Roughly they were dragged deeper into the woods as though the men feared being spotted. All around them the darkness grew so great that they could hardly see enough not to trip on tree roots. When they reached a spot of almost complete darkness their assailants halted and threw them to the ground, but stayed on them like white on rice as a cruel voice, obviously that of the leader ordered that they be gagged and their hands bound. Now the girls struggled but fighting men almost twice their size was futile. "You'll be sorry for this!" Lucy shouted. But the men just laughed and struck her hard across the face. Finally the leaders bidding had been done and the girls, Lucy now with a split lip were dragged unceremoniously to their feet. They were forced to march through the darkest parts of the forest without any hope of being seen or rescued. The men laughed uproariously when they would trip and fall down, and then force them back to their feet. Soon both Girls knees were raw and bloody.

After a long march on which the sun had set, the motley crew and their captives reached a clearing. Directly in the middle was a building, an inn of sorts for outlaws and thugs. The outside walls were patched together with uneven stones and cracking mortar, hanging by the roughhewn wooden door was a sign too faded to be read in the faint light that filtered through the grimy windows.

Inside they were met by a stifling heat from the roaring fire, and the stink of many unwashed bodies in a small space. All around were men with loud voices, groping hands, and vulgar remarks, serving them tankards of ale were girls not much older than Hermione or Lucy wearing dresses that left little to the imagination. As they were led through that room then another much like it the girls feared that was to be their fate.

But then they left the noise and stench behind them and entered a room cooler and darker than any of the rest, empty except for a lone man who sat on a stool by the window, hood pulled low over his face, ha scanned through the darkness the surrounding land below. He stood as they entered and shooed the men away. In slow close circles he walked around the girls studying them as if they were cattle for sale, quickly they both realized to him that is precisely what they were.

Finally he spoke "They will do." And tossed a purse to the leader who then with his group in tow hurried out to join the ruckus below.

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