Me: 'I figured I should finish it to rest it in peace before I destroy it'.

Diao: 'I didn't think you could do anymore harm'.

Me: 'Diao I can throw it down if I wanted to'.

Chapter 15-Family photo

Yugi held Atemu's hand as they walked into the hospital a few weeks later; they had received a call from a familiar Kaori saying she had wanted to apologise, Yugi decided to go along with Atemu, making sure that it wasn't a trick or anything. They walked through the entrance and since Yugi knew the way to Kaori's room from last time, he led Atemu up the stairs and through the corridors.

Atemu sniffed the air slightly before frowning 'Never liked hospitals' He commented.

Yugi turned to him 'Really? I would've thought you'd love it. What with all the blood and all'.

'Oh I like that part…it's just the smell of the blood' Atemu shook his head 'Too much blood mixed together is off putting, besides they all have this rubbery smell and taste to them. Not pleasant'.

Yugi gave a light giggle to it 'I'll take your word for it' He then turned to a door 'Here, this is her level'.

They pushed back the door so they could walk down the corridor, passing the doctors and walking patients 'Do you think she really wants to apologise?' Yugi questioned quietly.

'I don't know…we'll find out…' Atemu then smirked 'Maybe your family speech got to her, eh honey?'

Yugi crimsoned and elbowed Atemu in the side 'Knock it off! You're such an embarrassment!'

Atemu gave a light chuckle before falling silent when they came to Kaori's room, Yugi poked his head round the door to see Kaori sitting up in the bed and staring out of the window, Yugi gave Atemu a small nod and held his hand tighter before they walked in.

'Kaori' She turned to see them as Yugi gave a small wave 'Hi…'

She gave a small nod and glanced down at her legs and they stood in silence for a few moments before Atemu spoke up 'This is a silent apology'.

'Atemu' Yugi hissed quietly and let go of his hand to move closer to Kaori, he then gently took her hand in his expecting her to pull it away but she only turned to stare at their hand holding 'We may not be perfect Kaori…but we are family…yes?'

Kaori then looked up at him and gave him a faint nod in agreement, Yugi smiled and moved closer to pull her into a hug, she rested her head against his shoulder as he stroked her hair and gestured to Atemu to move closer. He walked over slowly before leaning against Yugi and joining into the hug as well.

Yugi smiled before looking down at Kaori 'What made you change your mind?'

'A general knows when to admit defeat' Kaori mumbled.


Atemu gave a faint chuckle 'You are pretty convincing Yugi' Atemu joked before taking out his phone 'Say…photo?'

Yugi turned to him and nodded 'Alright, you okay with the Kaori?'

'Sure…but you're not supposed to have phones on in hospitals' Kaori commented as she brushed her hair back.

'I won't get any calls, and it'll only be for a few seconds' Atemu pressed buttons on his phone while Yugi slid himself on the bed to sit next to Kaori, Atemu then walked around and sat on the opposite side of Kaori as he held his phone out 'Smile'.

There was a snap and Atemu held his phone in front of him again before nodding 'It'll do…you should've smiled some more sis'.

'Shut up' Kaori mumbled and covered her mouth 'I have a horrible smile'.

Atemu gave a faint laugh 'That isn't surprising…'

'Atemu! Don't be so mean!'

'Sorry, sorry' Atemu apologised before glancing to Kaori and giving her a small smile.

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