Title: "Good-bye"
Summary: Goodbyes are never meant forever
Word Count: 500
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Do not own twilight

Bella had awoken because of the intensive noise of the raindrops falling on her window leaving her without the chance to fall back asleep.

She rolled over and looked over at the clock noticing it was only six on the morning. She groaned loudly putting the pillow over her head. She still had a mere three hours until it was time for her to awake.

She tried her best to fall asleep, but it seemed the harder she tried the louder the raindrops would hit the window

Finally, rather reluctantly she dragged out of bed, and into the kitchen to put a pot of coffee on.

Coffee that she wouldn't drinkā€¦ Coffee that on one would drink again

She suddenly had the urge to go in the living room, for a reason that was unknown to her, she hadn't been in there for three months

As she began to walk further in she felt another person there, in the room, as she rounded the corner she gasped loudly, because the person sitting there should not have been sitting there it was impossible

Surely it was a mirage

She opened and closed her eyes, praying she wasn't going crazy, albeit that did nothing to remove the image from her sight.


the woman in the rocking chair smiled at the young girl and watched her television, the light shining on her withered face

"Grandma, what are you doing her?, your suppose to be in phoenix with mama and pop pop"

"Why you silly Bella, I'm here to see you"

"But you died three months ago, I don't understand" the girl walked over to the woman praying she wouldn't leave her side again

The young girl sat on her knees and placed her head on the old woman's lap, while she ran her fingers through her hair

"I've come because your sad, you've closed off, and shut the world out"

"You left me, I didn't even get to say goodbye"

"I know"

"I was going to come see you the next day, but you didn't wait for me grandma, you closed your eyes and never opened them, why? I loved you so much, still do"

"I know my princess, but you have to live again. It is sad I have left, but I am home now, dying is not something to be sad about, my love, but to bring in with joy and comfort in knowing that I had the privilege in living. Though my life was a struggle and had many hard times, I was able to grow from them I was able to watch my children grow, and become parents. I was able to watch my grandchildren become swans over night. I've been blessed. As have you my sweet"

"I wanted to say goodbye" the girl mumble

"But goodbye is nothing more than a mirage of what tomorrow brings"

She kissed her head when the girl closed her eyes and when she opened them the woman was no longer there