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Enter Home and Time

4 days after Sette and Raio's fight, Yami stood out on the balcony with Nahkat and
Yugi. He stood with Yugi in front of him. Yugi smiled at the comforting embrace
Yami's arms had around him as they looked out to the city. The sun glowed warmly
down on the buildings and people.
"So we can go home today?" Yami asked quietly. Nahkat nodded.
"Pheralo said that if you, Yugi and Bakura feel up to it then you can all go back to
your time" he answered turning his eyes to meet Yami's crimson ones. Yami looked
down at his Aibou.
"Do you feel up to the travel Yugi?" he enquired. Yugi relaxed further into Yami's
solid arms.
"Yeah, I miss our time" he replied, his hands circling over Yami's as his rested on
Yugi's stomach.
"I will get Pheralo to arrange it," Nahkat murmured walking off. Before he left the
balcony he turned to Yami. "I will miss you Yami, all of you" he said slightly
"We'll miss you too Nahkat" Yami smiled lightly.
"I'll look for you in a history book when we get back to our time" Yugi joked, though
he was only half kidding. Nahkat smiled warmly and left to find Pheralo.
"You sure you fell ok Aibou?" he asked. Yugi smiled up at him.
"I'm fine Yami, you've got the exact same wounds as me, so if you feel ok then so do
I. I'm glad my visions have stopped though" he stated. Yami nodded. "But I don't
"What?" Yami questioned.
"Why, when Yami Bakura hurt Bakura, didn't he show it?" Yugi asked confused.
Yami's embraced tightened with affection.
"Because they do not care for each other like we do, if they were as close as us, then
he would have but he didn't," Yami resolved, "I want to do so much to Yami Bakura
for hurting you and Bakura…" Yugi's face saddened.
"But Bakura doesn't want you to, even though Yami Bakura treats him badly, Bakura
still sees him as a part of himself" Yugi mumbled ruefully.
"I know, that's why I haven't" Yami said flatly. Yugi pulled away from Yami and
headed into the Palace.
"C'mon, let's go find everyone" he said, his eyes shining with their usual happiness.
Yami smiled and walked after him.

They met up with Tea, Joey, Tristan, Bakura and Mokuba but they couldn't find Seto.
Yami saw Aristia walk past along the corridor.
"Aristia!" he shouted running up to her. She turned and smiled broadly. "Have you
seen Seto?" Yami asked. She nodded.
"He is in the stables with Black Shadow. He left as soon as he heard you were leaving
today" she explained.
"Thanks" Joey answered as they walked off toward the stables with her.

They found Seto in the courtyard with Black Shadow. The horse had no head collar
on or anything else. Kaiba sat on a wall, the midnight stallion's head resting on his
lap, as he stroked his forelock soothingly. He whispered gently in the horse's left ear,
making it twitch every so often as Black Shadow listened. Seto finished speaking and
patted his neck when he saw the group walk up. He jumped down from the wall and
walked over to them, Black Shadow following directly behind him.
"We were looking for you big brother" Mokuba said, grinning up at his brother.
"Sorry," Seto answered, "just wanted to spend some time with Black Shadow before I
left." He picked Mokuba up and placed him on the tall horse (for all the horse people
he's 17.3hh ^_^). The stallion made no complaint- he trusted Seto. Mokuba held onto
his silky ebony mane, slightly frightened by the horse's height.
"Lookin forward to goin home Kaiba?" Joey asked.
"Yes…and no" Kaiba answered. Tristan looked confused.
"Why no?" he enquired. Seto sighed.
"I don't have to worry about work here, no KaibaCorp on my back everyday, no
worrying about when deadlines have to be met," he explained, "plus I've found things
I love in this time, that I know can't take back." He stroked Black Shadow's neck
"You're gonna miss Black Shadow aren't you?" Tea asked. He nodded.
"I think I'd look a bit strange ending back on a cruise with a horse" he laughed
lightly. His eyes met Aristia's and gave a rare smile. She smiled back warmly. Kaiba
turned back to Mokuba. "C'mon kiddo, let's get you down" he said. Mokuba swung
his leg over so he was sitting sideways. He held onto Seto's arms as he lifted him
down. Gisan walked up to them silently.
"Pheralo is ready" he mumbled quietly. They nodded back silently. They turned to
walk away, back to the palace.
"You coming Seto?" Yami asked, seeing that the tall, serious CEO hadn't moved.
"I'll be there in a sec, go on without me" he muttered. Yami nodded and they walked
up to the palace.

Seto turned back to the calm black stallion.
"I've got to go now Black Shadow" he murmured quietly, his eyes filling with
unwanted and infrequent tears. He knew he was only a horse, but Kaiba had grown
fond of him. Black Shadow sensed his sadness and bowed his head low, nudging
Seto's chest. Kaiba rubbed the stallion's long face fondly. Unable to stop himself, he
found himself hugging the horse's jet-black neck. Black Shadow rested his head over
Seto's broad shoulder, pressing lightly against his muscular back. Kaiba pulled away
and led him to his stable. He closed the door and Black Shadow stuck his head out
through the top.
"I'll always remember you" Seto whispered, giving the stallion one last pat. He turned
and walked away slowly, his head bowed, his blue eyes facing the ground as tears fell
from them. Black Shadow squealed after him. Seto didn't look back- he knew he
couldn't. He left the courtyard, leaving the black stallion alone and confused, unaware
that he wouldn't see the tall stubborn rider again.

Seto wiped his eyes and entered the room, where he met Yami and the others.
"We've gotta get changed before we go" Tea stated. They looked down at their
Egyptian clothes.
"Your other clothes are clean" Aristia told them. They went into their joint room for
the last time. Tea went in the smaller room, seeing as she was the only girl. Seto did
the last few buttons up on his dark green shirt, as Yugi pulled his jeans on. Yami was
busy putting his exquisite neck belt on.
"I almost forgot," he stated walking towards the door, "I'll be back in a minute." Yugi
watched him go.
"What's he up to?" he asked. Joey shrugged, as he left his shirt unbuttoned.
"Dunno, probably forgot somethin" he winked at Tristan. Tea entered the room as
Yami did. He held his left hand behind his back. Yugi looked at him suspiciously.
"Close your eyes and hold out your hands Aibou" Yami instructed. Though Yugi was
curious, he did as Yami asked. He felt Yami pressed something cool and hard into his
hands. "Open your eyes" Yami whispered. Yugi opened his violet eyes and gazed
down at the object in his hands. It was a black leather neck belt with gold patterns
running along the entire length. The buckle was silver and had several gods carved
into it.
"Yami it's…" he gazed at it in complete amazement. Yami smiled down at him.
"I know how much you liked mine, so I had Nahkat's tailors make one for you" he
explained. Yugi looked up at him and grinned broadly. He slipped it around the back
of his neck and proceeded to do it up at the front. As soon as it was on, he hugged
Yami fiercely.
"Thank-you Yami" he said gratefully. Pheralo entered the room.
"Are you all ready?" he asked. They nodded.

"What about my Yami?" Bakura asked. Gisan stood thinking.
"He can't stay in this time…" he commented.
"Bakura, do you think you could take control of his body? Then you'll go back to
your time and he won't be in this time" Pheralo asked.
"He'll never let me" Bakura mumbled, looking at the ground.
"I can help you," Pheralo offered, "I will keep him in his Soul room with my magic.
He will not be able to take control or come near your Soul room." Bakura looked up
at him, deep in thought.
"I'll try" he whispered.

They watched as the guards brought Yami Bakura in, holding his arms tightly. He
glared hatefully at everyone in the room, especially Yami, Yugi and Bakura. The
group stood protectively behind Bakura, offering him support. He looked to Yami
who nodded silently. He hesitated and closed his eyes. They watched as he
disappeared into Yami Bakura. Pheralo's left hand extended towards him, fingers
outstretched. Yugi watched as Yami Bakura's features changed, showing Bakura was
in control. The guards released him. He smiled sadly at Yugi.
"He's not happy" he remarked. Yugi nodded.

Nahkat entered the room, servants following behind him carrying different objects.
He smiled at the group.
"I wanted to give you all something," he explained, "to remember us by." Yami
"Thank-you Nahkat" he replied. Nahkat took the first item from a servant.
"For Mokuba," he said, still smiling. Mokuba walked up to him as he crouched down
in front of him. Nahkat handed him a small horse statue made from gold and silver.
"For your love of your friends" Nahkat whispered. Mokuba's eyes lit up as he
accepted it. He thanked the Pharaoh and went back to Seto. "For Tristan," Nahkat
picked up the next thing. It was a ring, forged with gold and silver, spreading
diagonally across in strips. Tristan took it proudly. "For your loyalty to your friends"
Nahkat explained, "for Joey." He took a silver-chained necklace, which held a gold
pendant, resembling a wolf. It's eye held a tiny diamond studded into it. "For your
determination to help" Joey grinned broadly at him. "Tea" Nahkat beckoned next. He
gave her a smooth gold bracelet with racing horses carved into it, the thin carving
lines, filled with silver, emphasising the horses. "For your encouragement" Tea
thanked him, smiling happily. He took the next item, a carved armband, made from
gold, with stones of different types studded into it. "Bakura, for your confidence
against others that opposed you" he smiled as Bakura took it politely. Nahkat took
another necklace, gold this time, it's chain was thick as it carried a flat oval piece of
"Seto, for your logic and understanding of difficult situations" he smiled as Kaiba
looked at the carving on the flat gold oval. It was a horse, the carved lines ample and
filled with dark silver, two black diamonds filling in for the eyes. His gazed snapped
up to meet Nahkat's.
"It's Black Shadow" he whispered completely astounded. Nahkat nodded.
"My carver had Black Shadow with him as he carved it," he resolved, "so you will
always have him with you." Seto felt small tears prick his eyes. He blinked them
away quickly.
"Thank-you Nahkat" he answered, clutching the cool gold in his hand. Nahkat turned
to Yugi and gave him a long gold bracelet, which covered part of his slim wrist. It had
several different gods on it, each having a different meaning for being there. "For
your courage" he told him. Yugi smiled delightedly. Finally Nahkat called Yami. "I
need you lift up your sleeve" the Pharaoh instructed. Yami was mystified but did as
he was asked. "I would sit on the step if I were you, because this is going to hurt I'm
afraid" Nahkat stated. Yami sat on the step. Yugi went over to Yami.
"What're you doing?" he asked. Nahkat smiled down at him, but before he could
answer the door behind him opened. Yami looked behind Nahkat and smiled at the
strangers who walked in.
"How are you feeling?" he asked.
"Sore, but better" the figure said as he walked in leaning on Kiya, as he held his side.
"You should be resting Raio" Isuko stated.
"Resting is for the old and feeble" Raio commented as Kiya helped him sit on the step
by Yami.
"In your condition you class as feeble" Kiya chided, sounding more like his mother
than lover.
"It's a miracle you survived, anyone weaker would have died" Pheralo remarked.
"I thank the gods that he is stronger than others" Kiya smiled. Raio grinned at Yami,
who smiled back.
"Um…anyway back to what you're doing…" Yugi started.
"Oh yes, for Yami I want you to have a special tattoo" Nahkat answered. Yugi raised
an eyebrow.
"A tattoo?" he said rhetorically.
"You don't mind do you Yami?" Nahkat asked. Yami shook his head.
"I would beware Yami, this is going to hurt" Raio spoke from experience. Isuko bent
down next to Yami's left arm- she was the only one who could do the `special`
"Yugi could you hold him for me?" she asked. Yugi nodded and sat just behind Yami,
on his right. His circled his arms around Yami's waist, hugging him. Gisan held
Yami's left wrist, holding his arm straight. "I wouldn't watch Yami" Isuko stated, as
she produced the needle she was going to use. Yami looked away, so he was gazing
into Yugi's violet eyes.
"I think we should go out while they're doing this," Seto remarked, "Mokuba should
at least." Mokuba huffed at his older brother.
"Yes and besides, we don't all love needles" Tristan gulped. Nahkat nodded.
"I must stay, but you can go anywhere you want," he answered, "we should be about
half an hour at the least I think." Seto nodded and led Mokuba out, with Aristia and
the others.
"We'll see ya later, ok guys?" Joey commented. Yugi nodded. When they had left,
only Isuko, Gisan, Nahkat, Pheralo, Raio and Kiya stayed.

"Just bare with me Yami" Isuko stated as she started her work. Yami gasped in agony.
Yugi felt Yami's muscles tense. Gisan held his wrist tighter as Yami tried to bend his
arm. Yami continued to look in Yugi's direction. Yugi tightened his embrace on
Yami, as tears welled in his crimson eyes, the pain proving to be excruciating. He
swore silently under his breath. Yugi watched as Isuko's clever fingers worked with
the needle. Yami looked into Yugi's face with agony playing behind his eyes. Yugi
surprised him by kissing him gently on the lips. He kissed back, his tears running onto
Yugi's face. He pulled away as a large surge of pain shuddered through his arm.
Gisan was struggling to hold his left arm straight. Raio moved up and took Yami's
left hand. Gisan let go of his wrist as the former bodyguard held it straight
"Squeeze my hand if the pain gets to much Yami" Raio instructed. Yami immediately
clenched his hand. Raio gasped slightly as Yami practically squashed his hand. Yami
rested his head against Yugi's, his breathing was quick and ragged. Finally the pain
proved too much for him. His consciousness slipped away, his muscles relaxing. Yugi
brushed Yami's gold bangs out of his eyes with his finger.

When Yami woke, he found himself still sitting on the step, leaning against Yugi.
"Finished" Isuko said triumphantly. Yami turned his head and looked drowsily at
"Welcome…brother" Raio smiled. Yami gave him a confused look. Raio pointed to
his own tattoo on his right arm and then to the one on Yami's left. When Yami and
Yugi looked they found an identical tattoo to Raio's; though on Raio's Sekhmet was
slightly larger than Ra, indicating more power in him, while on Yami's the picture of
Ra was larger, showing more wisdom.
"I would not touch it for a few days, it will stay sore for a while" Isuko instructed.
Yami nodded and leaned back against Yugi tiredly.

When the others entered the room, they found Yugi talking to Raio, while Yami sat
next to him.
"I am truly sorry for everything I did Yugi" Raio said sadly.
"Don't worry about it Raio, I blame Sette and Yami Bakura more than you," Yugi
answered, "you helped us more." Raio smiled at him.
"What will you do once you're fully healed?" Yami asked.
"I will come back as a bodyguard here in the palace," Raio replied and looked to
Kiya, "here I can also raise a family of my own." Kiya smiled contentedly at him.
"You ok Yami?" Tristan enquired. Yami looked up at him.
"A bit achy, but other than that I'm fine" he said, standing.
"I think it's about high time we left" Joey mumbled. Nahkat nodded and turned to
Pheralo. The priest stood in a circle with Gisan and Isuko and started to chant quietly.
Before Yami and Yugi walked away, Raio stood, leaning on Kiya, and took his twin
daggers from his belt and an extra one.
"Wait," he said loudly. Both turned to him. He extended his daggers out to them,
handles first. "I want you three to have these" he said to Yami, Yugi and Bakura.
They took them thankfully.
But Raio, these are your favourite daggers, why give them to us?" Yami questioned.
Raio smiled briefly.
"I have taken so many lives with them, many that did not need to be taken. To me I
have no use for them" he explained.
"I understand," Yami replied, "may the gods treat you kindly and I hope you find the
happiness you seek together." Raio nodded.
"May the seasons prove fair and happy for you Yami and all of you" he replied. They
all nodded.

Seto stood silently, one arm wrapped around Aristia's waist. Tea gave him a puzzled
"Aristia's coming back with us" he smiled down at white and purple haired girl. She
smiled lovingly at him.
"Great! I bet you'll love our time" Tea said encouragingly. Mokuba was grinning
from ear to ear.
"At last, Seto got a girlfriend" he said excitedly.
"Something you haven't told me Seto?" Aristia asked. Kaiba blushed slightly.
"I'll tell you later" he murmured, still bright red. They watched as a portal opened.
"Man are we gonna have a lot of explainin to do when we get back" Tristan mumbled.
"Yeah, they're gonna wonder where we've been for the past couple a weeks" Joey
agreed. Nahkat shook his head.
"You won't have to explain anything, in your time, you will arrive just after when you
left there" he explained.
"Wait a minute," Yugi said, "so time didn't pass while we were here?"
"Technically no" Pheralo stated, "also they will not remember me and Isuko being
there it the first place."
"For the bruises and cuts we'll just have to say we fell over something" Bakura stated,
knowing that they would never believe the three if they told them ship members that.

Yami turned to Nahkat before they entered the portal.
"You truly have become a better Pharaoh," he remarked, "you will become great, I
can feel it." Nahkat smiled at him.
"You are a true and loyal friend Yami and I hope to follow from your examples, I will
sincerely miss you" he answered. Yami embraced him momentarily before he went
over to the group.
"Bye Pheralo, Isuko, Gisan" they all smiled.
"Good bye, may the gods go with you and bring peace to you" the three priests
answered, smiling back.
"Hey Raio, keep Nahkat out of trouble for me!" Yami shouted. Nahkat laughed.
"Be off with you Yami," he grinned, "I hope to meet you again in another life."
"I look forward to it" Yami smiled back. He took Yugi's hand as they all took each
other's hands, so they were in a long chain.
"This is it, home here we come!" Joey yelled as they jumped into the blackened

When Kaiba woke, he found himself on his deck chair, as though he had never gone.
He found Aristia next to him sharing the chair.
"Guys wake up!" he shouted sitting up. The others slowly woke one by one. They
looked around and found everything exactly as they left it.
"Was it all a dream?" Tea asked. She looked down and found the gold bracelet still on
her wrist. Yami looked at the upper half of his left arm, near his shoulder. The tattoo
was there.
"If it was a dream we must still be dreamin" Joey muttered.
"Nahkat was right," Yugi said in amazement, "time hasn't moved on."
"He isn't here" Bakura remarked. Tristan turned to him.
"Who?" he asked confused. Bakura turned to him smiling.
"My Yami, he's not inside me" he replied.
"That's because he only came back in Nahkat's time, in our time he is still in the
graveyard" Yami explained.
"Good riddance I say" Joey said lying back, his hands behind his head. Yami and
Yugi stood, the others following suit.
"And back to the holidays" Tea sighed happily. Yami grinned and picked Yugi up
slinging him over his shoulder as he ran across the deck.
"Yami what're you doing?!" Yugi shouted down at his double. The others laughed as
he sped towards a certain area of the ship. They ran after the two as they heard Yugi
"No Yami not the swimming pool! Y AMMIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!"

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