Title: The First Time
Summary: What is the greatest gift one can give to a lover? Bella and Edward find out.
Word Count: 493
Rating: M
Disclaimer: All characters of Twilight are owned by Stephenie Meyer.


He whispered her name with reverence as he began unbuttoning her shirt. His fingers shook slightly, overwhelmed by the weight of this moment. She was a precious gift, giving herself freely, to be opened and cherished forever.

He could feel her intense gaze upon him as he removed her shirt. When he looked into her eyes, he could past every barrier straight into her heart. Her emotions were openly displayed for him to see: hope, love, desire, but foremost, vulnerability. For not only would they shed their clothing, but everything else they hid behind in the presence of others – titles, achievements, roles – they would be stripped bare. All that would remain was a man and a woman, taking the ultimate risk: exposing their minds, bodies, and souls to each other through the intimate act of making love.

"Don't be afraid," he soothed her fears, caressing her cheek before moving his hand down her neck, shoulder and arm; her skin so warm, soft and pure. So pleasing it had to have been made just for him! His greatest wish was to be lost in it, to have a lifetime memorizing the feel and taste all of her, before drowning in her scent. She was beautiful, and he didn't need his eyes to show him this truth.

After today, he would not be the same. It was as if a piece of him had been missing all this time, and in the moment they lay together, he would become whole, having finally found completion.

"Edward, my love..."

Her voice trembled as she tried to anchor her rushing wave of emotions to his strong physical presence. The pull she felt to him had her spiraling, spinning, and falling into him, through him.

She wanted all of him.

And she would give all for him.

In return, she would lay down all that she was for the mere potential of what she knew he could do to her-for her-physically and emotionally.

Giving yet taking. The unending circle of love.

She touched him honestly, pleading to him: seek me, touch me, and take me into you. Know my body better than I know it myself. Reach inside and find in me the part I could never discover alone. Awaken the sexual being within me that craves release, wants to scream your name and wash over you, claiming your heart, binding you to me…

With words unspoken, only heard in the closeness they shared as their bodies became one, she wanted him to take everything from her until she was empty. To leave a vessel open and ready to be filled, overflowing with his hopes, dreams, fears and burdens. All this and more she would give because she has seen his soul - and it sings an endless love song to her.

For that is love.

The most precious gift we can every give to another is our very selves...