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We arrive at Kyle's house and we're both standing silently and awkwardly in the doorway, waiting for the other to make the first move.

Out of nowhere Kyle takes a few steps towards me and slaps me hard on the cheek. I automatically bring my hand up and rub the burning sensation forming on my face.

"Ow! What the fuck dude?" I scream as I keep my hand on my face.

"You kissed her! You cheated on me you asshole!" He crosses his arm and a pissed off look forms on his fiery red face. I stand there shocked and offended that he thinks I would cheat on him.

"Dude, what are you talking about?" He stares at me like I'm crazy and turns around to face the wall.

"Today at lunch…in the hallway, I saw you and her holding each other, and then you kissed her…" his voice cracks, probably trying not to cry. I silently stand there, and quickly realizing what he saw.

"Oh! No, Kyle, you have it all wrong. She was just…helping me with…something. I was hugging her as a thank you. And there was no kissing, I swear. She loves Bebe…and I love you."

He makes no sign of movement or noise and he's probably still not convinced. Oh god, fine, I'll tell him.

"Okay fine…I told her…um….our conversation…me and you had," he turns around quickly and gives a slight gasp, "…I wanted to see what she would say and if she could help."

Both of us stand there awkwardly, him still not saying anything, so I continue my speech and trying to finally convince him.

"I'm sorry…but I swear I didn't kiss her. I wouldn't do that to you Kyle. And…where do you get off accusing me when Kenny had his hands all over you today!" I turn the conversation around quickly. I want to know why Kenny was all over my boyfriend.

Kyle's face becomes flustered and he takes a small, nervous step towards me and his hands shaking at his sides.

"N-no! It wasn't like that…you know what Kenny's like…"

"No I don't. You're not giving me a good reason to believe you Kyle. Why should I believe you?"

He stands there not saying anything more, so I roll my eyes and head towards the door, ready to leave.

"Stan! Wait!" I turn back around, giving him another chance to explain.

"Ugh…I was talking to Kenny about what happened, too…he was just being nice…you have no idea how embarrassed I am about this stuff…I don't know what I'm doing…I'm sorry…"

We stand there, looking down at the ground. Both of us did the same thing, we're so stupid. We should have talked to each other instead.

"B-but I didn't know if you wanted to…do it or not. I mean we haven't done anything but kiss, and since I have no experience…I thought you'd be the one to make the first move…But Kenny told me to stop being a pussy and just talk to you… I'm so sorry for causing all of this Stan…"

I burst out laughing and Kyle's face turns to confusion as I double over, laughing so hard.

"We're stupid Ky…" I look up to see his lips curl up into a small smile, "We should have talked to each other…not Wendy or Kenny. I mean Wendy is a lesbian and Kenny is just…perverted."

I walk up to Kyle and stand right in front of him so that our bodies are almost touching and I place my hands on his slender waist. He tilts his head back and stares into my eyes, giving me a shy smile. He brings his hands up and rubs my upper arms softly.

"If we want this to work, we have to learn to trust each other…okay?"

His arms move around my torso and he squeezes me hard against him. I move my arms so that they go around his waist and place my chin on top of his curly red hair. He mumbles something into my chest, but I can't make out what he said.

"Huh?" I raise my eyebrows in confusion.

He pulls his head back and looks up at me once again and his face has turned a lovely cherry red.

"I love you…I do trust you…I just can't lose you, Stan. I don't know what I would do if you left me."

I watch his face and see that tears are building up in his eyes, but before the tears fall I lean down and press my lips against his lovingly. He responds immediately, moving his hands up my chest to around my neck, deepening the kiss.

I take a chance and lick at his lips to see if he'll allow me access and when I feel his mouth open I take the opportunity to slip my tongue into his warm mouth. Our lips move slowly, savoring each other's taste, both of our saliva clashing together and our tongues mingling together.

Our loving, sweet kiss takes a turn and becomes quite lusty and a bit rough. I can feel my pants begin to tighten and I can feel his hardness pushing against mine. We claw at each other's body, trying to get the other closer and out of nowhere Kyle lets out a long, whiney moan and tears his lips away from mine. He buries his face into my shoulder, his hands gripping my arms tightly.

"St-Stan, w-whats…unhh…do you have s-something in your p-pocket?"

I blush heavily and I become slightly embarrassed, but then I remember I do have that bottle of lube in my pocket. I reach in quickly and fish it out, holding it in my hand to show him.

"W-what…the…" he reads the label on it and quickly hides his face in his hands. "Ughh…" He lets a groan of embarrassment.

"No! Uhh…When Kenny dragged me away from you…he gave me this because he thinks we're stupid, and w-would probably forget to get some…"

Kyle takes his hands away from his face, which is still a lovely shade of dark red and lets out a quiet 'oh', and we both stand there awkwardly. I shove the bottle of lube into my back pocket in my pants.

Our eyes meet for a quick second before we both look away, both of us still embarrassed. I should just say something, I think to myself.

"Do you want to-" we both say at the same time and the awkwardness continues, but I smile slightly because this is the reason I love him.

"Lets go upstairs." I take my coat off and put it away in the closet, he follows me and I offer my hand to him. He shyly smiles and takes it, his palm sweating.

We go up the stairs and when we arrive in Kyle's room, he closes the door and I gently push him against it, attacking his neck with my lips, leaving a nice dark hickey there.

"St-Stan…the bed…" he pushes me off of him and drags me to the bed. He jumps on, moving so that he's on his back, smirking slightly. Where did the shy Kyle go? He's turned into quite a little devil, I smirk evilly and get on the bed, situating myself between his legs, leaning down and kissing his pouty lips.

I lean back up and begin to take my shirt off, tossing it on the floor. Kyle stares at my well toned abs and lets out a moan before starting to peel his shirt off, revealing his hairless, pale chest and stomach. He doesn't have much muscle but he's still beautiful.

He tries to cover up his chest and stomach but I pry his arms away and kiss his cheek sweetly.

"Don't…you're perfect…"

Kyle blushes and stares at me before reaching up, grabbing behind my neck and pulling me down to connect our lips. I move my fingers over his delicate skin and rub them over his pink, hardening nipples. He lets out a throaty moan into my mouth, grabbing my wrists desperately when I give them a light pinch. He arches his back and our lower parts grind together, feeling each other's hardness.

"Mmm…Ky…" Our mouths finally part and both of us are breathing heavily.

I reach down and unbutton his dark green pants, pulling them down his slim legs, throwing them on the floor where our shirts lie, and leaving him only in his boxers. I can see his excited member tenting up his boxers and I feel myself becoming instantly harder.

Suddenly Kyle leaps up, grabbing onto my shoulders and rolling me so that I'm on the bottom, with him straddling my hips. His hand moves lower, attempting to remove my annoying belt, and undoing the button and zipper and sliding them down my legs, tossing them to the end of the bed so that I'm only in my boxers as well.

"Stan…god, you're so…so…hot…" he says while staring at me.

He tears my boxers off and carelessly throws them on the floor with the rest of the pile of clothes. He licks his lips and begins kissing down my chest and stomach and grabs my dick in one of his hands. I let a moan escape my lips before reaching down and placing a hand on his head.

"Stop, let's do it together." He gives me a confused look for a minute before realizing what I mean.

"O-oh…okay." He smiles shyly and nods his head, his curly red hair bouncing with each nod. He maneuvers his body so that his legs are straddling my chest, his hands on either side of my legs and his ass just above my face.

One of his warm hands encases my member, giving it a gentle squeeze. He brings his mouth right above the tip and stops before taking me in, taking a deep breath then licking the pre-cum that is leaking out. He proceeds by then taking my whole member in his mouth and starts to suck.

"Ughhnn…Kyle…f-feels good…" I let out a moan and grasp the sheets beneath me. I then decide it's time to make Kyle feel good, too.

I place both of my hands on Kyle's firm butt and give it a quick squeeze, and I can feel Kyle let out a giggle. I use my hands to spread his cheeks to find that small, pink hole, which is twitching just from my touch.

I lean forward and lick up and down before gently using enough pressure to dive my tongue inside. Kyle moans and takes his mouth off of my still hard dick.

"Don't…do that…it's d-dirty…" but I ignore him and continue to push my tongue inside, licking around, savoring the intriguing taste.

Quiet moans were the only sound filling the room, sucking and licking each other, I decide to stroke his member in time with the thrusts of my tongue.

"S-stan…gonna come…" I take my tongue out of his hole and quickly attach my mouth to Kyle's length in time to swallow his creamy white come.

"M-me too…" I come almost right after him and I release into his awaiting mouth. He rolls off of me onto his back and wipes his mouth, trying to catch his breath.

"Dude, that was awesome." He looks at me and gives me a big smile. I leap off of the bed and grab my jeans, searching for the bottle of lube.

"What are ya looking for?" I pull the lube out of my pocket and show it to him before hopping back onto the bed. He immediately turns a crimson red.

"Wah!" He lets out a yelp as I grab him and roll him onto his stomach, lifting his hips so his ass is in the air. I pop the top off of the bottle and dip my index and middle finger in, making sure I coat my fingers with a generous amount.

"Nhg…St-Stan…" he lets out a moan as I gently press my fingers against his needy hole. I apply some pressure and let my index finger slide in with ease.

"Ah! Ugh…" his voice is filled with pain, but he nods at me, letting me know that he's okay. I soon add my middle finger to help with the stretching, and trying to find that one spot that will make him moan with pleasure.

I know I hit the right spot when he screams and throws his head back, his hands grasping the sheets desperately. He wiggles his hips back, trying to get more from my fingers.

"Mhm…just…do i-it a-already…." He looks back at me with lust filled eyes and I nod as I remove my fingers, creating a loud squelch noise.

I grab the bottle of lube and rub quite a bit of it on my length, which is rock hard again and ready to go. I grab Kyle's hips and the tip of my dick barely touches his ass before he freaks out and looks back at me.

"N-no! I don't want it like this…" I can tell my face has a complete lost look to it and I wait for him to continue. His face turns red and gives me a hopeful look.

"It's our…first t-time…I want to be….um, facing you…while doing it…s-so we can hug and kiss…and stuff…only if y-you want to –"

I cut him off by grabbing him and flipping him onto his back.

"Ahhh!" He lets out a surprised squeak but looks up at me and gives me that angelic smile of his. I grab his legs and spread them and move myself so that I'm in between them, my hands still on his thighs.

I gently press into him and watch his face twist to a mixture of pain and pleasure, and I'm guessing more pain. His hands are gripping the sheets so hard his knuckles are turning white.

I let out a groan when I feel his muscles clenching tightly around me and I bite my lip trying not to come right away.

"Nghh…mhm, do-don't move…it h-hurts!" he wiggles his hips, trying to get comfortable and waiting for the pain to subside. A few tears fall from his eyes and I lean down to lick them away, planting a sweet kiss on his cheek.

"You going to be okay? Want me to stop?" He quickly shakes his head.

After a bit more squirming from Kyle, he nods his head for me to continue. I slowly pull almost all the way out before thrusting back in, feeling his muscles opening and clenching around me with every thrust I make.

"A-ah…ahhhh…" he moves his arms and wraps them around my back, scratching my skin, leaving tiny red marks.

"Ughh…nhmm…Kyle…s-so good…" his thighs clamp my waist and I know I've hit that bundle of nerves again when Kyle tosses his head back, his curly red hair sprawled across the pillow and shouts out in pleasure.

"Haaah…ah…"I grin wildly and decide to give him more pleasure by running my fingers over his delicate nipples, down to his stomach and I grab onto his member, pumping it in time with my thrusts.

I take a minute to just look at my beautiful lover. Him writing in pleasure under me, his fiery red hair bouncing when he tosses his head back and forth, his thick lips parted, letting out those breath taking moans and his pure green eyes half lidded.

"Perfection. I know I've said this before…but you're the most perfect person ever." He lifts his face up and he has the slightest tinge of pink on his cheeks.

"Stan…" Tears slip from his eyes one by one and he leans up and throws his arms around my neck, squeezing so hard that I can't catch my breath.

"Let go a bit…" I manage to huff out and he says a quick sorry before relaxing his grip around my neck a bit. Our lips meet for a few quick seconds, and a bit of saliva runs down his chin.

I continue to thrust into Kyle and his arms tighten their grip, continuing letting out slight moans and profanities. I grab the back of his thighs and push them back a bit, allowing better access.

"H-harder….de-deeper…" I do as he wishes and my thrusts become rougher, and he thrusts his hips upwards to meet mine, his headboard hitting the wall. Oh thank god his parents aren't home.

"Stan...gonna come…" I can feel the heat pooling around in my stomach, aching desperately for release.

"Me…too…" His hole clenches around me as he releases over both of our stomachs, coating them with his warmth. The tightness around my dick is too much and I come deep inside of him. He lets out a long whiney moan and his body relaxes against the bed.

I collapse on top of him, my arms on either side of him so I don't crush him, his arms are still wound tightly around my shoulders. He leans and whispers into my ear sweetly.

"I love you Stan." I smile as I press my face into his neck and move my hands to grip his waist.

"Love you, too…" We hold each other tightly for a few minutes in silence before I roll off of him and onto my side. He rolls onto his side as well and faces me, a smile creeping onto his lips.

Our arms quickly wrap around each other, we tangle our legs together and press our bodies up against each other, not caring about the mess we made.

And as I listen to Kyle's peaceful breathing, I fall into a deep slumber.

I slowly crack open my eyes to see Kyle still pressed up against me and I take a quick glance at the clock to see we've been asleep for a few hours. I wonder if Kyle's parents are home yet?

I feel Kyle shift beside me and he rubs his eyes. I give him a squeeze and let out a soft chuckle.

"Dude…we need to do that like…every day." He rolls his eyes and pushes me away from him, rolling onto his stomach.

"I don't think my ass could take it." He giggles and buries his face in his pillow and mumbles something. I lean over and playfully nibble at his shoulder.

"It was perfect Stan…You're perfect…" He looks over his shoulder at me and gives me a shy smile. I smile and stand up, putting my clothes on.

"How about we take a shower and see if your parents are home?" He rolls out of bed and starts to get dressed as well, and I put my arm around his waist.

"Need some help walking?"

He bends over and grabs the bottle of lube, throwing it hard at me, which actually hurt quite a bit. He stands there, arms crossed with a pissed off look.


He opens the door and walks to the bathroom, slamming the door, but I can see him grinning. Then I hear the door lock.

"Damn, so much for showering together."

A few months have passed and Kyle and I are doing great, we've had no more fights or silly arguments.

On our way to school I have my arm tightly around Kyle's waist, helping him walk. I went too rough on him last night, I guess.

He smiles at me and thanks me for helping him. We arrive at school to see Wendy and Bebe, who have their arms linked together are still happily dating. And Craig is still with Tweek, and they're surprisingly doing well together, too.

We also see Kenny with one of his new girlfriends. Not too long ago, Cartman and him broke up. They're still best friends, but they didn't want to risk their friendship.

I feel bad for them, because I think they did like each other, but some want to take the chance and go passed friendship, and some don't want to risk what they have. I'm glad Kyle and I did though, because I wouldn't want it any other way.

And as we walk into the school, Kyle leans over and places his lips on mine and whispers a quick 'I love you' to me. I kiss his forehead and tell him I love him too, and let go of his waist so he can go to his locker. I watch him walk away and smile.

Yep, definitely wouldn't have it any other way.



Yeah sorry for the quick transition from like now until like...months later haha I didn't quite know what I was doing. I hope you all liked! And as much as I do complain, I did enjoy doing this story...which means i'm thinking of a sequel to it! So I hope for those who read this will follow the new one, too!


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