The Sailor Moon/Pok'emon Crossover


The Time Traveler

Authors Note: First of all this is my first fanfic so don't be upset. Second I don't own Sailor Moon or Pok'emon. And a little note, this takes place during the S series(SM) and the Orange Island Series (PM). Well lets get cranking!

Chapter One

Bad Allies

All was peaceful on the open sea, Ash, along with his friends Misty and Tracy were cruising the ocean heading for the next island. "Ha, Ha", laughed, "it's a great day for sailing." "Don't you agree Pikachu!" "Pikachu", replied the little mouse Pokemon. "Ash", yelled Misty, " I wish you were concerned about your attitude as you are yourself!" "Hey", replied Ash, "I'm just having some fun!"

Ash and his friends were sailing on board Ash's Lapras. This Lapras was just a baby and Ash had taken care of it, since it lost its family. He promised to help find them, but for now it is there personal transport.

Little did the team realize that they were being followed below the water. In the water was a sub that was shaped like a Magikarp. Inside were a girl, a boy, and a Meowth. These three were members of the notorious Team Rocket. The three were peddling the sub and the girl, whose name was Jessie, was looking through the periscope at the three.

"Ah, Ha", laughed Jessie, "I have them in my sites" "Are you sure this will work", panted the boy, whose name is James. "Meowth, it has to work", said the Meowth. Among other Pokemon, this Meowth was the only one who can talk. "This time", Meowth added, "We'll nab em with our Super-Duper Anti Pikachu-Twerp Net Missile." "Then we'll bring them on home", added Jessie. The three gloated and laughed so much that they didn't look where they were going. Soon Jessie realized where they were headed, right onto the rocks. "Hey", yelled Jessie, "stop gloating, we are about to crash!" However, they were too late to turn and the rocks hit the front. Team Rocket screamed as their sub spun out of control. Two hours later it stopped.

"Where are we", asked James. "I don't know, but I think we'll find the answer in there", answered Jessie, pointing to a sewer grate. After a discussion, they into the grate. Little did they realize what would happen in there.

Dr. Tomoe was having a rough day, for several reasons; the Sailor Scouts have the Purity Chalice; the Sovereign of Silence was growing impatient; and the scouts kept destroying his Diamond Pods. "How could this day possibly get worse", he asked himself. Just then something burst through the wall. "This is how", he said to himself.

The object was huge and it looked like a big, stupid, scaly fish. "What's the meaning of…" he was cut short, because the top opened and out popped a red haired girl, a blue haired boy, and a weird looking cat. The boy and the girl were both dressed in white uniforms with a red arm across the chest. The boy looked a little concerned, "Where are we?" The girl shot him a look, "Well we wouldn't be in this if you weren't gloating and was watching the way." "Hey", yelled the professor, "Who are you!" The girl just shot him a look and said, "This is none of your business!" Tomoe got so mad he yelled, "It is my business because, THIS IS MY LAB!" "Now tell me who you are unless you want to have trouble."

"Trouble, I can't take Jess", said the boy. "Me neither", said the girl.

"Prepare for Trouble"

"Make it Double"

"To protect the world from devastation"

"To unite all peoples within our nation"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love"

"To extend our reach to the stars above"



"Team Rocket blast of at the speed of light"

"Surrender know or prepare to fight"


"That's Right"

Dr. Tomoe just looked and said, "Are you ill or something". "No we are not", yelled the girl. "So what are you supposed to be anyway", asked the doctor. Jessie screamed, "Under by the good boss by the name of Geovanni, we strive on a mission." "Our mission is that we capture the most rarest and valuable Pokemon in the world", finished James.

"WAIT A MINUTE", said Tomoe, "did you say 'Pokemon'!" "Yes we did", said James, "Why did you ask?" "Well", began Tomoe, "These enemies of mine have destroyed Heart Snatcher after Heart Snatcher and wrecked my plans, but one day I decided to create new diamond pods that would not take the form of inanimate objects, but living things." "During my research, I've discovered a written article about a island nearby that has many wondrous creatures called Pokemon." "I thought that story about Pokemon and Pokemon Trainers were a myth, but now you two come along." He smiled and said, "With your boss', permission how would you and the rest of Team Rocket be partners with us, The Bureau of Bad Behavior?" "Sure", said Jessie. James added "If there is one thin we are good at…" "…It's bad behavior", ended Meowth.

"Dr. Tomoe", came a voice, "Who are these people and why is there a fish sub in our lab." The voice belonged to a yellow- haired girl. She was wearing a lab coat, and, though she was wearing glasses, she didn't look very bright. "These Mimet are our new partners, replied the Doctor, "and don't worry about the sub, we take care of it"

Later he took the phone and dialed the number that Jessie gave him. "Hello is this Geovanni, the boss of Team Rocket", he paused and added, "I am Dr. Tomoe and I have a interesting porposal for you…"

Scary huh fans. But this will get better and be easy on me I' just a beginner ya know.