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Chapter 1-The library quest

June 12th 1991~

Locking themselves away within the hotel room, the two-the woman and the man-pushed each other against the door and continued with their hot make-out. The woman was indigenous to the Egyptian sands, long black wild hair was brushed behind her back, her complexion was paler then the other women of the town but it didn't stop her beauty; she had dark crimson eyes which were close to a black colour, her figure was curvy and with the way she spoke in her soothing-yet alluring-voice it didn't take too long for men to fall on their knees for her.

The man however was an older Japanese business man; his reasons for travelling to Egypt were both work and personal. He was rather bulky and had a lot of muscles to his arms and chest, golden hair was his colour and his eyes were an aqua blue shade. He had been taken in by the woman's natural beauty, and though it seemed a little too fast to be getting into a sexual relationship without knowing her name, all the common sense left his mind and the only thing he focused on was getting her out of her dress.

After a few more hours, the two were lying in bed. The man was fast asleep while the woman rested on his chest and stroked her hand over his skin. The woman observed him sleeping peacefully for a few minutes more before reaching up and sinking her teeth in his neck; the sheer pain made the man wake up but the woman covered his scream so they could be left alone while she feasted.

Present day~

Yugi sat on a bus in his town, reading over the list in his hand while a sigh. Yugi was a seventeen year old student, he was a little shorter than most teens his age, but he still had a big heart of kindness and was more than happy when he was surrounded with his friends. Though the one thing he had to hate was studying, lots of hard studying. Which was what he had to do, it was summer homework and that meant homework he left until the last few days of the holidays then freak out and rush to get it done. All he had left to do was an essay for History on one topic of his choice; he chose ancient Egypt as his grandfather-whom he lived with-was an archaeologist and often went in search of tombs when he was younger, sadly his grandfather didn't have all the information Yugi needed to complete his essay so he found himself sitting on the bus and heading to the library.

Yugi sighed and wiped his forehead when the bus came to a stop to collect more passengers, the day was hot for a summer day, Yugi was glad he dressed in shorts and a tank top otherwise he was sure he would burn up easily. The new passengers that boarded the bus were an elderly couple who sat somewhere at the back, a mother with a toddler who sat near the front and a young man. The bus kicked back to life and they started moving again, Yugi looked out the window to watch the scenery move by, but glanced to his side as his spare seat was taken by the strange young man.

Yugi had to blink a few times before knowing what he saw was true; the man was wearing winter clothes. In summer. He wore a turtle neck jumper over his chest and on his hands was tight leather gloves, his jeans were tight to his skin and his shoes were more or less boots of some type. Yugi couldn't believe how someone could stand wearing clothes like that on a hot day in Japan, but then he noticed the man was sweating slightly so he wasn't coping at all. Yugi then noticed the man had a piece of paper in one hand and in the other was a translation dictionary, Yugi guessed he was a foreigner-the light tan also gave it away-and decided to help out.

'Excuse me' Yugi said quietly, but he had heard the teen clearly and turned to him 'You look…like you need a little help'.

The man smiled and nodded 'Yeah' He spoke-perfectly in Japanese 'I find…reading Japanese a little harder than speaking it'.

Yugi scooted closer so he could see the paper better 'Where you going then?'

'The library' He replied.

Yugi looked up and smiled 'That's where I'm getting off'.

'Really? What a coincidence'.

Yugi nodded in agreement 'You can get off with me. I never miss my stops…usually'.

The man chuckled, though his voice was deep and showed off the masculine side to him, it was also angelic like and soothing 'What's your name?'

'Yugi' Yugi replied 'You?'

'Atemu' He replied back 'How old are you?'

'Seventeen. I know, I look younger but I swear it's just a phase. I'll grow bigger'.

Atemu chuckled again 'Don't worry. I didn't doubt you'.

Yugi smiled, feeling a small blush grow on his face. Despite Atemu's rather strange pale tan-and his unusual dress sense for the season-he looked rather beautiful in the face. It wasn't broad or skinny like some other men's faces were, but it was still round like it was kept like that from childhood, and his skin was still smooth. He had dark crimson eye colour-which Yugi had to second look as he thought they were black, he had large hair of black but there was crimson tips and blonde bangs that fell over his face.

Atemu turned to Yugi, and when Yugi broke out of his thoughts he quickly covered it 'S-So…what country you from them? S-Seeing as you can't read Japanese…you're obviously not Japanese'.

Atemu shook his head 'No. I'm from Egypt'.

Yugi's face fell a little 'Egypt? Wearing clothes like that?'

'Huh? Oh…' Atemu chuckled as he looked down at his heavy clothing 'Well…I'm rather…err…sensitive to the sun…'

'Really? How…unfortunate' Yugi mumbled.

'Yes. I have treatment for it, but I prefer to wear as much clothes as I like'.

'How come?'

'Too expensive my treatment'.

Yugi giggled 'That must suck' Yugi looked out the window as the bus came to another stop 'Oh, this is our stop'.

Atemu and Yugi quickly hopped off the bus, Yugi saying his thanks to the driver before turning to Atemu.

'Will you be alright in the library?' Yugi asked 'I mean…if you can't read so well…'

'I'll be fine' Atemu reassured with a smile as he held up his book 'I have my trusting dictionary'.

Yugi giggled again 'Okay. Hope you find what you're looking for'.

'You too'.

Yugi sat at a table in the library, his essay book in front of him as he wrote while other books were sprawled out across the table as he read from them and made notes. Yugi sighed and ran his hand through his hair before looking at the time, the clock hanging above the door read quarter to six. Yugi groaned and collected the books back before returning them to their rightful places and headed out of the library.


Yugi stopped and looked up as Atemu ran over to him with a smile 'You going already?' Atemu asked.

'Uhh…yeah…my grandpa asked me to be home by six…so I best be off' Yugi explained.

'Yeah…this must sound weird…but…can I stay with you?' Atemu asked 'I don't have anywhere to go, but I'll pay you in any way I can. Please?'

Yugi bit his lip 'Umm…l-listen Atemu…it's nothing against you, but my grandpa is weary on strangers…and I doubt he'd let you stay with us'.

'Well…can I talk to him?' Atemu pleaded 'And if he says no I'll go somewhere else, please?'

Yugi sighed and looked up at Atemu's begging eyes, though he would usually say no he instead nodded his head 'Alright. Let's go, we have another bus to catch'.

Atemu nodded and walked alongside Yugi 'Thank you Yugi'.

Yugi and Atemu caught the bus back to the street Yugi's home was set in. Yugi lived in a small game shop, his grandfather ran the business on the ground level while the house was on the upper levels, Yugi often helped out in the game shop on some days, but most other days he was upstairs in his room doing his homework.

Yugi opened the game shop door and walked in while Atemu followed 'Grandpa I'm back'.

Solomon sat behind the counter and looked up when Yugi entered. He was aging on in years and it showed, his skin had become more wrinkled and his hair had turned grey, and he had become Yugi's height. His face turned to a small frown when he saw Atemu walk in after Yugi.

'Who's this Yugi?' Solomon questioned.

'Oh…this is Atemu' Yugi introduced 'Atemu, this is my grandfather' Atemu gave a small bow while Yugi turned to his grandfather with a nervous smile 'Umm…A-Atemu…hasn't got anywhere to go…a-and he wondered if he could stay here with us'.

Solomon crossed his arms 'I'm sorry I can't allow that' He then turned to Atemu 'Whether you're a decent person or not, I don't like strangers in my home. I'm sorry; you'll have to go somewhere else for a bed tonight'.

'Please' Atemu begged 'Just for a few nights'.

There was a moment of silence before Solomon sighed and said 'Alright. A few nights will do'.

Yugi's mouth dropped open but didn't question his grandfather's decision as he led them both upstairs. Yugi turned to Atemu and whispered quietly 'How did you do that?'

Atemu chuckled 'With practice' He whispered back and smiled at the teen.

After Solomon and Yugi sorted Atemu out in the spare room, Yugi helped his grandfather cook the dinner for all three of them before they laid the table and Yugi rounded Atemu up so they could sit down for dinner.


Atemu tasted some of the food and smiled 'This is good'.

'You think so?' Yugi giggled 'Different from Egyptian food huh?'

Atemu chuckled 'Yes. Very different'.

Yugi glanced at his grandfather before turning to Atemu 'What kind of food do you eat in Egypt then?'

Atemu smiled 'I…you could say I eat a lot of variety of food'.


'Like posh, poor, medium, foreign' Atemu chuckled 'You can say I like to mix my cuisines'.

'Bet you've never tried Japanese stuff huh?'

Atemu smirked 'Not yet'.

Yugi giggled 'Well you can officially say you have now'.

Atemu smiled 'Yes. And it's very tasty. Thank you'.

Yugi smiled and carried on eating his food, occasionally glancing at his silent grandfather; it worried and confused him, how his grandfather easily let a stranger stay with them without having a double police check on him. Yugi sighed, figuring he would ask his grandfather if everything was alright at a better time, for now he had Atemu to worry about-making sure he was comfortable and happy.

When it was later that night, everyone retired to their rooms like normal. Yugi was asleep comfortably in his bed, wrapped up in his covers even though it was a warm night, but then he woke up to a sound. Yugi sat up and rubbed his eyes, looking around as the noise persisted. It sounded like someone was throwing up, was his grandfather ill?

Yugi decided to find out, slipping out of his bed and walking out to the corridor and stopping at the bathroom door and tapping on it gently.

'Are you alright in there?' Yugi called out.

There was a brief moment of silence as Yugi pressed his ear to the door, then he heard water running for a while before that stopped and the door was opened before him, making him yelp. He was surprised to see Atemu standing in front of him instead.

'Atemu? Are you alright?' Yugi questioned worriedly.

Atemu smiled and nodded before chuckling and patting his stomach 'I can eat most things…but Japanese food doesn't seem to be one of them'.

'Oh…are you alright? Maybe it was a bit too much'.

'I'll be fine now' Atemu reassured 'I think I'll just sleep it off now. And don't worry; I cleaned up as much of it as I can'.

'That's fine, you go sleep now. You'll feel better in the morning'.

'Alright' Atemu turned to go back to his room 'Goodnight Yugi'.

'Goodnight Atemu' Yugi replied as he also returned back to his room. He worried about Atemu for a few minutes while he laid in bed, but Atemu was an adult and he was sure he would be able to look after himself during the night.

******************************End of chapter 1*******************************

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