a fanfiction... a incredibly LAME fanfiction...

How did this happen?

that's what Flynn Rider was wondering when the smoke cleared and some blond man was standing by him. Naked except for some Black gloves and a wearing leather thing. It looks a lot like a harness. It looked a lot like ...

Flynn 's eyes got very large and he stepped back. "M...Max?"

The man looked at him , one eyebrow raised with a confused look on his face. "Yes? What is it Rider? " He said. Then he blinked and wondered why he was speaking like a human. His voice was very eloquent and had some strange accent.

"Um... You.. .Your naked." Flynn muttered shifting his gaze off of His horse's human form.

"Huh... No kidding I'm always naked ,Rider!"

He didn't seem to understand what was going on.

Flynn sighed aggregated and then began unbuttoning his pants. Maximus looked at him , squinting at him with those familiar eyes. " What are you doing? " he muttered looking uncomfortable.

Flynn didn't say anything as he removed his pants and then tossed them to Max. Max being a horse originally caught it with his mouth. " This smells …. " he muttered through gritted teeth.

He didn't seem to notice he had hands yet.

"Put THEM ON!" Flynn ordered. He was tired of this.

"Huh? "

"...Look down"

Max stared at Flynn for a minute or too and then. His Face got very pale and then instinctively covered himself.

"What did YOU DO to me, Rider! "

Flynn scowled at Maximus as hard as he could. "I didn't do anything ! I have no idea what happened " He shouted.

Maximus huffed at him and then looked at the pants. "How do I put these on? " he wondered looking annoyed that he had to ask Rider's help.

When He looked up at Flynn , Flynn was giving him this Horrified look. "No Way! No Way I'm not putting them on for you! " He yelled turning around.

Max just stared at him and squinted. "I was not even suggesting that! " He muttered looking at the pants. He tried putting his arms through them and then paused. This didn't look right.

He heard Flynn laughing and looked up to see the ex thief leaning over holding his sides.

"Ah-ha ah ha ha Stupid horse!" He mocked grinning at how Max knew nothing about this.

Max let out a irritated sigh and rolled his eyes. "That's how I wore clothes before..." He grumbled as he took them off his arms. He looked at his one pair of legs. Well there was this other thing but it didn't' look like a leg. He put one leg in and tried to balance.

However he was no used to standing on one leg and fell forwards.

Flynn looked up and then grimaced when He caught sight of Max on his knees. That was not a pretty sight to see. Max growled and went over to the fence and leaned on it. He finally managed to get the pants on him.

"Eugene... "

Max and Flynn looked up to see Rapunzel. She was holding a frying pan and weaeing a strained smile. She seemed to be trying not to yell.

"What is going on here? " She asked , in a tone of a Woman who had just caught her man sleeping with someone else.