AN: This is my first Star Wars fic and it's this short for a reason, the next chapter is a whole lot longer than this comparatively.

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The Tatooine suns were beating down upon the stands of Mos Espa, the blistering heat so intense that any foreigner would have been cooked alive in little to no time at all; however, to a native who had been raised in the light of the twin suns even the shadows of the heat that existed in the arena brought a slight welcome feeling of nostalgia. It had been a millennium since he had visited Tatooine and it would be a week longer before he would be able to visit his home world in person; longer still if his plans failed, though with it being a plan just shy of four thousand years in the making, and a decade and a half for this portion alone he certainly hoped that it would not fail. For now though he contented himself to watch the current pod races as the current leader and crowd favorite Sebulba shot through the winners arch shortly followed by his personal favorite the young human Anakin Skywalker.

He watched as the racers shot into Arch canyon before decelerating to better navigate the channel; and how when they exited it Anakin made a thrust which put him closer to the front from his new third place position. He watched as the front three approached Metta Drop, almost dead even with each other. Finally, he continued to watch as the Dug flashed his exhaust into the pods of his rivals for the lead sending them hurtling into the cliff face. He shook his head, it seemed today would not be the day young Anakin finished let alone won his first race. 'At least his fate had not been as dire as the now late Rimkar. Patience Anakin you will know victory and freedom soon enough,' he thought to himself as he literally vanished from the crowd.

AN: I assure you this first story has no OCs in it so far and I doubt it will later on but I'm not sure, regardless I want to see if you can guess who the mystery person is.