Summary: His heart belongs to an angel. His soul belongs to a demon. His life belongs to his brother, and his body belongs to time. Dean takes a journey through time to meet all the sides of Castiel, to try and undo the demon deal, and to save his baby brother from becoming the king of Hell.

This is rated M for the next chapter.

Side note: I was listening to Sway by the Pussycat Dolls when I wrote this. Try listening to it and see if you like it. I thought it set a nice tone but that might just be me.

He was twenty-six. He really shouldn't be looking up at the stars on a grassy hill anymore. It wasn't that he was old or even suffering from old age, but he was twenty-six. But that didn't matter because he was with his baby brother. This moment in time was one of the few times in his life that he had been at peace, a time that he had truly felt like nothing could hurt him.

"Star light, start bright…" Dean said, staring up at the night sky, lying on the ground with a seven year old Sam tucked into his side.

"Wish I may, wish I might, have the wish I want tonight," Dean didn't need to look up to know it was his Castiel. He never had to look but he did anyway. "Why do you never finish the rhyme?" Dean didn't bother to answer. He didn't finish the rhyme. He never did. Castiel knew that.

"How'd you get here?" Dean asked.

"Dean, who's he?" Sam asked.

"He's… a friend, Sammy," Dean said. Castiel didn't bother correcting him. Future Sam wouldn't remember this anyway- Castiel hadn't actually been there when it had truly happened.

"You're not the only one who can bend time, Dean," Castiel said. "I just happen to do it voluntarily."

"I thought it took too much energy," Dean said.

"There are rare occasions," Castiel answered. "What else happened tonight?" Dean found himself smiling. He sat up and Sam glanced up at him and the stranger as Dean rested on Castiel's legs but he didn't argue. Instead, he settled into his brother again.

"There was a meteor shower," Dean said. "Lots of falling stars-"

"Dean, look! There's a falling star!" Sam shouted, getting up to chase it.

"Hey, wait up, Sam!" Dean laughed, getting up to chase his brother. "Sam!" Castiel followed calmly after the brothers who should only have been four years apart but were, currently right this second, nineteen years apart. He watched as Dean enjoyed the time he had with his little brother, picking him up and putting him on his shoulders as they watched the meteor shower.

Castiel gave Dean a small smile as the older Winchester beamed at him. It was rare to see the hunter smile like that anymore. He walked over to the Winchesters, not wanting to miss out on Dean's happiness and extended his hand out to Dean, smiling reassuringly.

"Do you trust me?" he asked. Dean took his hand with a curious look, keeping the other on Sam's leg so he wouldn't fall off. Castiel walked backwards until he was at the lake, leading Dean and Sam forward. Dean watched the angel step backwards without looking onto the water and not sinking in or getting his foot wet.

"How is he doing that?" Sam asked with wide eyes.

"He's an angel, Sammy," Dean said. "Are you Jesus, Cas?" Castiel's eyes glinted in amusement as he tilted his head, leading Dean and Sam onto the water, Sam still on Dean's shoulders.

"We're walking on water, Dean! We're walking on water!" Sam laughed.

"Yeah, Sam, we are," Dean grinned. "Hey, Cas thanks." Castiel just have him a smile and Dean knew he didn't want this moment to end but of course, he never finished the rhyme for a reason. The smile on Castiel's face began to fade as he understood what was about to happen and he led the two Winchesters back onto land, taking Sam off of Dean's shoulders for him.

"Star light, star bright, I wish I may, I wish I might," Sam chanted. "Dean, come on, say with me!"

"Sorry, little man," Dean smiled sadly. "You're on your own with that one."

"Dean?" Sam said but then his older brother and the angel began to disappear. "Dean?"

And then seven year old Sammy was left by himself alone at the lake with the falling stars.

"Dean?" Castiel questioned. Dean blinked blearily and sat up, rubbing at his eyes. He leaned heavily on Castiel.

"He's gone again," Dean mumbled.

"We'll get him back," Castiel promised. Dean sighed.

"How much angel juice you got left?" Dean asked.

"Not enough to travel back in time with you again," Castiel answered, knowing Dean's thoughts. "At least, not for awhile." Dean nodded and he got up, taking off his shirt and heading towards the bathroom. He cast Castiel a look over his shoulder.

"You coming or what?"