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This is a Twilight Fanfic with a twist. What happens if you find yourself without the one you love? What if a family is torn apart? Will you ever be able to be happy again? What happens if you find yourself falling for the last person you thought you would? This is a Carlisle/Bella story of pain, loss and love!

Bella's POV

Playing the moment over and over again in my head still wasn't helping make it any clearer…or any less painful…

We were so prepared… or so I thought….

The newborns were coming…..we weren't completely sure who had created them but we knew that it was meant strictly for us…..for…..ME.

I had made my precautions in guilting Edward into staying with me throughout the fight…he of course said it was no big deal …but I knew it hurt him to be away from his family during this horid event.

Everything that had occurred today has been horrible and hurtful…whether it was my guilting Edward into staying with me or my kissing Jacob…true it was only to keep him safe as he had said he was going to sacrfice himself during the fight ,which apparently was a rouse to get me to *ask* him to kiss me, but either way Edward..my personal miracle…was next to me, holding me, loving me completely. I knew I never deserved him but I was beyond the realms of happy that he was with me…..forever. The best part of this is the fact that I knew that in a short time I would have him with me..in my arms forever as we were to be married and, keeping his end of the bargin, I would be able to give him myself completely as he would be giving me himself..then…oh then he would change me and we could begin our eternities together.

Just then Edward stiffened, his eyes shifted quickly to the left and he stared at the beautiful yet somewhat small wolf..Seth….he growled which had my hairs standing on end and yelled for the wolf child to leave immediately. Looking up to see what him upset I noticed that his eyes were the fiercest shade of black I had ever seen them. That's when I felt myself being shoved behind him, when I tried to protest he growled that she was close. In the moment I realized he had said….SHE….I completely froze over with fear….. But not for myself…but for my love! She wasn't alone tho as I saw the ,barely a man, known as Riley enter the clearing of our little campsite…I instantly recognized him as the missing person from all the posters posted around town. Edward growled at him and then quickly gazed to Riley's right and upward at the same time my eyes fixed upon the shot of red flaring hair in the trees….it was Victoria! Just then the newborn, formely known as Riley, crouched and began to step towards Edward, Edward began to talk to Riley, attempting to tell him the truth, but I could not focus on this as my eyes never left the sight of Victoria's horrible face. Just then I heard a growl that did not belong to any vampire…it was Seth… he had returned and grabbed Riley. As they fought it seemed Victoria had given up and started to retreat, however Edward was not going to let her get away this time, he gloated her to attack him or me, he made her so furious she turned and attacked with a blind fury….her mistake. After that I don't perfectly recall everything as my eyes and mind were full of the terror of watching my love being attacked, possibly even killed. I picked up a stone at one point and cut myself, and then it was over. Or so I thought…..

We were in a hurry to get back to the clearing that was once a baseball field for the Cullens, as Edward had said that the Volturi has sent out some of their "soldiers" to take care of the newborn army issue, something he obviously didn't think was their actual reasoning behind being here. Edward had sent Seth away informing him to run directly home and to not look back…something that Seth did reluctantly.

That's when it happened…that's when the end of my life…of my reason for living happened. Out of literally nowhere we were surrounded by them…..Jane, Alec, Felix and Demetri.

Edward instantly grabbed me and shoved me behind him taking a very defensive crouch, "I will not stand for this" Edward growled. "Whatever Aro's original reason for sending you here obviously isn't on your personal agenda anymore… Jane" Edward said evily staring at the little tyrant. Her smile seemed to widen at this and suddenly Edward was pinned to the ground screaming in agony, his eyes never leaving mine, it was as if he was apologizing to me, but why? I screamed for her to stop, "Stop….Stop…your killing him please I beg of you STOP….. Take me…kill me…do whatever you want just please stop" I cried. At this Edward relaxed and the little evil bitches eyes were hard on mine….Edward growled and lept up in front of me.

Then he attacked. I heard the horrible sound of metal screeching and a thud..I opened my eyes to see that Edward had taken the arm off of her little brother, Alec layed on the ground screaming out in agony, Jane seemed to respond instantly as Edward hit the ground and began to thrash and scream. Suddenly I heard the most gentle voice from behind me "No…No….not my SON!" it was Esme ….I turned in time to see her crouch and disappear….I realized she had lept over me and attacked the little bitch herself. She truly loved her family and would not stand to see them hurt, she was so small and fragile looking even for a vampire but she was fighting for her most treasured thing…her family. Edward was back up and attacking the others single handily as they had made their approach on me, it was then that I heard the single most horrible scream…it was Carlisle, Rose, Emmitt, Alice and Jasper and in turning to see what it was they were staring at I noticed that Esme's beautiful and fragile body lay on the ground, only thing was…her head layed a good five feet away from the rest of her and Felix was towering over her laughing. I growled instantly as I realized that the scream I had heard was made from there unbeating hearts as they realized there mother, and in Carlisle's case his wife, was dead. Tears were streaming hard and unstopping down my face.

The growls and screeching seemed to not let up for what seemed to be an eternity, however it was only moments later that I realized that the group of four horrible Volturi "soldiers" were retreating. I blinked the tears out of my eyes to see the family standing over a mass, I stumbled forward to them wanting nothing more then to have Edward wrap his arms tightly around me and hold me in his cold yet ever warming embrace letting me cry into his chest, that's when I noticed that it wasn't just a single mass that the family stood over.

I stumbled even further forward still unable to see clearly as the tears were still streaming unrelenting down my feverishly hot cheeks, I noticed that the family that stood there, rod still and straight, looked wrong…incomplete….it was then that I realized that there was only five of them standing there….five?…..only five?

Once I reached them I wiped the tears away long enough to see that not only did Esme's gorgeous head lay completely detached from the rest of her on the ground but so did….OMG..it couldn't be…..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…

That's when it all went black for me…..

Carlisle's POV

How could this of happened? It went all according to plan. The newborns came at us just as Alice had said they would, the wolves were our most valuable allies, they fought valiantly by our side. With them this fight was easily won…or so we thought…

"Carlisle…" Alice said suddenly looking away into nothing. "Get the wolves out of here….It seems our fight is not yet done for the day."

"What?…. What do you see Alice?" I asked as I placed my hand on her shoulder.

"The Volturi apparently sent some of their," She wrinkled her nose as she spoke the next word. "soldiers"

I quickly dispatched the wolves explaining that they were to go home immediately and not look back…they reluctantly did, as I had promised to explain it all to them later. I also informed them to not make any attempts to attack another vampire that they happened upon the scent of, as this was not a fight they could win. With a growl Sam looked back upon his pack and barked his orders and they all quickly turned and ran.

"Alice?" I asked. "When and where?"

"I don't know exactly Carlisle, I can't honestly see that." She said looking pained.

Just then I heard the most heart breaking sound, it was Bella, she was begging for someone to stop, to kill her and not…him!

Just then Esme took off into the forest in a blindly fast hurry to find out what happened to make Bella scream like that. I was foolish and stood frozen for a few seconds before deciding to follow…THAT was my most horrible failure in judgement as it led to the death of my soul, my heart….

I followed the horrible sounds of screeching, screaming, growling, and keening only to arrive too late. There she was, her beautiful face, looking peaceful, lying on the ground…only it was no longer attached to the rest of her…my wife…my eternal mate! She was gone..NO …how could this be? I heard the desperate, tearless sobs, screaming out of myself and my family, filling the air. It was then that I saw Edward…my son..the one I truly thought of as my son…if I had the possibility of having children then he…Edward would be what I would want out of my child, fighting off the largest of the group alone.

Just then I noticed Jane glare at him and he was pinned to the ground again, writhing in obvious agony, crouching I prepared to attack. But it was too late as Edward's beautiful head was being torn from the rest of him from the three others….I noticed that his eyes never left from Bella…..as the last fibers of his head was torn from him he looked hard at me…into my eyes…begging me… I knew instantly what he wanted….."Protect her Carlisle….She is my life, my love, my soul…..Love her and care for as I would have" and with that he was gone…and with him was my last shred of life.

We attacked them then and realizing that they were severly wounded and outnumbered they retreated quickly, and even though I wanted to follow them and kill them, I couldn't leave the sides of my wife and my son.

I stood there and just stared. How could this of happened? It was only a few hours earlier that Alice bounced into the house smiling ear to ear chirping….

"Guess what guys?" Alice chirped as she entered the kitchen.

"What?" Esme asked.

"Bella and Edward are gonna get married!" She all but screamed at us in excitement.

Stiffling a giggle I said "And let me guess you're gonna get to plan the whole thing?"

"Yup!" She grinned. "Bella will give me a little trouble at first, but as she knows I always know best, she will give in."

Noticing her little pixie face light up I couldn't stop myself from laughing as Emmett said.

"Poor Bella, she has yet to learn that Alice always gets her way."

" Oh, she's learning that quite well actually." Jasper said laughing.

We all laughed.

That's when I remembered. Bella?…..Where was Bella? Just then she stumbled next to me and she started to wipe away the tears that filled her eyes. She looked at my agonized face for a moment seeming to appologize silently before she looked down and…then she was gone….she fell….I caught her in my arms and held her tightly to me as I knew what she had just seen…Edward lying on the ground..headless….dead…

"Bella?" I screamed at her shaking her gently. "Bella? Bella can you hear me? Bella dear wake up."

"Oh Carlisle" Rosealie sobbed. "How did this happen? I mean how could this of happened? We won. This isn't right. Our family isn't supposed to ever be torn apart. I don't understand this."

"Neither do I Rose….neither do I." I said.

"We need to get Bella back to the house Carlisle, she's not going to be wakeing up anytime soon and its getting cold." Alice said quietly.

This hit me hard as Alice never said anything that quietly and softly. Oh god what am I to do now?

"Carlisle?" Jasper said shaking me out of my own head. "Carlisle? You need to get Bella back to the house now, me and Emmett will handle this."

"Handle this?" Emmett suddenly asked. "How do we handle this? Carlisle?"

"I…I just don't honestly know." I answered him.

"Don't worry about that right now Carlisle. Just get Bella out of here and warm in our home." Rosealie said.

It was in that instant that I realized that Rosealie cared about Bella…it shocked me for a moment before I realized that you just couldn't hate someone who had made your family happy, complete and most importantly, even though she and Edward always fought over the smallest things, she loved him and therefore anything or anyone who made him happy and loved him was someone she also loved.

Nodding I said "Yes….yes I'll take her home. I'll see you all there later."

With a final glance I looked down upon my now shattered family and realized that as the "father" I would have to strive to figure out how to fix this, make my family happy again. But how does one fix something like this? How could I make them happy again? I looked down at the lifeless form in my arms and instantly thought of only her. I had to make good on my promise. My final unspoken promise to my son. I had to take care of this precious angel that I now held in my arms. With that I took off to my home….my empty space that I felt the terror of knowing would never be home again…..or could it?…..

"Bella? Bella dear please wake up." I called to her as I layed her down onto the couch in the family room.

Huh. Family room? Not anymore it wasn't. With that thought I broke down into myself with the sobs of anger, anguish, despair, sadness, and hopelessness that I felt. I craved the tears that I knew would never come to stream down my cheeks.

Just then Bella began to stir…

"Bella?" I said as I was pulled instantly out of my self loathing. "Bella dear can you hear me?"

"Edward?" She mumbled, looking upward blinking. "Edward where are you? You promised to stay with me. You said you'd never leave me again."

"Bella? Bella dear please." I said as I could not contain the pain in my voice. " Bella please wake up. Your safe. Your in my home. Your safe. Just as I promised Edward. I will keep you safe."

I took her into my arms and gently pressed her limp body into my chest only to hear her broken heart release the sobs of anguish that her body could no longer contain.

"Carlisle?" She said looking up into my eyes. "Carlisle? Is it true? Did I really see what I think I saw?"

How do I answer this? I cant lie to her. But I could barely handle my emotions at this moment. I cant stand the thought of hurting her. If I had a beating heart it would have stopped with the way she was staring directly into my eyes at this very moment. So broken. I cant stop staring back into her deep chocolate eyes. Its as if she is melting me with the way they are boring deep into my soul.

Just then I realized she was calling my name again.

"Carlisle? Carlisle? Carlisle?" She repeated. "Carlisle? Did I really see what I thought I saw? Please tell me I was having a nightmare. Please god, Carlisle, please tell me I had a horrible nightmare and that Edward and Esme are out hunting and you're just babysitting me. Please Carlisle tell me that is what is happening. Tell me Edward will be back in the morning. That I will be back in his arms in no time."

I shuttered as she said this as it was my own personal nightmare, and when she spoke their names I felt myself break completely. I didn't have any idea what my life would entail now. But I knew one thing for sure I would make good on my silent promise to my beloved son. I would protect this beautiful angel in my arms. I would keep her safe. I would make sure she was happy again. Even though I truly didn't know how I could seeing as how I didn't know how I would ever be happy again. But I had to do it. I would keep my family together and happy one way or another. That is how Esme would have wanted it. Bella was family, and so I would do everything in my power to make her happy and safe. Thats when I knew that next thing I said to her would break her heart completely, if not shatter her soul, I had to tell her. I tightened my grip on her, pulling her closer to my chest as I said…

"No. No Bella dear it wasn't a nightmare dear. You truly did see what you thought you saw. It feels like a nightmare though. But no my angel…..Edward will not be holding you in the morning."

Oh god! Her heart! Her heart? Has it stopped beating? No….wait there it is….. Its sooo soft and its slowing….GOD I think I just literally heard it break. What do I do now?

Just then she looked up at me. Tears streaming hard down her face. Her deep eyes now looked shallow. If not for the fact that I could hear its quiet slow beats I would believe her heart had stopped completely and she was also gone. She began to mumble to me…

" That means….Esme!" She gasped. "Oh Carlisle, I'm so sorry. It's all my fault! If it wasn't for me." she swallowed loudly. " if it wasn't for me then they would be here…..Esme would be here… in your arms…Oh god Carlisle I'm sooo sorry."

With that she looked down.

"No. Oh god NO Bella. It's not your fault. Please don't ever think that." I pleaded. "Edward loved you and he died loving you, and Esme, she loved her family. She died doing what she would always do, protecting her family." I cradled her tighter to my chest and whispered into her ear. "Oh god please Bella never ever think or say your at fault for this…for this horrible day. I beg of you please Bella…..Don't."

With that she looked up at me once more before she went limp in my arms again.

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