P's pov

Paul hurry there's a vampire and I think it has a baby. Sam thought to me anxiously, and I quickened my pace furiously.

What kind of selfish monster would take a pure innocent baby, but I'm just glad I'm getting some action for once.

Sam, Jared, and I was closing in on the leech, he was on our territory, so we knew it wasn't a Cullen that means free to kill.

Jared, after Paul and I get the leech away from the baby you get it ok? Sam thought to Jared seriously.

Alright. He thought reluctantly.

Jared would be missing out on the action this time; I was the lucky one to get my teeth into that dirt leech.

Finally we made it to the leech and began swirling it, harsh growls echoed between us as we looked at the ugly thing. With black spiky hair, and eyes as red as fire.

He got in a crouch holding the baby as if it was a sack of flower.

We became wary as we watched his hold on the baby move to it's neck, he was about to break it's tiny neck when an urge hit me, and I was running at him, tackling him down, but I quickly got hold of the babies shirt before it could hit the ground, and Sam and Jared attacked before the leech could get back up.

I backed a little away from them, and set the baby down gently, and phased back to my human form. I threw some pants on quickly, and went back to the baby looking it over for any damage.

It was a girl, she had brown hair, and the biggest and deepest brown eyes I ever looked into, I couldn't even look away. I was locked in her eyes, and suddenly warmth hit my insides, and everything that I had once thought was important was gone, and this baby went to the very top. I could feel the world around me begin to spin, and my heart raced and I grew warmer the longer I stared at her.

Fuck! I just imprinted! Oh my fucking god this can't be happening now! I began to shake as I looked away from the baby, I ran my hands furiously through my hair, and growled out in defeat.

"What is it Paul did you want to help take down the leech?" Jared asked coming over to me back in his human for. I angrily shook my head, glancing back down to the baby, and my shaking stopped.

"Paul that was a very stupid move back there, that baby could have been hurt, but it was nice thinking." Sam said walking over to us now his human form to.

I nodded lowly, and glared down at my feet.

"Paul, what is it?" Sam asked sounding concerned.

I growled lowly, and looked up at both of them.

"I just imprinted." I snarled, and looked away in annoyance.

Sam and Jared were both quite for a while, and I finally looked back them curiously, and half afraid that they would be upset.

"On who, the baby?" Jared asked going over to the baby and picking her up.

I tensed suddenly, and locked my gaze on the both of them, making sure this baby wouldn't get hurt.

I nodded to them both.

They both laughed at this now in amusement.

"OH MY GOD, this is to good, the mighty Paul, the tough, the best guy in the whole school fell in love with a two mouth old baby." Jared laughed.

I growled at him wanting to punch his face in, but with that baby he was safe for now.

"There is nothing to be ashamed of Paul, imprinting is a great feeling, and in a few years this baby will be ready for you to date." Sam said looking at the baby with a smile.

I walked over and snatched the baby from Jared, with a dark glare at them, jealously biting my insides.

They both held their hands up in innocence.

I looked down to the baby amazed by her beauty, she smiled up at me with a baby gurgle, and my heart just melted.

I held the baby close to me, cradling her against my chest, and began rock a little.

"This is priceless." Jared whispered to Sam, and I glared at him with narrowed eyes, but I looked back down to the baby to see she was about to fall asleep.

I smiled as I listened to her soft breathing, it was soothing.

"Come on let's take her to Emily's." Sam suggested.

"Yeah, she's going to need food, and clothes, and diapers, and all kinds of baby stuff." Jared said with a nod.

I followed after them stroking the baby's little chest, and her soft brown hair. She was just too cute. What the fuck, I'm already starting to get mushy; this baby was going to change me a lot I could already tell.

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