Spain and Romano

"Lovino!" Spain called, his voice resonating throughout the entire house. "Where could he be?" The spanish nation thought outloud. It was just past the afternoon, the time when he and his lover would take their midday siesta together (honestly, Spain used this as an excuse to cuddle with Romano) but the smaller, southern italian country was nowhere to be found.

"He didn't say he was going out..." Spain mused, trying to figure out where Romano could be.

He checked the kitchen but all that greeted him were the dirty dishes from lunch and a basket of ripe tomatoes. The living room turned up empty aswell. Spain decided to continue his search upstairs. At first he thought maybe the italian was taking a bath but the bathroom was empty too, along with the recreation room that would soon be turned into a nursery.

"I already checked the bedroom but..." Spain was starting to worry, so he decided to give the bedroom another look around.

He looked around their shared bedroom, keeping his eyes wide for any sign of his missing lover but saw nothing. The brunet was about to give up on this room and search the whole house again when he heard a sort of soft snoring coming from the closet.

"That's weird..." He muttered to himself as he made his way over to the closet door. When he opened it, he was greeted by his lover's sleeping frame, wrinkled clothing covering his body. Spain let out a small chuckle. How the italian had managed to fall alseep in the closet was beyond him.

"Lovino, querido, wake up. Wouldn't you much rather sleep with me instead of on the floor sitting up like that?" Spain teased, poking his slumbering lover's cheek. He loved how squishy Romano's cheeks were. Soft and squishy like a baby's.

Romano let out a low groan as the older nation continued to prod him awake.

"Stop that, bastard! I'm trying to sleep!" Romano shouted, shoving the tanned man away roughly.

"Don't be like that Romano, we can go sleep together on the bed." Spain offered but the stubborn nation only pouted and crossed his arms, letting out a sharp huff.

Spain grinned and reached out, catching the groggy brunet off guard as he wrapped his arms around Lovino's middle and picked him up, careful not to squeeze the precious bulge too hard and hurt the baby.

"What are you doing? Put me down you damn tomato bastard!" Lovino kicked as he was carried towards the bed like a child. "Antonio, I swear, if you don't put me down this instant I'll-" Romano was cut off by the older country throwing him, the springy matress' catching his body as the other cralwed on top of him.

"Now Lovino, what do you say we take that nap, hmm?" The spanish country said in a lustful tone that told Romano that they weren't necessarily going to take a 'nap'.

Prussia and Austria

When Prussia woke up he was laying in his and Austria's bed, covered to the neck in warmth. He could smell diner cooking from downstairs and despite not having eaten anything all day the odor made him sick to his stomach. Time for another trip to the bathroom.

Downstairs, Austria set the table while Hungary finished cooking their meal. Silence fell over the kitchen and neither spoke to each other. Both of the country's faces wore a mixture between nervousness and shock.

Earlier they had called a doctor to the house to examine their Prussian friend and things had gone...a little unexpected to say the least.

"I'm so glad you could make it on such short notice." Hungary greeted their visitor, grabbing the man's coat and hanging it up for him.

"Thank you miss, but you do know that doctors rarely make house calls in this day and age." He said.

"I know, and I'm sure you're very busy but my friend is very sick. He wakes up at odd hours of the night to throw up and then he stays in the bathroom nearly all day. He's tired and irritable and seems like a completly different person! He also refuses to eat the food I make for him..." She explained.

The doctor laughed, taking Hungary and Austria-who had just stepped into the room, by surprise.

"I know exactly what's wrong with your friend." He said as he watched the silver haired once-country asleep on the sofa.

"What? What's wrong with him?" This time it was Austria's turn to ask the burning question.

"Obviously he's pregnant." The doctor said with a smile on his face.

Hungary seemed a little excited by the news while her dark haired counterpart's heart seemed to sink into his stomach.

"P-pregnant..?" He mumbled in disbelief. "You can't be serious."

"It's not that hard to believe. You are nations afterall so things like this are bound to occur. I'm actually surprised it hasn't happened sooner."

"Oh Austria-san! You and Pru-kun are going to have a baby!" Elizaveta said in delight, clapping her hands together.

Austria didn't even seem a fraction as excited as the young maiden, instead his expression read terrified.

"Well, you don't need me for anything else and I have other patients waiting so I bid you farewell. There are some brochures at the clinic I work at that explain pregnancy in great detail so feel free to stop by at anytime if you're having trouble." The doctor said as he grabbed his coat and left.

Austria was still getting over the shock of the news. How was he supposed to react? Wasn't it odd that he was the one to get the other pregnant? It must have happened on one of the rare occasion's where the other would let him be in charge.

"Roderich?" Hungary called out.

"Eh? Yes, what is it Elizaveta?"

"Are you going to tell Gilbert?"

Austria was taken aback by the question. Of course he would tell Gilbert. He was the one who was pregnant after all, so he would find out eventually even if the german speaking country didn't tell him.

"Yes. I'm going to tell him. As soon as he wakes up."

Just as he said that, the two could hear the toilet flush from upstairs and moments later, the country in question came down the stairs looking exhausted despite the hours of sleep he'd caught up on.

"Oh, Gilbert you're finally up." Hungary greeted with a nervous smile. "I made you some diner, so please sit down."

Gilbert took one look a the food infront of him and fought the urge to run back upstairs as his face tinted green. "I-I'll pass if it's alright with you..."

"Oh...well alright." The cinnamon haired nation seemed a little dejected by the rejection of her food. She turned to look at Austria and saw the look of hesitance in his eyes. Obviously he didn't know how to tell the other about his condition so she decided to give him a hand. "Erm, could you take a seat anyway? Roderich had something very important to tell you."

Prussia looked at both of them questioningly but obeyed the hungarian girl and took a seat at the table. Austria let out a sigh as he sat across from Prussia and Hungary took a seat between the two, folding her hands in her lap.

"Well, Gil," The Austrian man started. "Elizaveta and I called a doctor over earlier today to take a look at you while you were sleeping and..." He trailed off and Prussia suddenly became quiet. "I don't know how to say this but, yout pregnant."

Prussia felt his heart jump out of his chest at the austrian's words. It took a moment for him to register but then when he had, he burst out into a fit of laughter.

Hungary and Austria exchanged confused glances with one another as the prussian continued snickering.

"Pregnant? Pffft, nice one Roddy I almost believed you! Man, I almost pissed myself laughing, I bet you planned this Elizaveta." The albino once-nation chocked out through boughts of laughter.

Austria frowned and stood up, his palms slamming against the desk. "This is no laughing matter Gil!" He raised his voice, something Austria rarely did, even when he was angry. This caught Prussia's attention. "I am not joking, you really are pregnant."

Suddenly, realizing that all his symptoms did agree with the condition his lover was offering him, Prussia thought the matter over.

"Well damn...I guess your right." He said then fell silent.

Austria and Hungary looked at him, waiting for him to react. The reaction they expected was not the one that actually happened though...

"Awesome! I'm going to be a vater! Err, mutter I mean...Kesesesese! Our kid will be the awesomest!" Prussia sang.

The other two nations stared at him, flabbergasted by his unexpected enthusiasm.

"I'm going to go call West!" Prussia added as he left the kitchen to go call his brother and tell him the awesome news.

Greece and Japan

"Here." Greece spoke softly, placing a plat of greek cuisine infront of his lover. The platter was adorned with souvlaki, potatoes and various piles of vegetables.

"Thank you, Greece-san." Japan bowed politely, not noticing the slight twitch in his husband's eye at the formality. "It looks delicious, but..." Japan trailed off, his eyes scanning the dish as if something where missing.

"Is something wrong?" The older nation replied, a little confused by the strange look in Japan's eyes.

"Could you fetch me some strawberry jam?"

"Jam? What for?" Greece asked, now very much confused.

"I want to put some on the potatoes." Japan replied innocently and Greece gave him an incredulous look. None the less he aquiesced his lover's strange request and went to fetch the jar of strawberry jam from the fridge and gave it to the small man.

"Arigato!" Japan chirped, happily spreading the chunky red stuff onto his seasoned potatoes. Greece watched with sadness as his magnificent potatoes were tainted by the japanese man's weird taste. Japan scooped a forkful of the red and white paste into his mouth and his features became one of pure bliss. "It is very good Greece-san, you should try it."

"N-no thank you..." The brunet muttered, regarding the mess with a look of distaste.

After their meal, Heracles and Kiku resided to the living room for a cup of tea and some relaxing couch time as they watched some strange japanese anime. Greece was nodding off, as usual, while Japan tried to concentrate on the program, but found that incredibly difficult as a throbbing sensation overcame his body.

The throbbing was mostly in his head, but felt like it resonated through his entire body. He also felt the odd sensation to throw up. Suddenly that sensation doubled, and he was scurrying out of the greek man's arms and towards the nearest toilet.

Greece, usually being a heavy sleeper, woke up when his lover jolted out of his embrace and groggily followed the sounds of the frail man gagging.

"Kiku, are you ok in there?" Greece asked, knocking on the door.

"I..." Japan started but was cut off by another wave of nausea.

Greece frowned, upset by how pained his lover sounded as he leaned over the toilet, emptying whatever he had in his stomach. "I will go call the doctor."

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