reminded him of when they were young children. Whenever there was a storm or anything frightening, Ginny would sometimes come in Ron's room to sleep beside him.

For the first time in months, Ron felt truly content. He did not even slightly miss his wife Lavender, soon to be his ex-wife. He realized that his sister was the only woman who could make him truly happy. Being with her didn't even leave him feeling guilty about committing adultery and participating in an incestuous act. He loved her.

That would be a night that Ronald Weasley never forgot.