This is the first chapter fanfic that I've done in a long time! It's obviously a style fic, and there are moments of K2, but only friendship, because that's how it should be hehe. Like I've said in other fics, I'm not a writer, but I love Stan and Kyle and enjoy attempting to write romance fics. If you don't like

yaoi, don't read. Don't be mean in reviews, if you don't like it, don't read. Helpful criticism is always good, but don't flame it. Enjoy!


Stan POV

I kick at the crisp white snow beneath my feet as I walk home from school with Cartman and Kenny. School ended almost 30 minutes ago, and I waited around for Kyle, but he didn't end up showing up. We were suppose to get together today and have a sleepover. Him and I have sleepovers almost

every weekend. I sigh and watch a puff of air form in front of my face. Holy shit, it's cold. I barely hear Cartman and Kenny start to argue, seeing as I'm thinking of Kyle too much. It seems like he's been avoiding me for a while, hanging out with Kenny more than me. Maybe Kenny knows where he is.

"Yo, Kenny," He looks over at me with a pissed off face. I know he's pissed off at Cartman but he shouldn't look at me like that. "Do you know where Kyle is?"

"No idea, dude." He goes back to arguing with Cartman.

I just stay silent for a few minutes while they argue until I feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist from behind and a head rest lightly against my back. I turn my head around to see a mass of curly red hair sticking out of his green hat.

"Hey best friend." He says while squeezing me tighter. I pry his arms off of me and turn around to face him, he gives me a small pout and I bonk him lightly on the top of his head with my fist. He looked really adorable with his orange jacket and green scarf wrapped comfortably around his neck. He had

an angelic smile planted on his delicate face.

"Where the hell have you been, dude? You haven't been around me all week…" I look at him with a slight pissed off look, but he doesn't notice.

"Ouch…" He rubs his head with his hand where I "hit" him and he doesn't answer my question. He's ignoring me and won't tell me what's going on. We never hide things from each other. Instead he reaches over and grabs my hand and laces our fingers together. Our arms drop and now we're holding


"Fags." Cartman mutters under his breath. Kenny looks over at us with a slightly confused look, but still smirks.

"You guys are fags. But you two are the only guys I know who can hold hands and look normal." I quickly let go of his hand and put both my hands in my coat pockets.

Kyle reaches over and puts his arm through mine, linking our arms together. I groan and look away from him. I don't get him, one minute he'll ignore me and the next minute he'll act like my best friend.

I see Kenny suddenly stop, and realize we reached his house already. He waits for the rest of us to stop and glances at Kyle. He's not paying any attention now to me or Cartman. Only Kyle.

"Kyle, aren't you coming over today?" He looks at Kyle with raised eyebrows and points towards his house.

"Oh yeah! Sorry, I forgot. Stan I can't hang out today!" He removes his arm from mine and Kenny takes his arm and leads him to his house. I can hear Kyle giggle as they walk away.

"Um, bye?" I wave to him, confused at why he wouldn't even tell me why he can't hang out and suddenly ditching me for Kenny. I didn't know Kyle and Kenny have become new best friends.

"Thank God they're gone. I swear you and I are the cool ones in the group." Cartman says while lightly punching me on the arm. "Come on, you're coming over to my house."

"Eh, sure." It's not like I have plans anymore. I glance back at Kenny's house hoping Kyle would come back out, but he doesn't. Him and Kenny have disappeared into the house and I turn back to Cartman. What was going on with Kyle?

After spending a few hours of hanging out with Cartman, I had enough. I can only spend so much time with him. I run up the stairs leading to my house and wipe my shoes off on our welcome mat before heading inside.

"Mom, I'm home!" I open the door to my house and take my shoes off. My mom comes out of the kitchen and gives me a concerned look. I guess I should have called her to let her know I wasn't going to be home.

"Hi sweetie, where have you been?" She asks while drying off a dinner plate. She comes over and kisses me on the cheek.

I groan and wipe my cheek. "Was at Cartman's." I take my book bag and go up the stairs to my room before my mom can say anything else. I don't really feel like talking to anyone anymore.

I toss my bag on my chair and collapse on my bed. I lay there for a moment until I feel my phone vibrate. I reach into my pocket and dig out my phone. I see Kyle's name pop up and I become curious to see what he wants. He should be apologizing to me for today for ditching me so suddenly.

Hey dude, sorry for today. I had to talk to Kenny. It was important. Won't be able to hang out on the weekend either. Sorry again dude. Love you dude.

So he ditches me for Kenny, doesn't want to hang out on the weekend, even when he promised me he would and yet he still has the guts to say he loves me. I don't know what to think of him anymore.

"What a jerk. Maybe I don't want to hang out with you either, Kyle."

I toss my phone on the bed again and I feel like crying, but I won't let the tears fall. I roll onto my side and try to sleep but all I can think of is Kyle and if he even wants to be friends anymore. It seems like he'd rather be with Kenny than me. I start to fall asleep, but not before the tears fall from my eyes.

End of chapter 1

Again, I do NOT write, so sorry for any grammatical errors or lack of descriptive words.

So there! First chapter is done! Stan and Kyle are super best friends, so I can easily see them being touchy and clingy like that, and even them saying I love you so easily. This chapter is Stan's POV, most of them will be. There will be some in Kyle's POV though. Again, no flames! I'm probably going to

update often, I don't want to take forever writing this story.

Enjoy you Style fans!