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Jedi Politics

A knock on the door of his room brought him out of his meditations.

"Master Antilles," a young Eerin Bant said from the other side of the door, "Chancellor Valorum has requested an audience with the council regarding the situation on Naboo, which has been accepted by Master Windu, and so meeting has been called." She continued getting slightly nervous towards the end.

"Thank you, padawan Bant," the jedi master said as he was exiting his room draping his black cloak around his shoulders, "Give my regards to Master Tahl, for me."

"Yes, master I will do as such." Eerin bowed before continuing to other errands she had to run for the council.

Master Antilles continued down the halls of the jedi temple in his black robes contemplating the first time he had donned similar robes during his first trip to Coruscant so many millennia ago, or was it decades from now? 'I guess either would suffice from a certain point of view, hm.' He chuckled to himself at the last few words.

As he entered the turbolift that would take him to the council chambers he began to abruptly shift his thinking to his plans for the coming events, 'it would be simple to deal with Palpatine now, but he already has too much influence. It would make things look suspicious. I guess I'll have to settle for delaying and altering his plans as much as possible for now.' He quickly cut off that train of thought as the turbolift doors opened to the lobby of the council chambers which he walked though taking his seat, one of the two closest to the door.

He glanced around the room at his fellow masters. First, the lifelong members themselves, which included ,other than himself, Master Windu the council master, Master Yoda the current grand master of the order, Master Koon, and Master Poof. Next, were the long-term members, which consisted of Master Koth, Master Tiin, Master Bilapa, and Master Piel. Finally, there were the limited term members chosen specifically for this situation, which consisted of Master Gallia, as well as Master Yaddle, and Master Mundi. As he was contemplating the experience of each of the masters three more individuals entered the room.

Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi were led into the room by Chancellor Valorum. The Chancellor began speaking as he and the jedi were situated on the mosaic circle, "Esteemed members of the Jedi Council thank you for accepting my request for an audience to discuss an answer to the situation surrounding Naboo."

"Noted your gratitude is. With your request you will proceed, hm?" Master Yoda stated in sighting the Chancellor to continue and get straight to the point.

"As you wish Master Jedi. I request that you send Master Jinn and his padawan learner to negotiate a treaty that would put an end to this dreadful blockade initiated by the Trade Federation." Valorum requested.

"Do you not believe this body capable of organizing and assigning its own missions to its own teams of jedi?" Master Mundi asked in a slight tone of indignation.

"I mean no disrespect-" Valorum began rebutting.

"But, you do. Obvious it is that your own council keep you in this matter." Master Yoda countered.

"It seems you've already made your decision on this situation, and have only come to this council as a formality, or that if this situation goes wrong you will be able to shift the blame from yourself." Master Windu added in displaying his open distrust of politicians, something which most jedi shared in.

As the Chancellor began growing paler and paler in the corner he had been backed into Master Antilles felt that he had to step in on his behave, "I believe that we are getting ahead of ourselves, my fellow councilors. It is part of our job on this council to guide the Chancellor in his actions, not to criticize those that he may make preemptively. He appears to have simply and overzealously over prepared for this meeting, is all. In all honesty I do believe that the Chancellor has made a fine choice for ambassadors, which brings me to another issue entirely, but first things first, I'm sure the Chancellor is very busy, and our ambassadors also will need to prepare for this mission, so what is the final verdict? Grand Master? Master of the Order?"

With a sigh Master Windu began a vote, "All in favor of a team of ambassadors being sent to Naboo, and that team consisting of Master Jinn and Padawan Kenobi?" he received a room full of "I's" prompting Mace to continue, "Very well then the Chancellor's decision has been approved and will be carried out. We expect you to be ready to leave by the end of the day. May the Force be with you."

"Yes, Master." Qui-Gon responded before bowing and escorting his apprentice from the chambers.

"Thank you your honors. Now if you will excuse me, the senate will be meeting shortly, and so I must take my leave." And the Chancellor departed the chambers as well.

"Now more to say have you Master Antilles?" the Grand Master inquired.

"Yes, Grand Master," Antilles began, "Padawan Kenobi has grown exponentially under the tutelage of Master Jinn, and while I still believe there is much for him to learn, I believe he would be better served learning such through the instruction of a padawan of his own rather than through further study under Master Jinn."

"The Jedi Trials nominating him for, you are. Ready for them think you?" Yoda questioned.

"He is admittedly a very skilled member of the order, but is he not a little young for such a responsibility?" Adi Gallia questioned in concern for the padawan's safety.

"A padawan is a great responsibility. Even if he is accepted as a knight would it truly be wise to give him such responsibility so soon after his knighting?" Ki-Adi Mundi inquired.

Mace glanced around the room looking for any possible agreement to Master Antilles claims, "Well I seems that your proposition has received little support from this council. Perhaps it is not yet time for young Kenobi to be knighted, though I do recognize that Obi-Wan does have exceptional skills for a guardian of his age." Master Windu added in a discouraged fashion.

"I figured I would get such a response as I have today, and so I wish to propose a solution. I wish to join Master Jinn and Padawan Kenobi on this mission to Naboo to act as an observer and draw up a full report on Obi-Wan's progress and skills as a jedi, which can be used by this council to form a more substantial idea of his preparation for these trials." Master Antilles suggested, prepared for his plans failure.

"A wise suggestion. It would be foolish for us to make and ignorant ruling on this matter due to a lack of information." Saesee Tiin wisely interjected.

"I still believe that Kenobi is too young for such a responsibility." Adi Gallia repeated.

"I agree with Master Gallia. I doubt Kenobi is experienced enough for a task as difficult as the trials." Depa Bilapa added.

"Let us vote upon this decision. All in favor?" Mace demanded calling for a vote: Yaddle, Saesee, Ki-adi, Mace, Master Antilles, Poof, and Plo Koon announced their agreement. "Those opposed?" Depa, Adi, Eeth Koth, and Evan Piell, "What say you Grand Master the final decision falls to you?"

"Hm, concerned with this mission I am, and no harm such observations will create. Agree to this I do."

"Thank you Grand Master. Now I have one more-"

"Wait your next issue can, until return from this mission you do, sense do I." Yoda cut him off.

"I feel that while the issue you wish to propose is of a dire nature, it is unlikely it will be fixed within this meeting today and the mission you need to prepare is likely going to be more dangerous, than it is expected to be. You should go prepare, as well as inform Qui-Gon of your addition to his party." Mace added.

Master Antilles set his mouth to a slight frown, "If that is your choice then I will respect your wishes, and take my leave. May the Force be with you."

"May the Force be with you." Mace repeated for the council as Antilles took his leave as the council continued discussing other matters.

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