Hello my lovely readers,

I aplogize for not having an update sooner but sadly my laptop, Jarvis (yes my laptop's name was Jarvis) has died luckily I will be getting my new laptop Jarvis 2.0 on December 14th so I won't be gone too long. On my short hiatus and over the holidays I will hard at work on my fanfictions: Pursued & Swindled into the Host Club, as for No Ordinary Love and Tempest I will be putting them on hold for a while because sadly I have gotten some writters block on those.

For my readers of Pursued, it is coming to a close, I'm thinking two more chapters plus an epilogue and then it will be finished. I am so glad that you guys enjoyed Forbidden and Pursued and I might whip up little shorts here and there for you readers because I'm sure you would like to know what is going to happen to Hatori and Megami in the future ^^

For my readers of Swindled into the Host Club, fear not this story has a long way to go before I finish it. Besides Forbidden, this has got to be one of my favorite fanficitons I've ever done and I'm glad you guys are enjoying it~

For my readers of Tempest & No Ordinary Love, like I said before I am holding off on those two for a while until I get some more ideas. I haven't lost interest in them I'm just not sure where exactly to go from here, Tempest I have more ideas for than No Ordinary Love but I do not want to give up on Nikayla's story~

So that was my little update~things have been kind of busy as well, I'm planning my trip to Scotland next summer to see my wonderful boyfriend Zac, and my best friend Morgan is going along with me. Maybe going there will give me some more ideas for any upcoming fanfics. ;)

I will give a hint~I am planning a Black Butler fanfic~

So until then, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving (and I'm just gonna go ahead and say) and a very Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays ^^ whichever you prefer~

Thank you all for supporting me and sticking with my stories~it really means alot!

~Love Brittany~