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"Uh, you know him?" Sam asked.

"Unfortunately," Dean grunted.

"You do? I don't know you," Balthazar frowned. "Who are you? Castiel, what is this Neanderthal to you?"

"He is the Righteous Man," Castiel said, staring at Dean with the same intensity he always had, except this time there was a sense of awe in his eyes. Dean was used to the staring, but not the new emotion and it was making him uncomfortable, like when he had first met the angel.

"Dude, you've seen me a million times. Stop looking at me like that," Dean frowned.

"So if you're the Righteous Man, who, by the way, isn't supposed to be born for another-" Balthazar said.

"We got the speech already," Dean snapped. "I made a deal with a demon to find my brother, traveled through time, and ended up here. Why? I don't friggin' know." Castiel and Balthazar exchanged glances and Dean glared at Balthazar, stepping slightly in front of Castiel.

"We have an idea," Castiel admitted.

For some reason, Sam knew he should have felt weird about Dean and Castiel staring at each other, but he didn't. It felt natural to watch the two stare at each other or to look at one and realize his attention was on the other. Dean hadn't stopped staring at Castiel's back (they had been informed the angels had taken forms that Castiel had seen in Dean's memory- the oldest Winchester had gotten mad at the angel for "using his mojo on him again") since Castiel had went to talk to one of his superiors.

"How do you know Balthazar?" Sam asked.

"You were there," Dean grumbled. "He wasn't happy that Cas and I-"

"Well gorillas, we've figured out why you might be here," Balthazar said pleasantly. "Today is the day Cassie boy-"

"Don't call me that," Castiel frowned and Dean rolled his eyes.

"Gets told he is the one to save the Righteous Man from Hell," Balthazar said. "I'm not going to like you very much, am I?"

"Don't worry, the feeling's going to be mutual," Dean informed him. "Let me talk to Cas alone." Balthazar frowned and looked at Castiel but the angel's eyes were only for Dean. Balthazar sighed and walked away slightly with Sam, not taking his eyes off of the pair.

"Say, how do you know the gorilla?" Balthazar asked.

"He says he's my brother," Sam said.

"Says?" Balthazar frowned.

"I don't remember him at all," Sam said. "But… there are a lot of things that don't add up."

"Do you want them to? Add up?" Balthazar asked.

"You could do that?" Sam asked. Balthazar smiled like he had a vendetta.

"Of course. I'm an angel," he said. "Just stay very still."

"You contain a portion of my grace," Castiel said, staring at Dean. Dean nodded and took Castiel's hand, placing his hand on the mark, knowing that the angel wanted to touch it again. Castiel closed his eyes and then opened them again.

"There is more to you… us. There is more to us than just me pulling you out of Hell," Castiel stated.

"Dude, you have no idea," Dean said, the corner of his mouth lifting up.

Sam's scream made Dean turn around to find Balthazar's arm inside his brother's chest.

"Sam!" Dean shouted. He began to run to Sam but Castiel caught his arm, stopping him from running to his brother's aid.