January 11

The party was ongoing.

The light shimmered across the room.

I had to give kisses to strangers.

I had to greet them.

I had feigned happiness of their incest babble.

I had to care.

The worst was the attendant.

With the eyes of someone that had seen too much.

He had.

I know because I was there.


The crowed .

The rich one.

The lucky son.

I should of stood up.

I should have shouted.

"Do not hurt him do not or I will hurt you."

But I didn't.

I watched like a cowered .

I ran.

And now he gives me looks of undying loyalty.

It kills me.

It sickens me.

It hurts me.

Look even this is about me.

I'm so selfish.

The regret is that I should have never been his friend.

Ha, what a stupid thing to say.

I know as he looks at me as he serves drinks he does not blame me.

I 'm sorry

But I will end it all.

With a pill and a kiss from him upon my lips.

I will die for the sin.

What you think I will tell you?

You are sorely mistaken.

Goodbye Hassan.

Okay I know some people will flame me for saying the kiss upon his lips but I got a vibe that there was something there so …yeah.

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