No Ordinary Love

Preface: Birth of Kakarot & Kasai

Deep in the heart of outer space, on a planet called Vegeta, two babies cry out. They, like everyone on this planet is a Saiyan; this race is told to be the universe's mightiest warriors, fighting seems to course throughout their veins. The Saiyans not only are great fighters but they also have incredible reflexes, speed, and agility. And like all Saiyans they have monkey tails, underneath a full moon the Saiyans can transform into a 'Great Ape' and have even more power than in their human forms.

The two Saiyans that are this story's heroes are twins: a boy and a girl. Their names are Kakarot and Kasai and like all Saiyan babes, they were left alone in the medical chambers waiting to be assigned their mission. Baby Saiyans are sent away to destroy other planets for profit. The two doctors that delivered these twins carried them to a space pod and sent them on their mission. Not knowing that they would never return to Planet Vegeta for as soon as their space pod launched, the planet was destroyed by a meteor—killing all the Saiyans, including their mother and their father Bardock.

Kasai and Kakarot landed on Earth and were found by an elderly man named Gohan, he took them in and renamed them Goku and Nikayla. The Saiyan children grew up and were very powerful; they made new friends such as Bulma, Krillin, and Yamcha and with them they went on many adventures in search for the Dragon Balls—seven magical orbs that would grant any wish. The twins also trained under the great martial artist Master Roshi and entered many tournaments and won. Years have passed and now Goku and Nikayla are grown, also Goku married his childhood sweetheart Chi-Chi. And the twins have lived in an era of peace…or so they thought.

Chapter 1: The Saiyans Arrive—and Overtake Nikayla's Home!

Nikayla couldn't believe a year had passed—it had been a year since her older brother Raditz had come to Earth trying to get her and her twin brother Goku to join him and the other two Saiyans in his squad to commit genocide to the humans and sell the Earth to other aliens. It had been a year since Raditz kidnapped (her five year old nephew and Goku's son) Gohan and Goku, her and Piccolo fought to get him back killing Raditz and unfortunately Goku as well. It had been a year since Piccolo took Gohan away to train and it had been a year since she and the other Z-Warriors trained with Mr. Popo at Kami's lookout to be ready for the Saiyans who were supposed to come to Earth to finish the job Raditz failed to complete.

The twenty-four year old female Saiyan sat on the large couch in her living staring blankly at the television only half listening to the news announcers; it had been a year but she still missed Goku and Gohan. She hadn't even been the one to tell her sister-in-law, Chi-Chi, that Goku was dead and training in Other World with the great King Kai and that Gohan was training with Piccolo; she had made Krillin do it because she didn't want to face Chi-Chi herself. Her Saiyan monkey tail switched back and forth as she was in thought. Her long, straight, black hair was tied back into a braid which ended at the small of her back while a few strands hung down and framed her face; her dark chocolate colored eyes were glued to one spot on her hard wood floor as her mind wondered. She was still dressed in her pajamas even though she had been up for awhile; she sighed and finally got up from the couch.

Nikayla climbed the stairs to get to the upper floor of her house and strolled down the hallway passing the two empty guest rooms she had and then she wandered into her bedroom. She gathered some clothes from her closet and then went into the bathroom that was in her room to get a hot shower. Fifteen minutes later Nikayla exited the shower with steam all around her as she dried off; she slipped on her undergarments and then pulled on a pair of black skinny jeans and a red tank top. Nikayla left the bathroom rubbing a towel other her damp ebony hair, after brushing it and drying it she tied it back into a braid. Nikayla gazed at herself in her full length mirror; she was skinny and curvy but well toned and had a gymnast build but even though she was small, she and Goku could pack away half their weight in food. Her skin was a shade of light tan from the many hours she spent training in the warm sun.

"I'm bored."She muttered to no one, "When are these Saiyans supposed to come? I'm inching for a fight!"Nikayla whined. Abruptly she froze as she sensed something—something extremely powerful approaching the Earth and more specifically East City. A chill trickled down her spine but a smirk formed on her face, "Guess I got my wish!"She said before running over to her window. Nikayla forced it open and then leapt out calling for her flying nimbus, suddenly a cloud flew down and caught her carrying her off into the blue skies.

By the time Nikayla reached East City there was nothing left but an enormous crater with two spherical space pods, which looked exactly like Raditz's, perched in two giant holes of what once was the city. Nikayla's flying nimbus lowered her to the ground and then disappeared, "My God, what happened?"She whispered gently touching one of the space pods. A glower suddenly replaced her expression of sadness for she felt two powerful beings near her; she spun around to see a large, muscular bald man and a younger man who looked about her age, with spiky black hair glaring down at her. Both were wearing the Saiyan outfits that were similar to what Raditz wore and the scouters as well and both had Saiyan monkey tails that were wrapped around their waist like a belt, just like Nikayla had hers. The two Saiyans slowly descended to the ground and landed before her; she readied herself for a fight.

"You. Are you Raditz and Kakarot's sister Kasai?"The black haired Saiyan asked. He was proud and cocky and he carried himself as if he were royalty; his voice was harsh and cold. Nikayla ignored him, "Answer me woman!"He spat,

"Yes but you should know that my name is not Kasai! It's Nikayla! And don't you dare call Goku Kakarot again!"Nikayla barked.

The black haired Saiyan growled underneath his breath, "Hey! No one talks to Vegeta that way girlie! You should show him respect! He is the Prince of the Saiyans."Snapped the tall, bald Saiyan.

"Really? Well whoop-dee-flippin'-do! I don't care!"

"Listen woman—"The black haired Saiyan called Vegeta started,


"Whatever! It doesn't matter because soon your pathetic little Earth will be no more."The one named Vegeta said,

"Oh yeah? I don't think so!"Nikayla snapped before blasting a Kamehameha at them which they dodged. Vegeta's glare deepened as he gazed at her,

"That's it! Nappa, end her NOW!"He roared.

"Sure thing Vegeta!"The bald Saiyan named Nappa smirked. He raced towards Nikayla with a punch ready but she flew into the air dodging it; Nappa flew after her and started delivering fast kicks and punches but she avoided every one.

Vegeta stood and watched as Napa and Nikayla fought; he had to admit the girl was good and she was definitely a Saiyan. He punched the button on the scouter that he wore on his face; it beeped and locked onto Nikayla telling him her power level, "Odd."He muttered, "Her power level reads only 332, she shouldn't be this powerful with such a low level."He said. Suddenly something hit him; he remembered hearing the fight between Raditz, his siblings, and the Namekian on the scouters' transmitter and how the Earthlings could lower or hide their power levels to conceal how powerful they really were. He smirked, "Clever trick."

"Why. Don't. You. Hold. Still!"Nappa yelled as Nikayla still blocked every one of his attacks.

"You know I thought you guys would be a lot tougher."She said with a smile.

Nappa yelled in frustration and left himself open, "Gotcha ya." Nikayla smirked and kneed him so hard in the gut that she sent him flying. Nappa stumbled in the air and glared at her,

"That was a cheap trick!"

"You think so? Cause personality I think I could've done better since, you suck."She said.

Vegeta who was still wearing a smirk couldn't help but laugh. The girl was a smart-alecky and a darn good fighter; Nappa and Nikayla looked down at Vegeta who was grinning evilly up at them both, "V-Vegeta, stop laughing! It's not funny!"Nappa whined.

"Oh yes it is Nappa. Are you really going to let a woman beat you?"


"Then do something about it Nappa!"Vegeta snapped.

Nappa glared back at Nikayla and charged towards her again; she timed his movement right and flipped behind him. He spun around quick but not quick enough for his face made contact with her knee. Vegeta stared, he was amazed at how gracefully this girl named Nikayla or Kasai or whatever her name was but yet she attacked with a fierceness that made the Saiyan race proud. He wondered if Kakarot fought the same way and if so then what had happened to Raditz. They could've used Kasai and Kakarot instead of their older brother who was a lame excuse for a Saiyan. Nappa was about to attempt to harm Nikayla again, "That's enough Nappa!"Vegeta ordered.

"But Vegeta—"

"I said that's enough!"He barked again.

Nappa sighed and slowly descended back to the Earth, "Huh? Hey! I'm not done fighting here!"Nikayla snapped.

"Oh yes you are."Vegeta smirked,

She glared at him and lowered herself back to the ground; she stood before Nappa and Vegeta with her arms crossed, "Excuse me? Who do you think you are telling me what to do?"She growled.

"Well let's just say I think you want to do what I say."He said.

"And why's that?"

"I'm giving the Earth one more week of existence, once the week is up, Nappa and I will destroy everyone and everything on it."Vegeta said smirking.

Nikayla glared at him, "I'm curious, why are you waiting?"She asked.

"It's my decision I can do as I please."The Saiyan prince replied,

"Oh yeah? Well where are you going to stay huh? I'm pretty sure the Prince of the Saiyans isn't going to camp outside for a week."Nikayla teased.

Vegeta chuckled, "You better watch that smart mouth of yours, a hostess is supposed to be respectful."

"Hostess?"Nikayla asked raising an eyebrow.

"That's right. Nappa and I will be staying at your house."

"What! I don't think so pal!"

"It's either that or we destroy the Earth now. Your choice."Vegeta said.

Nikayla stood speechless for a moment; there was no way she was letting the Saiyans who are going to destroy the entire Earth live under her roof. "You don't know, I could've lived in town and you guys destroyed it. So sorry offer declined for my house has been demolished."

"I know you're lying."

Nikayla rolled her eyes and sighed, "Fine! You can stay at my place!"She yelled, "I can't believe this."She muttered to herself as she floated into the air, "I'll show you the way…if you can keep up."She snapped before blasting off into the sky.

Vegeta and Nappa followed after her, "Vegeta, are you sure this is a good idea?"Nappa asked.

"Of course it is. I am the Prince of all Saiyans how dare you doubt me!"He snarled.

The trio of Saiyans landed in Nikayla's front yard, "Well here it is."She replied. She turned around to see Vegeta and Nappa gawking at her home with eyes the size as saucers, "What? Does this not suit your princely taste?"

Vegeta smirked. He hadn't imaged her home would be this enormous, the place looked like a mansion, "Well at least it's not a shack."He said.

"It's pretty Vegeta."Nappa smiled.

"Um thanks. Come on inside, I'll show you around…after we go over some rules."Nikayla said looking at them over her shoulder as she walked towards the front door with the Saiyan prince and his comrade behind her.

Once they were inside Nikayla's home, she made Nappa and Vegeta sit down on the couch while she stood before as if she were the President and was about to give a very important speech. "All right since you two unfortunately will be living here a while there's some rules I demand you to follow."

"Well get on with it."Vegeta snapped,

"Keep your pants on Princey Boy, I'm getting to it."Nikayla teased smiling at Vegeta who scoffed and looked away crossing his arms. "Rule#1: You broke something here your paying for it. Rule#2: You will refer to me as Nikayla, none of this Kasai crap and if you talk about my brother, then you'll call him Goku and not Kakarot. And Rule#3: If you have a sudden urge to fight then tell me, I'd love to spar with you guys."She said. Nappa nodded and Vegeta just sat there ignoring her, "Hey Princey Boy, did you get the rules or do I have to go over them again?"

"Yes I heard them woman!"

"Nikayla, that's rule#2 mister!"

Vegeta grumbled but finally wielded to Nikayla, "All right, Nikayla, happy now?"

"Yes."She grinned, "Now I don't want to be rude but you two need a shower! You both smell like wet dog and vomit."

Vegeta glared at her as he growled under his breath and balling his hands into fists, "She's right though Vegeta, we do stink."Nappa replied.

"Shut-up Nappa!"

Nikayla laughed, "All right stink balls come on I'll show you where the bathrooms are; luckily I have three and two extra rooms."She said. They followed her upstairs where she showed Nappa his room and the bath room down the hall; next she showed Vegeta his room, "I gave you the biggest room Vegeta and you have a bathroom in here too."She informed.

He nodded as he gazed about his new living quarters: the large king sized bath, the enormous closet and other features. Vegeta glanced over to see Nikayla was still there and was leaned against the doorframe with her arms crossed, "Are you still here?"He retorted,

"Well I was waiting for some gratitude. You know for a prince you have some really bad manners."She said.

"Fine! Thank you!"

"Hmm. I don't think you mean it, can you try again please?"

Vegeta glared at her snarling like a furious dog; but he took a breath and settled his anger. "Thank you."

She smiled, "That's better, and see it didn't hurt you Vegeta. You should try being nice once and awhile." She said before leaving.

While Vegeta and Nappa were taking their much needed showers, Nikayla was going through some old boxes from back in the days when Goku and Chi-Chi used to live with her. She found some of his old clothes that he had left here and thought they would fit Vegeta nicely; and she found some of Chi-Chi's father's clothes from when he used to visit, luckily him and Nappa were roughly the same size. She placed the outfits on their beds and then went downstairs to start supper for the Saiyans.

"Did you set these clothes out?"

Nikayla looked over her shoulder to see Vegeta had entered the kitchen; he was now wearing a pair of faded jeans and a black v-neck shirt, Nikayla flushed noticing how handsome he was. "Um yeah. They look nice on you. Luckily you and Goku are the roughly same size."She said.

"Thanks for the clothes Nikayla!"Nappa squealed running into the kitchen and standing behind Vegeta. He was wearing jeans and a long sleeve paid shirt and he was grinning stupidly at her,

"You're welcome."She said. "You two came down just in time, dinner's ready so we can eat!"She smiled. The table was set and they took their seats,

"Nikayla, this is a lot of food."Vegeta said.

"I know."Nikayla said between bites, "I eat a lot; it's no big deal I make this much if it's just me here. Is that a Saiyan thing?"She questioned. He nodded, "Well it's a good thing I train so much or I'd be really fat."

After dinner Nikayla finished the dishes; Nappa was in his room and she didn't know where Vegeta went. So she went upstairs to her room, opened her window and climbed out to sit on the roof to watch the stars—something she had always done. And there on the roof was the Saiyan prince gazing up at the night sky above them. "Hey."She said.

He looked over and grumbled a 'hey.'

Nikayla took a seat beside him, "You know I've always loved looking up at the stars, it's so soothing."She said.

"Do you know where the Dragon Balls are?"Vegeta abruptly asked,

"Huh? No."She said and she truly didn't know. She knew that Bulma and Krillin had been looking for them so they could wish Goku back to help fight these Saiyans but she hadn't heard word if they had found them or not. "So what is your wish Vegeta? What are you going to wish for if you get them?"


"Really? That's it? That's not that great."She said.

"What? Of course it is! With that I will be the strongest warrior in the entire universe!"Vegeta said,

"Whatever."Nikayla sighed, "Hey thanks for giving the Earth an extra week, but you know I think that once you live here a while you'll change your mind about destroying it."

Vegeta scoffed, "As if."He snapped.

"You'll be surprised. This is a great place to live! You know I think that if Raditz had lived here with us he would've had a better life. Well anyway good night Vegeta."She said standing up,

"Night Nikayla."He muttered. She smiled before she climbed down and went back inside her room. Something was happening to the Saiyan prince; he felt a connection with Nikayla and he didn't know why.