Iceland sat on the bed in one of the room's, Peter's he guessed by the childish ocean mural painted on the wall and random toys laying in heaps on the royal blue carpet. He hugged his legs close to his chest and burried his face in his burgandy clad knees. The icelandic country's eyes and nose burned with unshed tears, biting his lip hard to prevent them from escaping.

He barely moved when he heard the creak of the door, knowing one of the other nordics had come up to comfort him.

"Emil, what's wrong?"

It was Tino's voice, soft and filled with concern. The sound made the distressed nation sick to his stomach with its sweet innocence. He stayed there, silent and unmoving as the bed dipped under the weight of the finnish nation. A hand came to rest on his shoulder, warm and comforting but the young country shyed away from it.

"We're sorry for putting you on the spot, and you know how Mathias can be." Finland soothed, trying to convince the boy that they meant no harm. Iceland's only response was a sniffle as a salty tear slipped down his ivory cheek.

Tino thought that they had really upset the nation as he watched the droplet cascade down his younger brother's face but what he didn't know was that the cause of Iceland's torment didn't lie in either of the nordics or their behavior.

"It's not any of your faults..." Iceland admitted, opening up to the motherly nation. "It's mine."

"What makes you say that?"

Iceland bit his lip, going over in his mind whether or not he should spill his hearts utter most secrets to the hay blond country. He figured that Finland knew how to keep a secret so he let the iron shield fall momentarily.

"It is true," The white haired boy started. "I have been ignoring Li." He said, reffering to Hong Kong.

"Why have you been ignoring him? I thought you two were friends, did he make you angry?" Finland asked innocently.

Iceland shook his head, hands folded on his lap as he looked down at them. "No."

"Then why have you been ignoring him?"

Iceland took a deep breath before he continued his explanation. HIs hands shook and his head buzzed with thoughts of just running out of the room but he knew that the other would just hunt him down again, it was in the fin's nature.

"A while back him and I hooked up..." Iceland began, pausing for a moment to let Tino process the information. In all honesty it didn't suprise the fin, he knew the two were close. "Then a month ago we...we did it." He continued, cheeks turning pink as he divulged information that he thought would have stayed between him and Hong Kong.

Tino had a feeling about where this was going and he braced himself to console the other as he waited for the words to confirm his suspiscions.

"I'm pregnant..." Emil confessed.

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