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What Brings Us Closer Together

By: CrazedLunatic

"Look, I know you've got school and all, and I know it's like two in the morning, but this… this is important."

Blaine squinted at the phone screen, trying to make out the name. His curls were unkempt and his hazel eyes sleepy. The screen was a bright blue and stood out against the darkness of his room, making it even harder for him to see the name. He wasn't even sure he was really awake because the screen went dim and there was no noise. His eyes closed and he moved to set the phone down, figuring he'd had a dream about it ringing.

"Blaine? Blaine, are you there?"

He tried to respond "yes" but he wasn't entirely sure it came out that way. He forced his eyes back open. This is why he didn't pull all nighters two nights in a row and then wait until midnight to go to bed on the third night.

"Look, you've got to get down here. It's Kurt. It's serious."

That woke him up. Primarily because the voice saying "It's Kurt." was definitely not his Kurt. Kurt's voice was much higher. Kurt's voice made his heart flutter. This voice was familiar, sort of, but it was of no importance and took him a few minutes to place. "Finn? What's going on?"

"It's Kurt. He's… he's in the hospital, dude. It's… It's not good." There was a sharp intake of breath. "He was attacked, dude. I don't know a whole lot. He didn't show up and—." Blaine was no longer listening to the other boy. He jumped up, tugging on his blue University of Kentucky hoodie. He yanked his pajama pants off, almost falling over. "They think he was raped, I think."

Blaine heard that and gripped the phone so tightly he thought it might break. This time the sharp intake of breath was from him. He closed his eyes, trying to keep himself calm although he wanted to lash out and punch something. Or cry. He was incredibly overwhelmed and confused. Was this really even happening? "Is… What…?" he sputtered, not able to find words.

"I don't know. I just got here and they hadn't called you because Kurt's phone is broke and they didn't have your number but I did and I— Here." He heard some faint rustling.

"Sweetie, hi." Came the soothing voice of Kurt's stepmother. Blaine still stood frozen to the spot in the middle of his room, only one leg in his pair of jeans. "It's Carole. How are you?"

The first thing to come out of Blaine's mouth was, "What's going on?"

"Kurt's been admitted to Lima Memorial Hospital. He was attacked last night. He's stable for right now but… but it's serious. I don't want to go into details over the phone. Do you think you'd be able to come up after your classes later? We'll pay for your gas—."

Blaine grabbed his keys. "Was he raped? Finn sa—."

Carole sighed. Blaine could picture her sending Finn an angry look and Finn sheepishly shrugging, hands buried in his jeans. "Blaine, we'll talk when you get here. He's on the first floor. If anyone asks, tell them you're his brother."


"Sweetie, please." There was a tone of finality in Carole's voice and Blaine knew getting into an argument with Kurt's stepmother would only make things worse. Besides, Kurt's family seemed to like him enough and if he started picking fights with them they might change their opinions. He was going to have to just wait.

"Fine. I'm leaving now." Blaine hung up the phone and grabbed his backpack, hands shaking. He tossed two changes of clothes, his laptop, a water bottle, his cell phone and laptop chargers, and his iPod into it along with the other school books that he didn't have enough time to take out. He ran around his apartment a full three times before he found his wallet, which was of course lying right next to his backpack the entire time.

It's going to be okay. Calm down. Everything will be alright. If it wasn't, Carole would have sounded much more worried.

Blaine ran out to his car, a blue BMW X5 M, and started the engine. He sat the back pack in the passenger seat, the passenger seat Kurt always sat in when they were together, and pulled out of the driveway. It was only two in the morning. If he hurried, the normal three and a half hour drive may be shortened to two hours.

Please let him be okay.