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I fear it all too much but part of me believes; As the years pass away you made me recognize:

I'm lost and lonely, scared and hiding.

Blind without you.

Sasuke huffed, entering the large home without bothering to knock. He was fairly certain that neither Itachi, Sakura, or any of his four nephews would really care. He removed his shoes in the entrance area, then followed a long, slightly narrow hallway into the kitchen. The one person he was looking for, however, was not in sight. Instead he found two little boys, on of them only just four years old, and his companion nearing three.

They were a devilish duo who never seemed to give their mother rest, at least not until Itachi stuck his head in to put them in their place. At heart, Sasuke knew they were good boys, if not a little stubborn. This was to be expected however, considering who their parents were. Sasuke had not thought that being pig-headed could be passed on through genetics until his brother's sons had been born.

He decides not to scold Takumi and Kyou for teaming together to reach the jar of sweets Sakura kept on top of the refrigerator. With an amused shake of his head, Sasuke continued on out of the kitchen to the porch. There, he finds his old brother sitting across from his eldest son, who had turned eight in the last spring, a shogi board placed between them. Itachi looked up at him with an entertained expression as Shota stared at the board thoughtfully. Baby Kenji sat in his father's lap, gnawing at a rubber dinosaur with a determined intensity.

"Takumi and Kyou are climbing on the refrigerator to get sweets," Sasuke comments conversationally.

Itachi makes an amused sound in the back of his throat. "I know," he answers in a humored tone, then elaborating why he was not after their hides. "Sakura was feeling especially sadistic after last time they decided to sneak into the jar without permission. She placed a special seal on that jar, which will take hours for them to decode, and if they do manage to open it, it is only a decoy," he states calmly, turning back to the board. "She hates it when they spoil their appetites."

Sasuke rolls his eyes. "You two are ruthless," he mutters, before asking, "Where is Sakura? I need to talk with her about something."

"She's upstairs, napping," he answers frankly, before inquiring, "Is it Ino again?"

Itachi realized a moment too late that he had just opened a whole new can of worms with this question. "That woman is being ridiculous," his younger brother grumbles, "I'm certain that she decided that I automatically became her personal slave, just because she's pregnant. If I had known it was going to be like this, I would never have agreed to try for kids." He states, crossing his arms.

"That isn't a very nice thing to say about oba-chan," Shota pointed out, never looking up from the game. He was resolved to beat his father at shogi at least once.

Sasuke frowned at his nephew's accusation. His brother glanced up at the sky for a moment, using it like a clock to tell the time, before settling Kenji in Shouta's lap and getting to his feet. "Watch your brother for me. I need to get your mother up."

He smirked to his younger brother, who still looked mildly uncomfortable after his son's reprimand. "Just so you know, Otouto," Itachi started, "you are Ino's personal slave. This is only your first child, so you wouldn't know yet, but when a woman's hormones are running rapid like that, you let her have her way," he said smartly. Sasuke knew he was speaking from experience more than anything else.

"Would you consider yourself Sakura's slave?" He shot back dubiously.

"In more ways than one."

He quietly chuckled at his brother's revolted expression, before leaving him with his sons. Cutting through a sitting room, Itachi stalked up the staircase to find his wife. After giving birth to four boys, she still refused to give up on having a daughter. Itachi was not bothered by this in the least. She was beginning to believe, however, after their third son, Kyou, that the reason she kept having so many sons (all with his pitch-black hair and dark eyes, might he add) was because she had threatened him with all girls, ironically enough.

This was the reason she was with child again, and already nineteen weeks in. The concerns she had once had regarding her fertility because of the incident with her mother were clearly unfounded. The only one who was just as pleased about this as Momoka was his own mother. Both women seemed to be trying to outside one another with their levels of grandmotherly spoiling. Itachi was happy though, and knew that even if Sakura longed for a daughter, she loved each of her sons very much.

Itachi opened the door to their bedroom, only to find the bed empty. It was not necessary for him to search very far, though, because Sakura was reclining in the tub of their bathroom. She was humming to herself and the fetus nestled in her womb as he entered. He sat on the ledge of the bath as she gently ran a washcloth over her swollen abdomen, watching the loving motions with pride.

"I found out something very interesting today," she commented softly as he knelt over to kiss her.

"Oh? What was that?" He asked in return.

She grinned up at him excitedly. "Tsunade-shishou wanted to do another examination to make sure everything was moving along smoothly. She found a second heartbeat though, so as it turns out, we're having twins."

Tsunade had resigned from office three years back, letting Naruto take up the position as Rokudaime Hokage. She had naturally returned to working in the hospital full-time, the place she belonged most of all. Consequently, Sakura had a lighter workload, wihch, considering her pregnancy, was a good thing.

Itachi's eyes widened in surprise, and his gaze dropped to her rounded stomach. She was a little large for how far along she was. He smiled down at her, resting a hand on her wet abdomen, only to be grabbed by the forearm and tugged into the hot water with her. She pulled his face down to meet hers again, pressing their lips together roughly and moaning into his touch. Itachi simply loved how sensitive his little mate was when carrying child. It was part of the reason he kept impregnating her; the sex was beyond mind-blowing, and she was near-constantly aroused.

"Was it really necessary to drag me into the bath too?" He asked.

"Of course," she answered, giving him a saucy smile.

He nodded his head, locking their lips together again for another moment of passionate entanglement. "We should celebrate tonight. Do you want to tell the boys?" He inquired, breathing heavily before capturing her sweet mouth again. His hands slid over her silky skin, playfully exploring.

She gasped when one of his teasing hands drifted a little too close to her sensitized core. "No, we'll tell them later," she panted raggedly as a long, slender finger glided home. "We're doing this now. I don't care who hears us."

"So, you're telling me that you're having twins," Sasuke said through gritted teeth.

Sakura looked abashed, turning away with a flushed face. "Yes," she answered.

"And you and Itachi decided now was the best time to have a celebratory fuck? When I was downstairs?"

She laughed nervously. "I guess so."

"And my stupid brother didn't bother to tell you I was over until after he had you come ten times?"

Sakura did not even think to hide her blush this time. "It was not ten times!"

Sasuke growled. "That isn't the point! Dammit, I heard everything! I could have lived my entire life without hearing all that!"

Sakura gaped at him. "Seriously? That's the first time you've heard us having sex?"

He gave her a flat stare. "Do I even want to know what you're talking about?" Sasuke asked wearily.

"Probably not," she answered deviously, "but I'll tell you anyway. There's your last birthday party, the ceremony you were put in charge of Konoha's Police Force, when Itachi pulled me into the bathroom of your hospital room after I healed you-that's when Kenji happened-and," she counted out on her fingers.

"Don't forget the time when we did it at his wedding reception," came from down the hall. Sasuke proceeded to smash his head into the kitchen table. Repetitively.

"Oh!" She laughed, "And then, once we accidentally snuck into your old room thinking it was Itachi's a few years back during a family get-together, and your father caught us rolling around. I can't remember if you were still living at home or not."

"You guys still act like a pair of horny teenagers. No wonder you have so many freaking kids!" Sasuke snapped in frustration.

"You don't have sex with Ino on a regular basis?" Itachi asked sarcastically as he entered the room. He had changed after getting thoroughly soaked in the bath. "She is your wife."

He pinched the bridge of his nose. "You know what? At this point, I really don't care. You two could have fucked on my bed and I wouldn't care. Can we just drop this subject? I really don't need to know about the different places you've had sex in."

"Actually, we probably have had sex on your bed."

Sasuke started to pull out his hair. "What the hell!"

Sakura, however, slapped her husband on the arm. "That was mean. You didn't need to tell him about that."

Itachi shrugged. C'est la vie.

"Okay, what did you need to ask me about?" Sakura tried weakly, patting her brother-in-law and dear friend on the shoulder. "How's Ino-pig doing?"

He visibly sagged at the question. Sakura was tempted to think he was pouting. "She has an awful attitude, won't let me even touch her, likes to cuddle with this stupid, giant pillow instead of me, and I've been exiled to sleeping on the couch."

Sakura sighed, giving him a sympathetic look. "I told her to go easy on you," she muttered, "but you need to understand that it's all hormones. Women will react to it in different ways, but this is all relatively normal, what you're experiencing. It'll probably start getting better by her second trimester."

"This happened in your first pregnancy?"

Sakura paused delicately, before answering, "No. Not at all," but she had to amend herself. "Well, I did have a huge pillow too, but I think Itachi must have burned it to hell at some point, to get me back to cuddling with him. Besides that, I was nothing like Ino, but you shouldn't worry about it. I promise to talk to her about being a little more agreeable."

Sasuke nodded his head thankfully, before questioning hesitantly, "If you weren't like Ino, what were you like?"

Itachi gave him a simple answer before she could even open his mouth. "Insatiable."

He stared at them both, horrified. "You people are just sick. I'm sad to say we're related."

Sakura stuck out her tongue. "You're just jealous that Ino isn't a horn-dog like me."

All four of the boys, even Kenji, who was most resistant, were in bed and asleep. Their three older sons were all excited by the prospect of two new siblings, which in their minds only meant more playmates, while their youngest was too young to really understand what was happening.

Sakura rolled onto her side, facing her husband in the dark of their room. His eyes shot open, and for a moment, they did nothing but stare at each other. "Six children is a lot," she murmured at last, curling closer to him.

His voice was faint. "Does it worry you?"

She exhaled slowly. "Yes, and then no," she mumbled. "If we don't get a girl this time, I'm not sure we should try again. We're going to need to make extensions on the house when the boys get older as it is, and I want to be able to give each of them all the time they deserve. They shouldn't be neglected just because I'm so set on having a daughter. At the same time, I really do want to have a baby girl I can dress up and play dolls with." She sighed again. "Am I being ridiculous?"

He reached up to stroke her hair. "I don't think so," he answered quietly. "Don't be so concerned about this, though. We can afford to add on more rooms to the house, and none of our sons are neglected. I know my father disapproves, since he was completely uninvolved with rearing up my brother and me, but I'm here too. If it takes twenty tries, we'll do it, until we get a daughter. Okay?"

Sakura laughed. "I think twenty tries is a little overboard."

He wriggled his eyebrows. "Maybe so," Itachi mumbled, pressing his thin lips to her forehead.

The End

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