Penelope sat on the couch watching Kevin pace like a mad man. He'd been on his seventh shot of whiskey for the night, with the drinking only starting fifteen minutes prior. Kevin was turning into the monster that she was desperate to run from. He had agreed to get help. He had been clean for three months. Three months of progress.

Until Emily Prentiss died.

Until Penelope gave herself in wanting and pain to her best friend.

Until this evening when he found out.

They were fooling around on the couch. Penelope was no fool. She knew that what they had wasn't love. She had only experienced love in the arms of her best friend, the man who would always have her: Derek Morgan. As Kevin's pasty lips moved down her neck, she imagined Derek's hands touching her, caressing her. She would remember how he drove into her, the rush of his hardness tearing her apart from the inside. She could recall his moans and grunts as he assault her body with love and pain. She could recall the way their tears helped heal one another for that singular moment of comfort and passion.

Until he left her.

Derek had held her until he believed she was asleep. With her eyes closed and her heart beating a mile a minute, she felt Derek's regret filled gaze as he watched her naked form rest. She could feel his guilt and dismay. Penelope feared to open her eyes to find disgust and shame within his onyx eyes. She heard the door close quietly before she broke down completely. Loneliness and abandonment had never greeted her so viciously. Penelope couldn't contain the hurt and betrayal she felt from the Bureau, the government, her life.

And yet, she couldn't be angry with Derek. He had every right to leave her. There was nothing in that moment spoken to indicate what they had wasn't more than a one time thing. Penelope was the one who was left heart broken, who would need to mend from not only the loss of a sister, but begin the process of mourning the love that she experienced that tragic evening.


Penelope was brought back to her reality when she looked at her disheveled boyfriend. Guilt filled her heart for this moment ending up this way. She knew she should have never invited him over. She should have never kissed him to ease her loneliness. She should never have allowed herself to go back to the memories of the most passionate evening of her life. She should have remembered who was assaulting her body with lips and caresses instead of moaning the name of the keeper of her heart.

It was with moanful whisper of Derek's name that everything changed.

Kevin stilled above her while anger and betrayal clouded his eyes. "Derek?" he asked moving backwards as if Penelope was the plague.

Ashamed and shocked by her own actions, Penelope sat up began buttoning her blouse. "Kevin, honey I didn't mean it. Im sorry."

"God damn it, Penny, I should have known." Pain was quickly replaced by loathing and disgust as he asked, "How long have your been fucking your very own GI Joe?" Kevin asked venomously.

Standing up, Penelope followed him as Kevin moved to the kitchen and pulled out the whiskey. Making a movement to stop him, he slapped her across the face and yelled down, "I am allowed a fucking drink!"

Words could not come to her as she pressed a hand to her cheek and felt the warmth of blood upon her fingers. She brought herself up shakily against one of her bar chairs and Penelope looked at him sadly. "Kevin, I understand you are angry. You have every right to be, but please let me explain."

Kevin took a second shot in the course of ten seconds. Laughing angrily, he spoke, "Explain? Explain what Penelope? That I have been trying to fight for us, to win your love, and in a moment of intimacy you moan that fucking agent's name! The man who I have never measured up to? The man who goes and fucks woman after woman and leaves you after eye fucking you every day! You moan Special Agent Derek Fucking Morgan's name while you are kissing me and you feel that there is more to explain?" Kevin brought the bottle and a glass with him as he moved toward the coffee table. "If you feel there is more to explain, then sit your ass down and explain it to me, Penny!"

Kevin stalked toward her and pulled her arm harshly while he held her wrist in a tight grip. He threw her on the couch and slapped her across the face once she was seated. "Explain!"

With her hands shaking, she looked up at Kevin with truth in her eyes. "It was the day of Emily's funeral. We were both upset and he came up to talk. I don't know how it happened, but we both needed comfort, to be able to feel something other than depression and pain." Penelope hoped that she hid her passion and lack of regret from her demeanor.

Swallowing another glassful of whiskey, Kevin snorted and shook his head. "Penny, I didn't contact you when Emily died because I knew you were upset. I kept my distance because I knew you needed to be with your family, your team! I kept to myself these past couple days believing I was being considerate, being the man you needed me to be." Kevin stood and made his way in front of Penelope. "But really, it wasn't that you didn't need me. No, no you needed your time to screw Derek. You needed me out of the way so you can whore yourself to the neanderthal of the BAU!"

Penelope looked up at Kevin and a fire was sparked within her. "Be angry with me, Kevin. I am the one who betrayed you. But do not bring my family into this. Derek was there for comfort purposes only."

Kevin laughed with evil laced in the motions. He stood behind her and grabbed her hair pulling her over the couch and onto the floor. "You really think Derek would ever want someone like you? Hell, I could barely look at you!" Kevin began kicking her stomach, torso and legs with harsh precision. Penelope felt the tears fall from her eyes, but the fight not leave her.

"Is this what you wanted, Penelope? Do you think Derek is going to come here and save you now? Save your fat ass from your punishment, you filthy whore?" The kicks and the punches continued. Kevin found the bottle of whiskey and proceeded to pour it on her. The sting of the alcohol upon her body made her writhe in pain and torment. "You have anything to say, Miss Penny?" Kevin said looking down at Penelope's battered form.

She rolled to her side, facing his feet and proceeded to cry in laughter and pain. Biting her lip, she looked up at him and said, "Derek was the best I ever had."

"Don't push me, Penelope," Kevin warned, his fists clenching along his sides.

Laughing more to instigate him, Penelope continued, "You will never be a quarter of the man Derek is."

"You don't fucking listen!" Kevin said as he lifted her and threw her back on the couch.

Penelope moaned in pain as the new texture assaulted her beaten and bloody body. However distress and panic rose within her as she felt Kevin spread her legs and reach for her panties. "No!" she yelled, looking around her for any protection. She could only hear Kevin's laugh as she writhed beneath him in horror. As Kevin began unzipping his pants, Penelope was able to reach an empty beer bottle of Derek's and broke it against the coffee table. Lifting the shattered glass with shaky hands, Kevin stopped his movements rose his hands in defeat. "Get the hell off me, you pitiful bastard," Penelope growled.

Kevin quickly moved off of her as she sat up and painfully lifted her head and met his gaze. "Now, Penny, there is no need to be hasty."

"You listen to me, you piece of shit. You are going to drop me off at the hospital and then you are going to run. Run from Quantico, run from your mommy, run from the United States if you are so fortunate. You will never make contact with the Bureau or me ever again or I will do things to you that are far worse than death." Penelope stared at him with determination and seriousness. She couldn't take comfort in the fact that Kevin's stance was one of a pitiful man without a cock to balance him. He was a weasel who was able to beat her, but she would never let him win.

"Why should I?" Kevin asked stupidly, shuffling his feet.

"Because if you don't, I will call Derek, Aaron and David and they will tear you limb by limb at my command." Penelope felt light headed from the stress and abuse done to her form. Tasting more blood that was rushing to her mouth, she ordered, "Take me to the hospital now!"

Penelope kept the shattered bottle in her hand aimed toward Kevin as he drove her to the hospital. As he drove, she pulled up the contacts on her phone and had Aaron's number ready to dial at Kevin's slighted error. At the entrance of the Emergency Room, she got out of the vehicle and he sped away, not turning back.

When she started walking toward the hospital, a nurse on stand by rushed to her arms. "Mam! Please sit down! I need a table stat!"

"Please," Penelope moaned, shakily handing her phone. "Call Aaron Hotchner. Tell him to bring no one."

Confused, the nurse asked, "Mam, I need you to state your name for me please."

"Penelope Garcia." That was all she could speak before her world faded to black.