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Yugi talking to Yami in his soul room & his thoughts = /
Yami's thoughts & him talking to Yugi in his soul room = //

Cruising through Ages.

"They're here!" Yugi shouted as he ran into the living room waving the envelope he
held in his small hand, in the air. Yami smiled as Yugi jumped into the space beside
him. Their grandpa sighed.
"How many times must I tell you not to jump on the sofas Yugi?" he frowned
wiggling his index finger at his excited grandson. Yugi smiled.
"But they're here grandpa!" he said grinned like a small child.
"What's here?" their grandpa asked.
"The cruise tickets" Yami answered. He watched as Yugi pulled open the glossy
white envelope and practically yanked the tickets out of it. He smiled thinly as Yugi's
violet eyes brightened up, but soon grew confused.
"Grandpa, why're there only two tickets? Isn't Yami suppose to come or something?"
he quizzed. His grandpa chuckled.
"Of course Yami's coming. But I decided that since Yami could go in his Soul Room
while we board, then I wouldn't have to buy an extra ticket because the people would
never know" he replied smiling.
"Oh ok. But isn't that like stealing or something though?" Yugi enquired further.
"No not really. If they don't know I'm there then it isn't stealing, also it isn't like I'm
taking another room" Yami explained. Yugi nodded and bounced upright.
"C'mon Yami, we've gotta go pack!" he shouted as he sprinted up the narrow
stairway. Yami groaned and walked up afterward him.
"Aibou slow down! We've got all day to pack" he mumbled as he stepped into their
bedroom. Yugi practically threw a suitcase on his bed. He started to run towards the
airing cupboard, but he tripped on a stray book that lay on the floor. Yami caught him
before he hit the ground. He gazed up into Yami's softened violet eyes.
"Now will you slow down?" he whispered. Yugi nodded and straightened up. He
walked towards the airing cupboard and came back with a mountain of clothes. He
then went to their wardrobe and pulled out yet more clothes. He stuffed them into the
suitcase and pushed down on them with both hands. He jumped up and down a few
times in a vain attempt to flatten the large mountain. Yami shook his head and went
over to the suitcase.
"Let me try" he took the clothes out of the overflowing case and placed them on the
bed. He then started refolding them and placed them neatly inside the case. Yugi
shrugged and grabbed another bag. He wandered around their room several times
picking up certain items and putting them in the other bag, with more care than he'd
shown to the clothes. Their grandpa stood in the doorway and watched his two
grandsons as they packed, Yugi hastily, Yami calmly. He smiled wearily and went to
his own room.

Yami finally finished packing the clothes. he went to the bag Yugi had been filling.
He pulled out several stuffed bears and CD's.
"Do we need to take all of this Yugi? We're not moving house" he stated. Yugi took
the things back and put them back in the bag.
"When you go on holiday you have to prepare for the worst" Yugi answered. Yami
raised an eyebrow.
"What do you mean `the worst`?" he quizzed.
"Boredom, you never know when it'll hit, so best to prepare yourself for it" Yugi
explained his theory. Yami shrugged and carried on packing. Yugi stood and thought.
"What else do I need to do?" he thought a loud, "I forgot! I've gotta phone Joey, Tea,
Tristan and Bakura to see if they've got their tickets yet!" He dashed out of the door
and bounded down the stairs. Yami blinked as he watched Yugi go. He resumed
packing a number of belts and straps.

Later that night, Yami waited patiently until Yugi was ready to go to bed. He yawned
loudly and slid into bed. Yami pulled the covers up closer to Yugi's chin. He kissed
him lightly on the forehead.
"Good Night Aibou" he whispered.
"Night Yami" Yugi smiled. Yami closed his eyes and entered his Soul room. He
gazed round at the Egyptian style hangings and ornaments. He sighed and slid into his
own bed.

Yugi tossed and turned throughout the night. In his dreams, Yugi found himself in his
grandpa's room. He watched as he saw himself and Yami standing over his grandpa,
who lay in bed, making no attempt to rise. He felt the saddened silence and wondered
what was going on. Yugi stepped forward and as he did his surroundings changed. He
gazed around wide-eyed at the clear blue ocean, which lapped quietly against the side
of the ferry he was on. He watched as his friends walked past him, almost through
him. Yugi called out to them. They didn't listen, making him feel like a ghost that
didn't belong there. He turned again and felt a wave of annoyance. He saw Kaiba
walking up the ramp. His long coat blew gently backwards with the sea breeze. Yugi
felt Kaiba's cold piercing eyes beat down on him without seeing him. Mokuba moved
up after his brother, his eyes full of happiness and content. Yugi moved after them. As
he did, he felt a flow of desperation and urgency go through him. Two figures moved
past him. Their clothes were nought but robes with woven rope wrapped around their
waists. Yugi looked up at their faces. He gasped in astonishment. Both figures seemed
to haze and they looked almost transparent, though Yugi couldn't see their faces,
which were half covered by the hoods of the robes. Their bodies glowed with an
unearthly gleam. As they walked close to Yugi, he felt an unexpected wave of icy
coolness. He stepped back. At the same time one of the figures turned his head and
looked at Yugi. He pointed a glowing hand at him.
"You" he whispered. Yugi felt terror strike his heart. He turned to run. Though his
legs moved and he heard his feet strike the surface of the ship's deck rhythmically,
Yugi was running nowhere. The figures split. One moved in front of him the other
stayed behind him. The one in front heard a large stave. The glowing figure waved it.

"Argh!" Yugi sat up right, his chest heaved rapidly as he looked around his room with
wide frantic violet eyes. Yami appeared beside him instantly.
"What is it Yugi? What's wrong?" he asked as he gazed into Yugi's own wild eyes.
Yugi took a final glance around his room and rested his eyes on Yami's concern filled
features. He shook his head.
"It was nothing Yami. Only a dream" he answered. Yami closed his eyes and
concentrated on Yugi's form. He felt the discomfort and fear that radiated from his
Aibou's body.
"Is it anything you wish to talk about?" he inquired. Yugi shivered.
"Well it started off with me and you in Grandpa's room standing over his bed. He
wasn't making any attempt to get up. When I moved towards him, my surroundings
changed. I was on a ship. You were there and Joey, Tristan, Tea and Bakura. I called
out to you, but no one listened to me," Yugi defined his dream, "I turned and saw
Kaiba and Mokuba walking up the ramp onto the boat. I went to walk after them,
when I felt a massive wave of emotions. Two people went past me, but there was
something strange about them."
"What was strange?" Yami asked further. Yugi frowned and gave him a confused
"They were kind of see through, like they were there, but they didn't belong there.
They were dressed weirdly too. They wore long robes, black ones with rope belts.
One of them looked at me and spoke to me. I turned to run but they came after me.
Then I woke up" he finished abruptly. Yami sat in deep thought. Yugi waved a hand
in front of his face. Yami looked up at him and gave him a small smile.
"Something wrong Yami?" Yugi asked, tilting his head to his left.
"No nothing, that you have to worry about Aibou" Yami's answer was short and to
the point. Yugi lay back down.
"It doesn't matter anyway. It was only a dream," he stated, "thanks Yami. I'll be ok
now." Yami disappeared back to his Soul room. //Only a dream. Somehow I don't
think it is//.

Yami woke the next morning when he felt Yugi get up and stagger to the bathroom.
He appeared beside Yugi, as he was squeezing toothpaste out of a tube onto his
toothbrush. Yugi jumped as Yami came into view.
"Yami you really shouldn't do that without warning me when it's this early in the
morning" he mumbled before he started rotating the brush across he even teeth. Yami
said nothing and walked calmly back into the bedroom. He started making the untidy
bed and turned the radio alarm off. Yugi wandered sleepily back into the room. He
walked over to the wardrobe and started rummaging through different shirts and
jeans. Eventually he pulled out a pair of faded blue jeans and a mint coloured shirt. He
took off his pyjama top and slid the different shirt over his head. As he let it fall to it's
proper length he found it was actually too big for him.
"Err, Yami does this look too big?" he asked. Yami looked at the length of the shirt,
which was close to Yugi's knees. The sleeves themselves came close to his elbows.
"I think it's a bit on the big side Aibou" he commented, raising an eyebrow. Yugi
huffed and took the shirt off. He searched through the pile of tops in the wardrobe
until he found a mainly pale blue Hawaiian style shirt. He poked his arms through the
sleeves and did the buttons up on the front.
"Any better?" he quizzed. Yami nodded. Yugi quickly slipped the jeans on and found
that they too were too big.
"I think those are mine Aibou" Yami remarked. Yugi nodded and put them back on
another shelf, which was Yami's. He searched again and found an identical pair that
were his. He walked over to a draw and looked at various neck belts until he found the
one he wanted. As he was putting it on he looked over at Yami, who was wearing
what he normally did, which was the tight dark blue top, blue jeans, blue jacket and
blue neck belt.
"Why don't you wear something different Yami?" Yugi asked. Yami shrugged.
"I like wearing this, it's comfortable" he stated. Yugi frowned.
"But you always wear the same thing, some of it's school uniform anyway" Yugi
"I don't mind Yugi, it's all the same to me" he argument was met with a short reply.
"People are gonna start thinking you don't have anything else to wear" he said, as he
went to the wardrobe again and started looking through Yami's clothes, most of
which were blue or black, with one or two exceptions. He pulled out a bright yellow
shirt, much like the one he himself was wearing.
"What about this?" he quizzed, holding up the vivid shirt. Yami pulled a face which
would make an evil scowl look delicate and dainty. "Guess not then" Yugi murmured
and put it back. He pulled out a variety of tops and jeans, which Yami turned his nose
up at most of them. Finally he pulled out another Hawaiian shirt. It was red, with
yellow flames on the bottom. "Please say you like this one" Yugi pleaded. Though
Yami didn't show it, he liked the shirt immensely. He sighed and took off his jacket
and started undoing the many straps and buckles of his shirt. Yugi put the Hawaiian
shirt on the bed and proceeded to look through other draws. Yami slid his thin,
muscular arms through the sleeves. He did the buttons up and the front, hiding his
bare upper torso. Yugi was about to hold up a different pair of jeans when Yami
"I'm wearing the same jeans" he said sternly. Yugi frowned and went to Yami's draw.
He hunted through it looking for a different belt and neck belt. He eventually pulled
out a black belt, with a silver buckle. He threw it to Yami who threaded it through the
loops on his jeans. Yugi almost gave up hope of finding a neck belt that wasn't just
ordinary blue or black, but something caught his eye. He extended his hands and
grasped the cool leather neck belt, that was hidden away at the back of the draw. He
pulled it out into the light of the room. He gasped in awe.
"What's the matter Yugi?" Yami asked, as he looked over his Aibou's shoulder at the
"I don't remember this one Yami. When did you get it?" Yugi stared in wonder at the
impressive neck belt. It was black in the middle with a silver buckle like normal, but
round the edges it depicted a silver and gold Egyptian style pattern that expanded
along the entire length. The buckle itself had pictures carved into it, which, when
Yugi looked closer at them, they were some of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses;
only a few of which he could name.
"I've had that since my time as a Pharaoh. One of the tailors made it, but I never wore
it because the priests didn't approve of it" Yami explained. Yugi tore his gaze from
the exquisite belt and looked up at his other half.
"Will you wear it now for me?" he asked. Yami smiled, as his gaze softened. He took
off his usual belt and took the other from Yugi's hands. He put it on. Yugi grinned
broadly as Yami looked in the mirror at his changed reflection.
"You look great like that" he exclaimed.
"You think so?" Yami asked as he studied the new reflection.
"Definitely" Yugi grinned. He looked at his alarm clock. His grinned vanished. "oh
no! We're gonna be late if we don't hurry up!" He ran out of their room and headed
towards their grandpa's room. "Grandpa are you up?" Yugi shouted through the door.
He didn't get an answer. He knocked quietly on the door and opened it. He poked his
head round the doorway. He look towards his Grandpa's bed and found him still
there. Yugi walked in and stood beside him. "Grandpa are you ok?" he asked. His
grandpa groaned and opened his eyes slowly.
"I think I have flu Yugi" he whispered. Yugi's eyes widened.
"That's awful grandpa! But what're we gonna about our cruise? We can't go if you're
ill" Yugi asked.
"Don't worry Yugi. Send Yami in and I'll talk with him. You go and make your
breakfast" his grandpa instructed. Yugi frowned but did as he wished. He met Yami in
the hallway. Yami sensed something was wrong.
"Grandpa's got flu Yami. He wants to see you" Yugi said before Yami could ask what
was wrong. Yami nodded and walked towards the other bedroom. Yugi walked down
the stairs downheartedly. It seemed like their holiday plans had been pushed out of the
window by a bulldozer.

When Yami entered the kitchen he found Yugi taking his depression out on an orange
half that he was squeezing to make orange juice. He slammed the orange half down
on the juicer and twisted it savagely. Yami moved towards him and gently took the
orange from Yugi's hand. Yugi looked round and gazed unhappily up at Yami face.
"We're not going are we?" he asked quietly. Yami smiled faintly at Yugi's crest-
fallen features.
"Why not?" he murmured softly. Yugi turned and proceeded to forcefully squash the
other orange half against the juicer.
"We can't can we? Grandpa's got flu, so he can't go with us, cause he'll only get
worse if he does" Yugi stated. Yami eventually took the other hollow orange piece
from his Aibou.
"Of course we can still go. In fact grandpa told me we had to go" Yami smiled as
Yugi gaze him a puzzled look.
"But what about grandpa?" he asked.
"He said to phone Aunt Ruby and ask her to come over while he's ill" Yami
answered. Yugi grinned broadly and dashed to the phone. Yami was left in the kitchen
by himself. He took the orange Yugi had squeezed and poured it into a jug. He then
made himself busy by getting breakfast ready.

Yugi gulped down the last of his juice and got down from the side stool. He ran
upstairs, leaving Yami to drink his coffee. He finished it in one mouthful as he went
to the dishwasher and placed the empty mug in it. He heard Yugi running back down
the stairs, suitcases thumping each step as he descended. They both heard the beeping
of a car horn outside.
"The taxi's here, c'mon Yami" Yugi said. He followed Yami up the carpeted stairs as
they went to say goodbye to their grandpa. They stood side by side on his left. Yugi
stared at what they were doing. /This is just like my dream…/
"What're you still doing here? You have to go now else you'll miss the ferry" their
grandpa mumbled.
"So you're sure grandpa?" Yami checked. He nodded.
"We'll see you in 2 weeks" Yugi murmured.
"Have fun and don't forget to phone me occasionally to let me know you're alright.
Now go on!" their grandpa stated. They smiled and walked out of the room shouting
as they went down the stairs.
"Bye grandpa!!!"

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