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Germany and Italy

"You are! Oh fratello, that's great news! No, it's not terrible, it's good! You'll do fine, I promise. Alright, ti amo." Italy hung up the phone and turned to his lover. "Ludwig, Ludwig, guess what? Lovino's pregnant!" The italian cheered, throwing himself ontop of his lover. If Ludwig wasn't so used to this type of behavior he would have probably ended up spilling his cup of coffee.

Shocked slightly by the news he gripped the younger nation and quirked a brow. "Pregnant?"

The italian nodded with a big goofy smile. "Yup, he and Spain Nii-chan are going to have a baby. Isn't this great news?"

Ludwig thought for a moment. If his lover's brother was pregnant then that meant he wouldn't have time to pester him anymore. Perhaps this was a good thing. "Yes, I suppose."

Feliciano smiled and nodded, tightening his grip around the hunky German's waist. His face suddenly turned into a slight frown, his eyes drooping as if in deep thought, which if Germany had learned anything by now, was never a good thing.

"Neh, Lud?" Feli asked, eyes moving upward to look at his lover. The other nation hummed in response, lips pressed against the edge of the coffee mug as he took another sip. A hesitant look crossed the italian's face, making Germany curious as to what he was about to ask.

"Ludwig, why don't we have a baby?"

Ludwig nearly choked on his beverage, coffee spraying out of his mouth from the mere surprise of the question. "W-why? Well, I'm not really sure, I mean you'd have to be pregnant in order to get a baby..." By now, the blond man was just endlessly mumbling.

"Well...can we have a baby then?" Italy asked innocently, making Germany blink. Honestly, he hadn't expected his lover to bring that up, at least not for another good while. They had only been married for just over a year. Then again, wasn't this around the time families started having kids? Or was there even a waiting rule to begin with?

"I-I'm not against it, but what's with this all of a sudden?" The german stuttered.

Italy's expression turned serious as he layed his head against the older nations large, muscly chest. He simply stayed like that for a few moments, putting together words in his mind. He was putting a lot of preperation in this, something the small italian didn't normally do.

"It's just that, Lovino is having Spain's child and it makes me a little jealous that they love eachother enough to be able to go through that. All I want is to be able to make Ludwig happy and show him I love him by bearing his child." Feliciano spoke and Ludwig swore that this might be the most serious that the little country had ever been.

He wrapped his well built arms around Italy's slim shoulders and pulled him close to his chest, resting his chin on the red head's head.

"I love you already more than anything. You don't need to push yourself so much for me." Ludwig told him, letting the scent of Sweetness and Pasta fill his nose. It was his favorite scent because it reminded him of the small italian.

Feliciano couldn't help the smile that creeped its way unto his lips. He nuzzled his face in the german man's wamr chest, closing his eyes to fully enjoy Ludwig's own musky smell.

"I just want to make you as happy as I possibly can." He muttered, the steady heartbeat that filled his ears starting lull him to sleep.

"You already do." Ludwig muttered, softly kissing the top of Italy's curl. Feliciano stayed there, content in his Lud's arms before he looked up at him again.

"Could we still have a baby?" He asked hopefully. He really did want him and Lud to be parents. It's not fair that his brother would be the only one to enjoy that.

A small blush tinted Ludwig's cheeks. He was a little worried about what it would be like to have to pitter patter of little feet around the house but the idea excited him if only just a tad.

"I don't see why not."

Feliciano smiled and pulled his lover down by the collar of his shirt, pressing their lips together impatiently in a passionate kiss. Germany molded his lips against the italian's eagerly, reaching behind him to grab under the lithe boy's thighs and hoist him around up, legs twining around his waist for support.

Strong arms held the italian up as he was carried to the bedroom, where babies were surely to be made.

America and England

"YOU BLOODY FUCKING WANKER I AM GOING TO MURDER YOU!" An angry Britan yelled, chasing after a scared for his life America.

"C-come on Artie, this can't entirely be my fault right?" Alfred tried to reason, cowering behind a kitchen chair.

"You're the one who refuses to wear a condom!" The very angry man continued to shout, shaking his fist at his soon to be dead lover.

It all started a few weeks ago when Arthur had been feeling sick.

-Flash Back-

Alfred woke up to the putrid sound of vomiting coming from the bathroom down the hall. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and also noticed an empty spot in his bed where a certain English gentleman was usually found at this time.

"Iggy?" He yawned out, covering his mouth with his hand. "You up already?"

There was no answer aside from the disgusting splash of vomit hitting the toilet bowl and gagging. At this point, America had mustered enough energy to sit up, slipping his feet into a pair of fuzzy blue slippers, and tredged toward the bathroom.

He saw his blond lover on his knees, haunched over the toilet bowl dry heaving. A pang of worry and concern ebbed through his chest as he watched his poor Iggy. After a few coughs, the English man wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, breathing heavily from all that heaving.

"Bloody hell that was disgusting." He muttered, lifting himself up off the bathroom floor.

"Arthur, you okay?"

The blond man jumped slightly, having been too busy emptying the contents of his stomach to realize that the american was in the bathroom with him.

"Oh sorry, did I wake you?" Arthur rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. America took a step forward and cornered his lover against the sink.

"Don't try to change the subject." He said, voice taking on a harsh tone, like a parent scolding a child. England always did compromise his health by pretending he was fine.

Sighing, Arthur gave Alfred his most reassuring look. "I'm fine okay? Really, I probably just ate something bad. We did go to that blasted Mcdonald's of yours yesterday remember? Heaven knows what that beastly food might do to me." He said, eyes narrowing to glare at the other.

America inwardly sighed with relief. He was glad that his Iggy was back to normal. So glad, he pulled the brit into a hug and began kissing his neck, and face.

"H-hey, hold on. Isn't it a little early for this kind of thing?" The british man blushed madly.

"What better time for sex then in the morning?" Alfred reasoned, smirking when he saw the blush on his lover's face darken.

"At least let me brush my teeth. Even though the food you eat already tastes like vomit." Arthur added, turning his back to his lover and reached for his tooth brush.

Alfred laughed, turning around to head back to bed and wait for the sarcastic man to finish freshening up. With a start like this, the day was sure to be a good one.

-End Flash Back-

"I knew I shouldn't have given in to you and your sick needs!" The Brit still hadn't cooled off. "Then maybe I wouldn't be bloody pregnant!"

He ceased chasing the american and slumped down on the couch, crossing his arms over his chest with a loud, frustrated huff. "I mean, who even said I wanted to bear your devil children?"

America winced at the harsh comment. Was Arthur really so hell bent against being pregnant with his kid? Was it just the fact that it was his kid? Did he not love him anymore? Was this what the brit was hinting at?

England's face turned sympathetic when he saw the hurt look on his lover's face. He let out a sigh and patted the spot next to him on the sofa, silently telling the other to come sit. When Alfred sat on the chestnut brown couch next to the mood swingy England he didn't expect the warm, soothing hand to rest atop his and squeeze his.

"I'm sorry, ok? I just don't think we're ready for kids. I mean, neither of us knows the first damn thing about parenting."

"You took care of me when I was little and I turned out fine." Alfred bargained, only earning a slightly terrified look on Arthir's part.

"On the most part, I suppose..." He muttered, wavering his eyes away from his lover.

"So what do we do now? You can't just get unpregnant. Do we abort?" America said wearily, glancing at the English man's face, searching for an answer.

Arthur thought hard. He didn't want to kill the thing, he just wasn't sure the him and Alfred were ready for parenthood. Then again he wasn't getting any younger and other countried around them were settling down. Perhaps it was time.

"No, I say we go for it. What's the worst that could happen?" He said and the second those words left his mouth he was tackled onto his back by a very happy America.

"I knew you couldn't pass up the chance to be a mommy!" Alfred teased, laying ontop of his older lover.

"H-hey, wait a minute!" Arthur hollered, glaring at his partner the best he could through his heated blush.

America looked up at England once more, chin resting on the brit's chest. "You'll be a good mom, I know you will." He said encouragingly. Arthur's blush intensified, and he looked away out of embarassement.

"Wh-whatever." He said, the blush on his cheeks never fading as Alfred attacked his face with kisses.

Sweden and Finland

Tino opened his eyes, morning light seeping in through the thin curtains. He was greeted by his swedish lover's face but barely even flinched this time, having gotten used to this after being with the man for 3 years. Or perhaps it was that Berwald's harsh exterior had started easing up over the years he's known the fin?

"G-good morning." Tino blushed. He may have gotten used to Sweden's intimidating face, but the intense, silent stares still made him a little nervous.

"M'rn'n." Berwald mumbled, inching closer to the smaller country. Tino was still a little flustered but allowed the swede's arms to wrap around him. "D' y'u sle'p g'd?" He asked.

"Y-yes, very." Tino told his lover. Berwald's face was so close to his it was making him uneasy in a lot of ways. "Should I go make breakfast?" He offered, sitting up with his legs dangling off the edge of the bed.

"No, st'y." Sweden protested, grabbing the fin's arm and pulled him back down onto the bed. Tino landed with an 'oof' ontop of the swede with his arms resting flat against Berwald's chest. Tino's couldn't help but get ten times brighter at their position. He turned his head to the side to avoid Sweden's gaze but felt warm lips against his cheek.

"S-Su-san..." He moaned as the kisses were begining to travel down his neck, right against his ear. He felt the hot breath puff against the shell and shivered as Sweden's big hands felt him up.

'H-how can he be up for this after last night?' Finland thought, remembering the several rounds they had gone through throughout the previous night. Then again, last night it had been him who had initiated the first few times. And the times after the fifth round.

Tino was starting to feel hot and bothered, but not the usual kind he felt when Berwald started this. He felt hot, as in feverish and bothered as in there was a slight sick feeling in his stomach.

"B-Berwald, stop please." The fin pleaded, feeling dizzy as he pressed his open palm against Sweden to push him away. The swede gave him a confused look but Finland offered him a small smile.

"I'm just not in the mood right now, okay? Now come on, we need to get you and Hana-Tamago some breakfast." Finland spoke cheerily, turning his head to the fluffy, white lump curled up by their feet.

The small puppy raised its head at the mention of her name and rolled onto her back, paws in the air.

"Aww, so cute!" Finland chirped. Sweden looked at the dog and then back at Finland.

"Y'ur c'te too." He mumbled, causing TIno to blush.

"Th-thanks..." Tino stuttered, throwing the blankets off of him and stood up. He wobbled a bit as he felt dizzy all of a sudden.

'Must have stood up too fast...' Tino thought, holding onto the wall for support. "Well I'll be in the kitchen. Could you take Hana-Tamago out in the backyard?"

Sweden nodded, getting up and heading towards the backyard as Hana-Tamago followed him. Finland made his way to the kitched, turning on the stove and fetching a carton of eggs from the fridge. He cracked them and poored the yokes into the frying pan, head throbbing and feeling a bit dizzy.

'Maybe I'm coming down with something?'

As the eggs began to sizzle, the fin began to feel weeker and weeker, his knees trembling. This wasn't good, he felt like he was about to-

The world suddenly went back and Tino fell onto the floor with a loud thud. Sweden had entered the house at that moment with an over energetic Hana-Tamago bouncing and barking all over the place.

"T'no?" Sweden called when he heard the noise. Hana-Tamago barked, running into the kitchen. Berwald followed the pet, eyes growing wide when he saw Tino laying unconscious on the floor.

Finland blinked his eyes open, head still buzzing. He sat up, clutching his aching head and noticed he was back in his bed. Turning his head he saw Berwald sitting in a chair next to the bed, a relieved look over powering his usally stoic expression.

"Y'u ok?" The swede asked his lover, weeving his fingers through FInland's hay colored hair.

"U-umm...y-yes?" Finland said.

"Oh, so your awake." An unfamiliar voice said and Tino turned his head to see a man in a suit walk into his bedroom. He turned his head to Sweden, figuring he knew why this stranger was in his house.

"Y'u pass'd o't so I c'lled a doct'r."

"Yes mister Tino, your husband did say that." The doctor said, causing the fin to blush.

"I'm fine, really. I just probably didn't get enough sleep last night." Tino said, figuring he could leave out why he hadn't gotten enough sleep.

"That is partially the reason but I have some more news for you two."

Both heads turned to listen to what the doctor was about to say. Something else? What else could have caused him to faint like that other than exhaustion?

"It's my job to say congradulations in times like this, Berwald, mister Tino, you two will be expecting a baby."

Tino's eyes widened. A baby? Him and Berwald? Wait, he was pregnant?

"You mean, I'm pregnant?" He asked and the doctor nodded happily.

"Yup. Well, I have no more to say other than please try to take care of yourself so I'll be off."

Finland felt the bed dip under another weight and saw Sweden sitting at the edge of the matress, starting at him intensely like he usually did. Although this time felt a little...different. It was almost as if he wasn't merely staring but searching. Probably searching for Finland's reaction to the news.

The fin thought for a moment. He remembered a time when Sweden had brought up having kids and how he had said he'd love to have some one day. He also remembered how determined the swede has sounded when he said he'd do his best.

" 're y'u h'ppy?" Berwald asked his wife, body caging the fin in like a bird.

"Wh-wha? Oh!" Finland mumbled. His hand gravitated towards his stomach and rested there. No bump could be felt, yet, but there was a life in there somewhere. A sweet, tingling feeling was consuming him. He smiled at Berwald. He did feel happy.

"Yes, I am." Tino giggled, placing his small hand on Berwald's shoulder as his other continued to rest on his belly. He leaned into the swede for a kiss, just wanting to express this love he felt burning in his core.

He had always liked kids, he had always wanted kids, and now, without even having to ask Berwald had given him that.

"I'm very happy."

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