France and Canada

Canada stared at the papers in his hands with a frown, glaring at the ink printed on the sheet. It wasn't so much the ink, or the paper itself the young country was upset with, but rather what was written in the ink on the paper.

It's true I've been feeling strange these past few weeks, the northern nation thought to himself, but this is ridiculous! It must be someone playing a prank on me...

Canada let out a sigh, tossing the devious paper aside as he burried his face in his hands and sulked. According to that sheet, the blond was expecting. In other words, he was pregnant.

Despite the sleeping around he'd been doing the past few months, he was certain he knew who the child belonged to and he was...shocked to say the least.

"This can't be happening..." Canada said out loud.

"Oh Matthiew, mon cher~"

Speak of the devil...

Hands snaked around Canada's waist and up to his chest, holding him close to the body trapping him from behind. A fuzzy chin prickled his cheek and breath ghosted over his ear.

"Je t'ai manquer mon amour." France whispered suggestively as one of his hands stopped fondling Matty's chest and trailed further south down his body.

Canada grabbed his tormentor's hands and broke free of the grasp to stare at the blond with a serious face.

"I...have to tell you something." He said shyly, his cheeks tinting a slight pink.

"Oh? Can't it wait till later?" France whine. "You look quite serious, is something wrong?"

Canada took a deep breath, feeling like a teenage girl about to confess to someone they've had a crush on fore years. "Could you sit down please?" He asked and France obeyed, taking a seat on the tasteful french sofa.

"What ails you, mon cheri?" France questioned his more recent lover.

Matthew bit his lip, figuring that instead of drawing it out it would be better to just come out and confess.

"I'm pregnant." He said, feeling tears sting his eyes. "It's yours."

The look on France's face would have been comical in any other situation, but only made it harder to keep the tears from spilling.

"Pregnant? Are you sure?" France said after moment's of hesitant shock. Canada nodded.

The two countries romance was newly blossoming, having lasted just over 3 months and already burdened with the task of parenthood? They definitly weren't ready.

France's expression turned from shock to pondering as he crossed one leg over the other and touched his forefinger and thumb to his chin.

"Will you keep it?"

"Eh?" Canada was a little taken back by the question.

"The baby. Will you keep it?" France asked again.

Canada thought about it for a moment. He was still pretty young to be expecting, considered perhaps just over twenty one (humanly speaking of course), yet there was a part of him that was overjoyed-the nurturing side of him was thrilled to be having a baby. He still felt it a little early, but he did know that he loved France. Besides, getting rid of the fetus went against everything he believed in and what he's fought to protect within his own counrty's walls.

"Yes." Canada barely whispered, not realizing his hand was over his stomach.

"Then I will support you. I did help raise you and Amerique when you were newborns so I know a thing or two about parenting." France said nostalgically.

Canada looked at his lover in surprise. He'd expected the wavy haired frenchman to be mad, or perhaps even leave him. He hadn't foreseen such a caring and understanding outcome.

Francis raised his hand and beckoned with his finger for the other to come closer. Canada followed the order and the next thing he knew he was pulled down and flipped under the older country.

"Now what do you say we continue what we started before? Mmm?"

Russia and China

"Aiya..." China groaned, leaning back against the wall as the toilet bowl swallowed the mixture of water and vomit. "I can't even remember the last time I'd been sick like that, aru."

"Yao? Are you almost done in there? I want to take bath before it gets too cold." Russia called from outside the bathroom door.

"Give me a minute!" The chinese man yelled back, a little harsher than one might dare speak to the northern country. He turned on the taps and began rinsing his mouth and washing his face.

"What's wrong with me, aru?" He wondered aloud, staring at his reflection. The past few days had been filled with frantic trips to the bathroom to empty his stomach contents. Despite his history with illness and remedy, China really had no clue what could be up with him.

The door creeked open to reveal a large body topped with a head of creamy silver. "Is everything alright?"

"Yeah..." China lied. "I'll let you have your bath now, aru." He turned to leave but a hand grabbed his arm, halting him.

"Why not take bath with me, da?" Russia offered in a sickeningly sweet voice. Even now it often frightened the ancient nation.


The two undressed as the warm water flowed into the tub. Russia's eyes were drawn to his lover's body as he watched the other strip off his shirt. A questioning look appeared on his face as he stared at the other's mid section. The platinum haired nation reached out to poke the elder's belly, making China jump up in a startled manor.

"Wh-what was that for, aru!" He scolded. Despite himself, he still sometimes felt that the other was out to get him. In more frightening ways than one.

"Have you gained weight?"

China, confused, looked down and saw that his once flat stomach hung over his waist band the tiniest bit.

"How strange, aru." China spoke aloud. "I havn't been eating irregularily or unhealthy."

Sure, he had the odd craving for something weird now and again but that couldn't have caused such a noticeable difference could it?

"Well worry about it later. Let's get in water before its cold, da?" Russia more demanded than asked as he pulled Yao into the tub with him.

"W-wah!" China cried out as he was tugged down into the large, porcelain bathtub with the larger country. "D-don't be so hasty aru..."

While in the bath with Russia, China couldn't help think about his strange morning routine and sudden weight gain. Perhaps the two were connected somehow?

Lithuania and Poland

"Liet! Liet! Hurry it's an emergency!"

"Feliks! What is it?" The baltic country hurried to the room he shared with the polish nation, nearly tripping over the rug in his haste. "What's wrong?"

Arms wrapped around his neck and he was pulled into a tight embrace. He stared awkwardly at the blond hugging him, mind racing for thoughts on what could possibly be wrong with the other.

"Thanks Liet!" Poland said cheerily, letting the brunet free.

"Wh-what was that about? Why were you shouting just now?" Lithuania asked, seriously confused by the other's strange behavior.

"I just, like, wanted a hug from you! Is that so much to ask from my boyfriend!" The blond spat in his valley-girl way of speaking, catching Lithuania off guard. How had he gone from happy and affection to...this in less than 10 seconds?

"Umm...Po are you feeling alright?" Toris asked, pressing the back of his hand against the other's forehead.

He doesn't feel warm...

"Eh? Liet what's wrong? You're acting really weird all of a sudden..."

I'm acting weird all of a sudden!

"Come on! Let's like totally go out for ice cream! You can buy mine too!" Poland cheered as he grabbed Toris' hand, dragging him outside.

The regular Poland was definitely back to normal...for now anyway.

The two countries made it to the park, where a ice cream cart was sationed waiting for hungry customers. Poland was carefully examining the different flavor choices while Lithuania patiently waited for him to make up his mind.

"I want all of them!" Poland declared.

"What? But you'll get a stomach ache if you eat all that icecream!" The more sensible of the two tried to convince the other. Poland's bottom lip jutted out in a pout and his eyes began to water.

"Waaah! Liet, you're like, SO totally mean! You don't love me at all!" The very strange country began bawling, creating a scene in the middle of the park.

"C-calm down Po..." Lithuania tried to hush the other but soon gave in and bought what the sniveling nation had requested. "O-one of each please..." He told the ice cream salesman as he pulled out his wallet. Good thing Lithuanian economy was going alright...

"Hurray! Thanks Liet!" Poland sang as he devoured the treat in his hands.

"D-don't mention it..." Lithuania sulked.

"Done~!" The blond announced as he threw his wrappers in the trash.

"Eh! Already?"

"Mhmm, now let's hurry up and go home! My cuddle meter is running low!" Feliks said as he once again grabbed Liet's hand and dragged him around.

Back at home, Poland was nuzzled under his lover's arm, warm and happy. They were both resting on the couch under a soft pink blanket, watching whatever program was playing on TV. Poland was at ease, close to falling asleep but Lithuania's head was abuzz with many questions.

Feliks has been acting super strange lately...He thought to himself as he watched the sleeping nation out of the corner of his eye. He's always been affectionate, but never this clingy, and I've never seen him eat something so quikly, especially ice cream. He always gets a brain freeze...I wonder what's up with him?

Suddenly Toris heard a murmur and felt the body in his arms stirr.

"Feliks? I thought you were sleeping. You don't look so good, are you o-" Lithuania was interrupted by his lover leaning over the edge of the couch and throwing up all over the nice rug, staining it forever with the colorful vomit. He would definitly never let the other country gorge himself on that much ice cream ever again.

A/N: Sorry for all of the abrupt and confusing endings, this is the first time I've ever written about these characters, or at least these pairings ^^" I really hope it get's better, but I had to start somewhere right? Anyway, in case you're wondering, I got the insperation for the LietPol part from the doujinshi "Kiss Kiss Kiss" (its a LietPol Doujin, hurrr..." Yeah I was really stumped at first on that part but it all kind of wrote itself in the an extent...ANYWAY! Reviews are greatly appreciated and I hope you stay tuned for the next chapter =u=