Title: Surrender, or How Twilight Should Have Ended
Summary: The monster in my head smiled in anticipation. Vamp/AU.
Word Count: 261
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Not mine.

The monster in my head smiled in anticipation.

Three and a half seconds later, Isabella Swan sat down. The last few students hit the ground and I appeared beside her in the aisle, just as she began to realise that everyone in the room but us had fallen to the floor. I couldn't ascertain from the expression on her face whether she had any real comprehension of what had happened or was about to happen to her.

She simply stared up at me with a worried and confused expression on her face. With the door locked and potential witnesses all dead, I inhaled as I slipped my hand around her neck and drew her up from her seat. Her scent washed over me again and my throat burned, but this time I embraced it. Her eyes darted from the children on the floor to my face, and I could see the fear in them as realisation dawned.

For her, barely an instant had passed between my appearance beside her and her death. No time to scream. Barely enough time to register fear.

From my perspective, every moment was drawn out. While the speed with which I enacted every movement may have appeared violent, my touch was gentle, light. I wanted to savour this, the sweetest blood of all.

Her neck bent toward me as I placed my open lips on her throat. I pushed my teeth through her skin, and as her hot blood hit my tongue, my senses exploded into fire. I couldn't have stopped, even if I'd wanted to.