Madara wandered over the rooftops of the Uchiha district, looking in on his clan as he was wont to do on occasion. Everywhere he looked, families were settling in for the night if they hadn't already. Somewhere nearby, a dog started howling.

"If you don't shut that damn dog up Kin, I'm going to shut it up for you!" someone yelled from two houses away.

Three houses away, a man in a housecoat and slippers wandered into his back yard and unclipped a line that led from a rather large dog of indeterminate breed that looked to be part Inuzuka Nin-dog to a nice looking doghouse.

"Come on Madara, in you go." the man said as he led his dog towards his house.

Madara froze, hoping that he'd misheard the man, and knowing full well that he hadn't. As he was trying to process this insult to his memory, a cat twined itself around him.

"Hello little fella, where did you come from?" Madara asked as he reached down and scratched the animal behind the ears. He'd always been rather fond of cats.

A glint of metal caught his eye. It was a pet registration tag.

There was an unholy screech as a cat went flying across the Uchiha district.

Underneath him, he could hear a woman tucking her young son in for the night.

"And, did you remember to feed Madara sweetheart?" the woman asked.

Madara unclenched his fists five minutes later. He needed to get out of here before he went completely apeshit. He was staring into a child's window and seriously contemplating murdering a fish of all things.

He turned away and left, resolving to look for some form of stress relief that didn't involve copious amounts of alcohol since he knew how well that tended to go. He'd have probably defeated that damnable Senju if he hadn't gotten completely smashed while fortifying himself with a bit of "liquid courage".

A yell of "Dad! Madara peed on the carpet!" came out of a house to his right.

"I will burn this place to the ground!" Madara ground out through gritted teeth as the stormed out of the Uchiha district.