Jaded Eyes

a G.I. Joe Renegade Story

NOTE!: I do not own anything G.I. Joe! They belong to Hasbro. Jade belongs to me she is my OC.


All I knew was darkness, all I felt was pain and to hate every human known to man kind... That's was until I met 'them,' they changed my life. Made me see that life was really worth living. They made me feel again... But most of all they brought me closer to my only goal. Destroy everything Cobra..

Chapter 1

BOOM! My head smashed on the top of my cell, 'oww... That's gonna leave a mark.' Standing up slowly now I padded my way over to the bars separating me from freedom, the sounds of the chain that surrounded my neck followed. 'What the hell was that?' I poked my furred head out between the bars to see what was happening. No sooner did I look out I had to pull my head back in before I was decapitated, I let out a startled "YIP!" As I fell back into my prison, a huge burned rock was now sitting about a foot in front of the small cell. "What th- " next thing I know their was a black clad man standing in front of the cell holding a sword. He then brings said sword above his head, I close my eyes 'Great! I'm going to be killed and I haven't even had my dinner!' KLANG! KLANG! KLANG! BAM! The cell door fell to the cold metal floor. I opened my eyes and proceeded to blink at the man who was now kneeling in front of me with his hand held out to me.


Snake-Eyes narrowly missed the huge charred rock the bioviper just threw at him when he herd a "YIP" from behind. Snake-Eyes quickly looks behind himself and sees rows of cages lining the walls, looking back at his team they are taking care of the bioviper. 'Good, this should only take a second.' Turning back to the cages he runs over to the one he heard the sound coming from. He stopped in front of the one were the burned rock now rested, looking inside he sees a small black dog with a chain around it's neck that was welded to the far side wall. Snake-eyes always had a soft spot for animals and seeing them caged, let alone caged in Mind-Bender's secret underground lab tore him up inside. 'What's Mind-Bender doing with a dog anyways?' Not waiting around to have his silent Question asked he takes his beloved sword and swipes it quickly along the bars. The dog cringed away but Snake-Eyes smirked behind his mask when he hurd the satisfying sound of the door hitting the metal floor.

Kneeling down into the cage Snake-Eyes was able to get a better look at the small dog, which he quickly discovered wasn't a dog at all but a wolf! And no wonder he thought it was a dog, it was too thin and lanky to be a wolf, and looked like it hasn't eatin in days. The tiny wolf was now blinking at him with ice blue eyes that almost looked human. 'Interesting..' Snake-Eyes kneeled down and held his hand out for the wolf to smell, the wolf stepped back with narrowed eyes. 'Trust me..' As if the wolf hurd him it's ears perked up and considered his hand again, stepping closer into the light Snake-eyes got a good look at it's head, judging by the size he determined that the wolf was female. The she-wolf looked from his outstretched hand to his masked face and then gave the hand a good sniff, she gave an explosive sneeze and shook her head. The she-wolf gave him another once over and seemed to decide that he could be trusted and, sat back on her hunches and gave her tail a small wag that thumped the floor.

Snake-Eyes nodded his head and then took his sword, and grabbed the chain around the she-wolfs neck. She didn't move thankfully, but her icy eyes watched his every move. Slipping the sword between her and the chain, Snake-eyes gave it a small jerk and watched as the heavy chain fell from her neck. He stepped back as the she-wolf stood and shook her dirty matted fur out. When she looked back up at him he noticed another chain around the she-wolfs neck, this one much smaller, more like a necklace. At the end of it was a small green stone, about the size of a quarter. But before he could get a closer look another explosion went off. 'Looks like it's time to go!' Looking down Snake-Eyes made a following motion to the she-wolf and ran out of the cell. Looking back to see if she was following he nodded his head again when he saw her running along side him. The place was about to go down, Weems (Ripcord) had made a makeshift line to the generator that would blow the place sky high. The team was running up the stairs and to the elevator to escape when a bioviper grabbed Wings and pulled him back into the mess of it.

Weems grinned as the generator let off another pulse that headed straight for him, "You better cover your ears dough boy!" The generator blew taking him and the biovipers with turned back horrified, "NO!" Road-Block pulled Duke back from the blast and dragged him to the elevator, as they grabbed the cables Snake-eyes cut the lines while tucking a surprised wolf under his arm. The team flew up the shaft with flames licking at their boots and jumped out just as the elevator cut off the flames and the opening. Everyone landed ungracefully onto the polished marble floor, well except for Snake-eyes who landed on two feet and set down a disgruntled wolf who glared daggers at the silent ninja.

Alarms started going off as people fled the building. Taking this as their Que to leave the small team ran through the now crowded lobby and out to their awaiting helicopter. They were almost to their goal when another explosion rocked the building and flying deb-re took out their getaway. Not wasting any time Road-Block ran up to a Cobra truck that was pulling in and high-jacked it. As Snake-eyes helped Scarlett into the back he looked around for the small she-wolf, she was nowhere to be seen. Shutting the doors Snake-Eyes watched as the truck sped away from the burning building and disappeared into the smoke as Cobras men came running out. 'Hopefully she got away..'


I ran, I ran intel my legs ached and my lungs burned. 'The air out here smells so good! I had never seen the sky before, was it always blue? Oh never mind that doesn't matter right now. I'm free!' Nothing was stopping me from getting as far away from that hell hole as possible. So I pushed myself harder as I flew through the dense forest, my heart pounding against my rib cage as my feet took me closer to my goal. I was tempted to look back over my shoulder at what was once my home but clenched my eyes shut and looked forward. 'Don't look back.. Don't look back!', I knew deep down if I looked back I would still be in that cell and that this was all just a dream. So I ran. I ran as fast and as far as my legs could take me, further and further into my dream. My dream of freedom...

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