Sailor Moon/Pokemon

Chapter 12

A Super Monster Show Stopper

AN: Didn't think I was going to stop on my first published work did you? Here we go!

Dr. Tomoe was leering at Geovanni on the vid phone. Not very pleased, not pleased at all.

"Geovanni. Your world has shown great promise and yet we have yet to bring back a single heart crystal!" he exclaimed. "Our sovereign is growing deeply impatient."

"Yes, and I don't blame you, but it seems the tatics you use are more so to blame since you barely had any luck before Team Rocket came along", said Geovanni. "So don't put the blame on us!"

"Argh. That is no reason to slack behind, why if I had 3 pure hearts for each one lost. . . " started Tomoe.

"Wait, say that again", said Geovanni.

"I said if I had 3 hearts for each . . ." he again started.

"That's it! I found out our flaw", said Geovanni. "My dear Doctor. You, and then we, keep failing everytime you go after ONE single pure heart, but have you thought about taking several hearts at once. . and then split the monsters up."

"Yes", said Tomoe. "That would not be a bad idea. . even if one is destroyed we would still benefit from the mission. I guess our partnership is working out after all. I will contact Mimete and your companions both for suitable targets and Pokemon to create heart snatchers."

Both of them shared a maniacal laugh.

Ash, Serena and all their friends were enjoying a nice sunny day but not out on the water, they were taking a much needed rest on a small island. In fact they even called out all their Pokemon to enjoy it as well.

"Oh yeah", said Ash, as he sat back, "Nothing like a nice day just to kick back, right guys?"

His Pokemon echoed back in response, all but Snorlax who was fast asleep.

Amy who was reading said, "Yes, this is the perfect time to finally get my calculus done."

Raye simply goes, "yeah. ." then looks up and sees she is readon. "Amy did you bring your text books with you!?"

"Vul", goes Vulpix who was a tad alarmed her master stopped patting her and looked to see what got her so excited.

"Of course, we may be out of town for a while but I still need to keep up. Fortunatly I am ten chapters ahead", said Amy.

"What!?" goes Misty. "Are you serious?"

"She is", said Mina sighing. Smoochum merely imitated Mina's actions with a "Smoochum smooch."

"Amy it's nice that you are studying but don't you think you ought to relax a little bit", asked Tracey.

"Yeah", said Ash.

Amy's Seel moved up to her and after clapping a bit took the book away.

"Hey!" shouted Amy as she got up to chase Seel. "Seel come back with that book!"

Seel simply went in the water with the book on it's head and as soon as Amy was in reach he passed to Amy's Goldeen, starting an impromptu game of Keep Away.

"Seems your Pokemon agree with you", said Misty. "Hey where's Serena and Darien?"

"Where do you think", asked Rini. She and her Evee pointed to the far side of the island.

"Ah haaa", said Misty knowingly.

Darien and Serena sat on the beach overlooking the shore, holding on to one another, enjoying nothing but the view and each other's company.

The only thing they didn't mind was the presence of their Pokemon, Clefairy and Roselia.

Clefairy gave a 'awww' looking pose as she spoke a few, "Fairy, fairy clefairy."

"Rose rose", said Roselia. They then looked to each other, nodded and left to give their trainers some privacy.

"Isn't it lovely Darien, this whole scenery is just so beautiful", asked Serena as she nestled in her lovers embrace.

"Yeah", said Darien, "But not as good as you are."

Serena couldn't help but sigh at his words. But then their thoughts were interrupted when Darien asked, "Hey what's that?"

Serena opened her eyes and saw a boat heading clear across the water, it looked like a showboat.

Vulpix ran across the beach with Raye in pursuit.

"Hey wait up. . huh?" she said as she stopped. She spotted something digging nearby. It was a tiger-like Pokemon.

"What's that?" she asked. She searched her pockets and brought up her Pokedex.

"Growlith, the flame tiger pokemon. Growlith usally go together in packs. When threatened it uses it's flames for defense."

Raye smirks. "Well. This looks like a Pokemon for me to catch. Vulpix are you ready?!"

"VUL" shouted Vulpix.

Vulpix got into battle ready position. The Growlithe looking surprised and realizing what was about to happen got ready as well.

"Okay go Vulpix used tail whip", shouted Ray.

Vulpix crowed it's name loud and clear as it whipped Growlith across the face. He responded immediately with a bite attack right on one of Vulpix's tails. This forced the fox pokemon to cry out in pain.

"Hurry use flamethrower at close range" shouted Raye.

Vulpix quickly turned her head and blew a flamethrower right in the Growlithes face. While Growlith was a fire-type himself it couldn't see straight with the fire in it's face and was forced to let go.

"Nice", said Raye smirking at that. "All right Vulpix use your tackle!"

Vulpix ran right into growlith knocking him hard. Growlith could barely stand.

"All right", said Raye as she expanded a Pokeball. "GO POKEBALL!"

The Pokeball hit Growlith and was drawn into it by a glow of red light. The ball layed on the ground and started shacking left to right but soon the button on the center turned white and ended with a 'ping'.

Raye smiled happily and grabbed the pokeball. "YES! I caught Growlithe!"

"Vulpix! Vulpix!" shouted Vulpix.

Raye smirks and says, "Wait til I show this to Serena, it's going to make her so jealous."

Mimet typed at her laptop on the Team Rocket sub smirking as she held the phone to her ear.

"Yes Doctor, this sounds like a great plan coming from Geovanni. Hard to think we didn't come up with this sooner."

"Of course", replied Tomoe, "So you found a group of people that may give us these pure hearts?"

"Yes", said Mimet. "A huge troupe of performers and their Pokemon. Their showboat happens to be passing through where we are now."

In his lab Tomoe goes, "Perfect, I will send you plenty of Hearth snatchers, one for each of them."

Nearby the oven got slammed and injected with diamond pods each and every time and followed through on a conveyor to the teleporter to Team Rockets sub.

When they arrived Mimet smirked at them viciously.

"Guys" shouted Raye. "Guys! You won't believe what just happened!"

The other sailor scouts and Pokemon trainers were busy looking off into the horizon and only turned when they heard Raye shouting.

"What's going on Raye", asked Brock.

"Check it out!" she said holding up her Pokeball. "I caught my first Pokemon!"

Serena looks and leers and says, "So what I have a Pokeball too. How do I know it isn't empty!"

Raye only too happy to show up Sereana let Growlithe out it's ball. She smirked as Serena has her mouth gaping open.

"But how. . it's. . HOW DID YOU DO IT!? I never caught a wild one and it just infuriates. . ARRRGH!" she shouts.

Growlith just looked in confusion.

Luna sighs, "Oh Serena, Raye was just fortunate to have found one. When it comes to finding a Pokemon it's chance."

"That's right Luna", said Misty, "Though catching requires skill, so it requires both luck and skill."

"I HAVE THOSE" shouted Serena.

"Sure you do", said Raye lashing out her tounge.

Serena glared and lashed her tounge back invoking another tounge battle.

"Enough fighting you two", shouted Misty then pointed. "Look."

They all look to see what looked like an old steamboat just chuffing through the water.

"What is that", asked Lita.

"It looks like a steam boat, like what they used to have around the 18th century", said Amy.

"Serena and I spotted it earlier on", said Darien.

"Wait doesn't it look kinda familiar", asked Ash.

"Yes", said Tracey, "Yes I believe it does!"

"Why what's so special about that boat", asked Mina.

"Once we catch up to it we will show you", said Ash. "Come on!

It wasn't long for the Pokemon Showboat to dock in at the harbor. No sooner Roger ensured the ship had made safe fall he shouted out to Anne.

"Okay drop anchor and secure the ship" he shouted.

"Okay", Anne replied as she and Len started doing their duties.

Kay ran to the edge of the ship. "Anything I can do to help" she shouted as she waved.

"Yes", said Anne, "Check the Pokemon, and see how they are doing. We want them in top shape for tonights show."

"All right", Kay shouted back but then noticed a Lapras on the horizon. A familiar Lapras and some familiar people.

"Hey everyone, be ready because I think we are about to get some visitors", said Kay smirking.

Len looked a bit confused but then saw the Lapras and who was riding it.

"Heeeeey!" shouted a familiar voice.

Backstage of the showboat the crew greeted their guest nicely. Their guest just happened to be none other than Ash & Co.

"Well, it's fancy meeting you again", said Len.

"Yeah, we just saw your ship and we knew we had to introduce you to our new friends", said Ash.

The crew of the Showboat looked at their old friends new companions who all gave friendly smiles. They each introduced themselves in a nice and timely matter except for Luna and Artemis since they had to keep it a secret they can talk.

"How do you know these guys Ash", asked Amy.

"They helped us out a bit a while back", said Roger. "With our show and a little attack from Team Rocket."

"Since where do they don't show up", asked Lita.

"Tell you what, seeing as you are friends with them, why don't you all stay for the show, free of charge", said Roger.

"Oh really thanks", said Misty.

Seeing the scouts confusion Ash said, "You gotta see this show it's one of a kind!"

"Well okay", said Darien.

The girls unamously agreed.

"Showboat dead ahead", said James looking through the scope.

"Excellent. . . prepare to dock", said Mimet. "Soon we will return with at least one Pure Heart, thanks to this ingenous plan."

She said that last part with evil glee and followed it up with laughter.

The show was amazing, especially the Scouts. They did expect the Pokemon to act, but they never imagioned them talking. Tracey explained their voices were done by the people they met and those Pokemon were trained to lip-synch with them.

Kay's Raichu did the opening. Followed by a huge tragic story between Chansey and Hitmonlee who had to leave to pursue his boxing career.

The Pokemon acting was without a doubt marveoulus up to the very end. Followed by the Chorus line.

They couldn't help but stand and clap with the rest of the audience.

"GREAT SHOW" shouted Lita.

"BRAVO" added Amy.

The Pokemon on stage bowed.

Amara, Michelle and Trista observed all this from their seats which were several feet away from The Trainers and Scouts seats.

"They really put on a good show didn't they", asked Michelle

"Indeed", said Trista. "Both onstage and backstage."

"We might as well stick around", said Amara. "This show could be in for a stopper"

A group of trench coated characters approached the front of the Showboat as most of the people left. They grinned almost eerily.

"That was so wild", said Serina once the group was backstage with the cast and crew.

"Yeah it's amazing how all of you and your pokemon worked together like that", said Darien.

Roger goes, "Thanks but it does take a lot of hard work and practice."

"Oh I can tell", said Amy looking over the Pokemon, "I can tell."

"Is it all right with you if we ride with you to the next stop", asked Misty.

"Of course", said Len, "In fact we were going to ask before you mentioned it."

Just then they heard footsteps coming up from behind them. They turned to see four very familiar figures in trenchcoats.

"Can we help you", asked Roger, "I'm sorry but you missed the show."

"Oh that's okay", said one of them. "We have what we need right here."

"Your hearts!" shouted another.

They then took out four white Pokeballs with stars on them.

They throw them and when they land purple mist poured out of the openings and some shadows appeared.





Eggsy looked like a human female but was patched together with white orbs.

Kabus looked black with red eye sand was using a shell like cape

Queeno was all blue and looked like she had a blue shell like body

And Kingdro was similar except it was a he and was all purple.

"Heart Snatchers", gasped Misty. "Then you must be."

The four smirked and removed their disguises.

"Prepare for trouble, as we gloat."

"And Make it double for we own this boat."

"To protect the world from devestation"

"To unite all peoples within our nation"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love"

"To Extend our reach to the stars above"



"Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light."

"Surrender now or prepare to fight"




"Team Rocket, I thought we heard the last of you after we booted you off this boat", said Kay

"Yes we had to make a retreat the last time. But this time we are taking more than your Pokemon", said Jessie.

"Heart Snatchers get them!" shouted Mimet

The quartet of heartsnatchers grabbed onto each of the performers and began trying to suck their hearts out.

Tracey nodded to the scouts knowing this was the right moment to flee and transform.

Once away from backstage the scouts pulled out their transformation wands.

"Jupiter Star Power!"

"Venus Star Power!"

"Mercury Star Power!"

Mars Star Power!"

"Moon Prism Power!"

"Moon Cosmic Power!"

Darien took out a rose and transformed into Tuxedo Mask.

"You won't get away with this Team Rocket", growled Misty.

"Oh really turns out we already have", said Mimet as the Pokemon Heart Snatchers managed to suck out their hearts. They then rejoined their masters.

"And while we are here we mid as well take da Pokemon we couldn't take the last time", said Meowth as he pressed a button.

Above a cage came down over the boat owner's pokemon right through the roof. They cried in fear as they were caged.

"Let them go now and return their trainers hearts!" demanded Ash.

"Oh like we would", said Mimet. All of them then laughed.

"Oh you will", came a familier voice.

Ash and the others turned with smiles knowing who it was.

"That was fast", said Tracey.

"This is a showboat where these people and Pokemon display their talents, we won't let you take these peoples hearts full talent and love. I stand for love, I stand for justice too", said SM and then doing her usual pose said, "I am Sailor Moon! And in the name of the moon. I shall punish you!"

"We will also punish you!" shouted Mars.

All the sailor Scotus posing said, "Sailor Scouts are here!"

"Not for long", said Mimet. "Heart Snatchers run for it. ." Then throwing her Pokeball shouted, "VENEMOTH USE STUN SPORE!"

Venemoth came out of it's Pokeball and spread it's spore.

Mars quickly took out her Pokeball. "Didn't think I would need him so soon. Growlith, use firespin!"

Growlith came out with a howl and fired on the stun spore. When it cleared, Team Rocket, the pokemon heartsnatchers and the crew's pokemon were gone.

"They ran out on us" growled Jupiter. "The cowards."

Growlith soon turned to see his trainer but was a tad shocked to see Raye as Sailor Mars.

"Yeah it's me", said Mars. "Don't worry it's all right. I will explain later but right now we could use your help."

Growlith smiled and nodded.

They all ran out of the ship and looked. "No sign of them", sighed Ash.

Growlith suddenly barked in a direction.

"Look there's Kabus", said Mercury as Kabus jumped into the water.

Suddenly Ash pointed, "No wait there's Queendro!"

Queendro lept to a higher part of the deck.

"Wait", said Misty and Mini Moon shouted. "Over there!"

They were both pointing in two separate directions. Everyone was in confusion and had no idea where to find the enemies or which ones to go after.

"It seems like they once pulled a fast one on you", said Sailor Uranus as she Neptun and Pluto came out onto the decks. "Normally they go after one heart crystal but this time they decided to take several and divide and conquer so they can succeed."

"So that was their tatic. I should have seen it", said Mercury.

"So what, they split up. Why don't we do the same", said Ash.

"You sure that's a good idea they could use our lack of strength against us", said Jupiter.

"I for one am with the kid", said Neptune. "We won't be completely alone, we will be in separate groups and we will have our Pokemon to back us up."

"Very well", said Sailor Moon. "Let's get to it."

"Wait I did manage to analyze all four of those heart creatures and can explain about what Pokemon they are", said Mercury.

"Okay but make it fast Sailor Mercury", said Pluto, "We don't have much time."

Eggsy smirked as she managed to round the corner of the ship without being seen just as she made it round the corner she heard. "Going somewhere?"

Eggsy turned and to her surprise it was Sailor Venus with Tracey and Sailor Mars.

"Scyther come out."

"Let's go Smoochum!"

"Vulpix, Growlith, let's do it!"

Their Pokemon emerged from ther Pokeballs and gave a shout.

Eggsy growled and shouted PSYBEAM!" and fired.

Quickly Mars pulled out a ofuda scroll and threw it blocking the blast.

"Vulpix Use Flamethrower, Growlith, Fire Spin", she shouted then she shouted, "MARS CELESTIAL FIRE SURROUND!"

She and her pokemon's fire attacks hit Eggsy hard scorching her.

"Scyther use use slash!" shouted Tracy.

The old bug Pokemon flew right on up to Eggsy and gave it a huge slash attack.

"All right Smoochum", said Venus, "use blizzard!"

Smoochum nodded and fired that attack from her lips.


Eggsy couldn't take it. She fell and suddenly she shifted back to her true form, and Exeggcute. The diamond pod fell out, and cracked and dissoloved. Nearby was the pure heart.

"Okay it's mine", said Venus. "POKEBALL GO!"

She threw it and Exeggcute was absorbed right in. The pokeball shook until, 'ping'. Venus gave her usual V for Victory pose. "Oh yeah Exeggcute's mine!"

Kabus got out of the water close to the docks near the showboat smirking in triumph in what she did. She ran only to see Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter and Misty in front of her.

"Thought you could get away could you?" asked Neptun smugly.

"I think your brain is as ancient as the pokemon you were given", said Misty.

"Impressive, somehow they revived a rare ancient pokemon and used it for a heart snatcher. Unfortunatly it ends here", said Pluto. "PLUTO DEADLY SCREAM!"

"HYDRO PUMP" shouted Kabus firing water from her cape. It slowed the attack.

"Kadabra come out. Use use Confusion!" shouted Pluto relasing him. Kadabra obeyed and with Confusion the attack hit Kabus hard.

Misty who had her Staryu out shouted, "Hurry use Double Edge!"

Staryu gave it a huge hard hit. But Kabus was not licked yet.

"JUPITER THUNDER DRAGON" shouted Jupiter hitting Kabus hard. Then to her oddish add it. "Follow it up with Razor leaf!"

Oddish gave a timid nod and fired off a bunch of leaves.

"Vaporeon", said Neptune to her Pokemon. "Use surf along with my attack. NEPTUNE DEEP SUBMERGE!"

Vaporeon lept in the water and gave a huge wave. Both it's and Neptunes attack hit Kabus with a hard hit. So hard she turned back into a Kabuto, and landed hard on her back. The diamond pod fell out of it, cracked and dissolved. The pure heart also floated down.

"GO POKEBALL" shouted Neptune as she threw it.

The Kabuto was absorbed inside and almost without effort, the red light turned off with a 'ping'.

Neptune looked smugly. "Welcome aboard Kabuto."

Team Rocket and Mimet were already on the far side of town with the captured Pokemon on a dolly.

"So far so good", smirked Mimet. "Soon we will roudeveouz with at least one of them with the sub on the coast line of the island and make a clean getaway."

"And the twerps and Sailor twerps will be crying", said Jessie and James.

Just then the ground shook and they all fell.

"Good job Golem", said Uranus as she appeared. With her was Ash.

"Where did you four think you were going?" she asked.

"Give those Pokemon back now!" shouted Ash.

"Fat chance we stole them fair and square and you are not going to stop us", said Jessie. "Arbok time to fight!"

"Go get them Victreebell" shouted James as he threw his but as usual. . .

"NO!" shouted James trying to get Victrebell off. "Not me. ."

"All right", said Ash, "Bulbasaur, I choose you!"

Bulbasaur came out shouting his name.

"Golem use Rock throw!" shouted Uranus.

"Bulbasaur quickly use vine whip" shouted Ash.

Both Pokemon obeyed, Golem threw his rocks right on Arbok and the vine whips went right at Victrebell. James tried to have Victreebell with it's vine whip but Bulbasaur tossed them quickly.

"All right", said Ash. "Pikachu Thunderbolt!"

"URANUS WORLD SHAKING!" shouted Uranus.

Mimet and Team rocket were hit hard and thrown into the air.

"Curses! Some plan. And to think I almost believed it worked", said Mimet.

"Well at least we know what's going to happen", said Jessie.

"We are blasting off again!"

Que the star finish.

Uranus and Ash smiled at their work. "You know you are not so bad young trainer. There might be hope for you yet."

"Well I guess you are not so bad Sailor Uranus.", said Ash, "Now let's get these Pokemon back to their trainers."

"Right", said Uranus.

Queeno and Kingdros had managed to make it to the west side of town. They had split up originally but then found each other at once and then decided to make it out of town together they almost reached the city limits when. . they were both struck by a rose.

They look up and there with his Roselia, was Tuxedo Mask.

"You two are not going to be going anywhere with those hearts", said Tuxedo Mask. "The performers need them to entertain the world."

"Rose elia elia", said Roselia with a nod.

Both monsters grimace. Queenos said, "Uh oh, more trouble."

Sailor Moon was apon them with her Clefairy. With her was Sailor Mini-Moon and Sailor Mercury. Evee and Seel was let out as well.

"How fitting and coincidental, a Nidoking and a Nidoqueen Pokemon", said Mercury. "Be careful they are very strong."

"Right", said Sailor Moon.

"Roselia magical leaf!" shouted Tuxedo Mask.

"Seel use your Ice beam with my attack!" shouted Sailor Mercury.

"Evee, use Shadow ball" shouted Mini-Moon.

"Clefairy use your metronome" shouted SM.

All the Pokemon carried out there respective attacks (Clefairy's attack from the Metronome was water gun) along with Mercury as she shouted, "SHINE AQUA ILLUSION!" The attack hit both of them hard.

"HORN ATTACK" shouted Kingdros. As she charged at Mini-Moon.

"TWIN NEEDLE" shouted Queenos.

"Pink sugar heart attack" shouted Mini-Moon waving her staff. Pink hearts came out of that hitting them both with pings and stopping their attacks.

"STOP IT HURTS OW", they both complained.

Seeing the opportunity Sailor Moon raised the Purity Chalace. "MOON CRISIS POWER!" She was then Super Sailor Moon. She then took out the Spiral Heart Moon Sceptor.

"RAINBOW MOON HEART. . ACH!" she shouted.

The attack connected with both of them causing them both to return to their Pokemon forms. Both of their diamond pods and heart crystals fell out of them. The diamond pods cracked.

"Pokeball" shouted Sailor Moon as she readied it. "GO!"

"GO" shouted Tuxedo Mask as he threw his pokeball.

Both Pokeballs hit the respective Pokemon and where absorbed into them. They shook for a bit then. .ping.

They ran up and took them. "Look my love", said Sailor Moon. "We got a Nidoking and Nidoqueen."

"How. . .appropriate" thought Mercury who then let out a small giggle.

The heart crystals and Pokemon were returned to their rightful owners. Shortly after they woke up the scouts had de-transformed. The crew was thanking Ash and co for their help.

"I don't know exactly what happened but we owe you thank", said Roger.

"Well the real heroes should be the sailor scouts", said Ash as he shook hands. "Without them all this wouldn't be possible."

"I wish we could thank them properly", said Kay looking concerned.

"Uh I think they know", said Rini.

"Absolutely", added Raye.

As the showboat made it's way across the water Ash wondered on the deck and saw Amara looking out. Ash walked up to her.

"What are you doing here?" asked Ash.

"I told the man in charge we needed a lift and we would work for it, so we are bumming a ride with you guys", said Amara.

"Listen I maybe we. . ." started Ash.

"Don't get chummy. Just because we worked together does not mean we plan on working with you. This was just a means to an end. Now if you don't mind", said Amara non-cohantly. She stood and she walked off. As she did Ash had a stunned and surprised look. During that brief time they did work well together. Could Amara be getting a soft spot. And if there was hope for her perhaps for Michelle and Trista too?

To be continued. . ..