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11 years later and still living the sweet life

"Okay are we all ready for the first day of school?" Hermione asked 11 year old Scorpius and Carina.

"Of course mum! I am so excited to go to Hogwarts! I am scared of what house I will be sorted in!" She exclaimed nervously. Her brother nudged her playfully.

"Cari you will be fine! I'll take care of you!" He said bravely. Hermione watched as her two oldest children talked to each other. Yes they could fight like wolves but Scorpius was very protective of his twin sister and they got along fabulously most of the time. Hermione and Draco could not be any prouder. Tears started to well up in her eyes. Her babies were leaving for the first time.

Draco walked down the stairs to find his wife and children waiting with their trunks.

"All ready guys?" Draco asked the twins.

"Yup!" The twins said eagerly.

"Are you gonna miss them buddy?" Draco asked their four year old who he was carrying as they descended the stairs.

Ares nodded and buried his head in the crook of Draco's neck.

The twins laughed and Carina frowned a bit.

"Oh I will miss you all terribly…" She said a bit solemn.

"Don't worry love, Christmas will be here in no time. You will make loads of friends. Plus James will be there already if you need anything" Hermione informed her daughter, patting her head.

"I know, I know." Carina sighed again, but gave a small smile when her mother squeezed her tight in her arms.

"Okay then, let's head to the fireplace. Don't want to be late." Draco instructed with a proud smile.

Everyone nodded and left for the fireplace. Soon they were on platform 9 ¾ to find the Potters already there.

A 15 year old James ran up to Carina and gave her a big hug. Draco glared at Potter. If his son got any ideas…she was bloody eleven! Hermione and Ginny discussed that when James and Carina got older she would probably end up marrying him. He had taken a liking to her a few years back. It was a simple crush, but Draco wouldn't hear it! He knew how boys' brains functioned.

Ginny had their 5 year old daughter, Lilly, with them as well. They also had another one on the way. Another little boy was due in 4 months. Harry and Ginny couldn't be more excited.

"Mione! Draco! Come on! The twins need to get on the train." Ginny said excitedly. The kids said goodbye to everyone.

"Promise you'll write me at least once a week. And write me tonight to let me know what house you were sorted into…okay…do you have everything?" Hermione asked frantically. The twins nodded and were ready to get on the train.

"Alright you two come give your dad a hug and say goodbye to Ares." Draco said. His kids were going to go to Hogwarts and would probably be at the top of their class. They had great genes (Hermione being the brightest witch of her age and Draco coming in only second to her in the graduating class) All would be good when they went.

Scorpius gave his dad a hug; not fearing being "less manly" and Carina gave her dad a big hug and kiss on the cheek. Draco firmly embraced both his children and handed them two pouches of money (whispering to not let their mother know). They smiled in glee and nodded their head, understanding. "I love you guys, be good. Don't get into too much trouble. Now off you go!" Draco shooed his children to the train, trying very hard to keep his proud fatherly tears from falling. He quickly sobered up as he saw James take Carina's hand to help her onto the train.

"Oi! Potter get your hands off my baby girl!" Draco called, but no one heard him, as Hermione grabbed onto his arm, pulling him fiercely back to her side.

"Draco Malfoy! Don't you dare! We will talk about this later! Just wave and smile. Merlin! I can't believe you- you big oaf!" Hermione scolded at a now pouting Draco. Ares laughed and wiggled his way out of his father's arms and went to hold his mother's hand and waved goodbye to the train. He was babbling to his parents how much he liked the big choo-choo train.

"Oh Draco, I can't believe they are going…" Hermione sighed and held her husband's hand, watching their children board the train. He knew it would be a while to get used to just Ares in the house. The twins were very active and always talking or doing something. Ares was calmer than his brother and sister, but he definitely knew how much he would be able to get away with because it was just him in the house.

After the train left the Malfoys agreed to go out to lunch in muggle London with the Potters. There Draco continued to tell Harry to tell his son to keep an arm's length away from his princess. Harry just scoffed in response. Ginny and Hermione gushed over the pregnancy, while their daughter and son played with the crayons and paper offered at the table.

Soon Draco, Hermione and Ares were back home and took a bit of a nap before eating dinner. They watched a movie then put Ares to sleep. He couldn't stop talking about how much he wanted to go to Hogwarts just so he could ride the big train. Draco smiled at his son in amazement that the little boy had so much energy at 9 o'clock at night.

Finally, with Ares asleep Hermione and Draco were in their bedroom preparing for bed.

"You are overreacting Draco! James is fine! Plus Cari is eleven, what do you think he is going to do? Snog the life out of her? I don't even think she knows what that word means. Plus James is a fine, respectable and smart boy. Just let them be." Hermione scolded Draco as they changed out of their clothes.

"Whatever, but if I hear that he does anything Potter will have me to deal with." Draco scoffed, deciding he would write Scorpius tomorrow and tell him to keep an eye out for his sister. Not that Draco didn't trust her- it's just he knew what boys would see when they looked at Carina. She was a Malfoy for Merlin's sake! She had blonde curly hair, but inherited Hermione's soft delicate features, while Scorpius got Draco's aristocratic bone structure and straight blonde hair. But Draco definitely knew when Carina got older he would have to put a constant protective shield around his princess- to keep all of the bloody boys off of her!

"Draco! Draco! Are you listening to me?" Hermione called to him from the bathroom. He was shook out of his thoughts.

"Oh yes love sorry, I was just thinking. What is it?" He asked.

"Could you hand me my t-shirt and underwear on the bed?" Hermione asked as she was wrapped in a towel, just coming out of the shower. He grabbed the clothes but just put them back in the closet. He walked into the bathroom.

"Where are my clothes, sweetie?" She asked confused. He smirked and stalked towards her.

"Oh I don't think you will need those tonight…" He informed her huskily. She shook her head and giggled. She put a naughty smile on and dropped her towel. He growled and scooped her up into his arms.

He dropped her on the bed and made sure the silencing charms were up. He began to ravish her mouth and neck before she pushed him off of her.

"What? What's wrong?" Draco asked confused as she pulled off his boxers and put them both under their bed sheet. She held up her hand as he advanced towards her again. He groaned.

She giggled but reached into her nightstand.

"What are you getting love? I don't think we need any toys tonight?" Draco asked with a shit-eating grin on his face. Hermione snorted.

"Draco! That is not it." Hermione said but couldn't help but smile. Their sex life was never dull. She had found what she was looking for and turned back to him. She held out a brown bag for him.

He looked up at her. "Go ahead open it…" She directed. He hesitantly took the bag and opened it.

His eyes went wide as he brought out the contents. He held up a bag of all pink wrapped Hershey kisses. He beamed.

"Are you sure? We are having a girl…" He asked excitedly. She nodded eagerly.

"Are you happy?" She asked

"Do I look happy?" He asked with a chuckle. "Come here!"

She laughed and jumped into his arms. "I am so excited we are going to have another little girl!"

"I know…oh I know…I just…I love you so much…thank you for making my life so wonderful!" Hermione gushed and kissed her goofy smiling husband. He embraced her and kissed her neck, leading up to her ear.

"You make my life amazing, I should be thanking you- for giving me our babies and taking care of everything…I love you more than you will ever know…" He declared moving to kiss her passionately once more. Their touches became frantic and heated.

As Draco's hands made it past the blankets they heard a tap on the window. Hermione broke the kiss and jumped out of bed. She put her robe on as Draco followed her actions.

She opened the window to find an owl holding a letter. She received it and opened it quickly.

"It's from the twins! Oh my goodness!" Hermione said with a surprised gasp.

"What is it- everyone ok?" Draco asked frantically. Hermione giggled.

"I don't know if you would think so…well Scorpius is in Slytherin and he says he is excited. He says he already has loads of friends." Hermione read.

"Well of course, he is a Malfoy." Draco stated smugly. Hermione rolled her eyes, but anticipated to see his reaction at the next sentence.

"And it says that Carina is in Gryffindor. She is ecstatic! James is a prefect and promised to show her around Hogwarts and take her on the next Hogmeade trip." Hermione gushed proud of her daughter. She looked at Draco. He was red in the face.

"I'm gonna kill him! And she was supposed to be in Slytherin! I can't believe this. Plus, 1st years can't go to Hogsmeade?" Draco declared heatedly

"Darling did you not read the letter they got…if a 4th year/or older has asked a student to accompany them, than that student is able to attend, with parents' permission of course." Hermione said with a smug look.

"Well bloody hell- she will not be going. I forbid it." Draco said giving a very dramatic foot stomp.

"Draco stop overreacting. How many times do I have to tell you? She is eleven- they are just friends. Merlin! Calm down…be proud of your children…they will be fine." Hermione said trying to coerce her husband to stop having a hissy fit and come to bed.

"I just don't like this. We should have sent her to muggle school. She would have been safe there." He declared with a pout. Hermione laughed.

"Oh my, this day is going in the book of records. Draco Malfoy actually suggested his children go to muggle school instead of Hogwarts-Ginny is going to die!" Hermione goaded. Draco's eyebrow rose and gave her a sinister look.

She stopped smiling. She knew that look. Before she knew it, he pounced on her. Holding her hands up above her head.

"Tell Ginny…and you my dear will be punished…" Draco whispered as he got close to her face.

She gave him a devious smile. "Oh I will take the punishment in stride …bring it on!" She said challenging him. He growled.

"Oh you asked for it." He then proceeded to make love to his wife, thoroughly convincing her not to speak a word to Ginny. She admitted she wouldn't have said anything anyway…she just wanted the steamy sex. Draco had no problem with that.

They once more talked into the morning about their baby girl on the way, while eating Hershey kisses.

Life couldn't get any better.

****8 years later James proposed to Carina. And after a bit of fuss from her father, she said yes. But as Draco walked his eldest daughter down the aisle he couldn't be more proud that his daughter was marrying a Potter…because now he had to worry about his youngest girl and Zabini's son.****

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