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Japanese Terms Used:

Yukata – casual kimono, worn normally during spring and summer, doubles as sleepwear/housewear. Just about everybody knows this, but figured I'd toss it in anyway.

Oto-san/Okaa-san – father and mother, respectively. To clarify, Itachi uses these extremely formal terms, whereas Hinata would use the English as a differentiation between formal/informal as opposed to the mother/mom dichotomy.


Day 0


Hinata gaped at the room before her.

They were in a ceremonial chamber within the Uchiha compound. The bed dominated the room, a downy mattress lifted on a foot-high platform; the sheets were white, with accents of red. Golden pillows littered the head, each with a red crane embroidered on the front.

Upon the wall behind it was an extremely old-looking silkscreen print. The calligraphy had faded with age, but the picture was more than likely of the founders of the Uchiha clan. Husband and wife. Their eyes at one time had been painted red, now faded to a dull brown. Maybe it had once been blood.

Hinata took all this in with hardly a glance at the solemn man behind her. It was simple, clean, presented beautifully, and ultimately where she would lose her long-cherished virginity (at least, long-cherished by her clan) to somebody that was almost a total stranger to her.

"Elegant, isn't it?" he murmured. Only newly weds and special caretakers were allowed within.

She jumped at Itachi's voice. For a man who had murdered (or at least tried to murder) his own cousin, it was soft. Almost pleasant. Always creepy.

"Personally, though, the cranes are a little...forward."

"Huh?" Hinata blushed. Cranes were beautiful, a symbol of luck, longevity, and peace. Unless... "W-why would you say that?"

"Okaa-san probably originally wanted the clan's symbol on every surface...the servants must have altered it," he muttered, almost to himself.

They made their way to the edge of the bed and sat, Hinata taking the end closest to the wall. She was struck by how Itachi kept his Sharingan activated almost constantly.

To tell the truth, Itachi was scary.

"I know neither one of us would like to go through with it, but...we will have to eventually."

She nodded. Itachi raised an eyebrow at her silence, and it was so terrifying that she almost fainted dead away.

"It's our duty," he went on, blissfully unaware of the terror he struck in her heart.

Then he moved to untie the obi keeping his yukata from opening, and Hinata—unsure if he belted it before tying the obi—squeaked something in dismay.

Now, scared-teen-girl-ese was very similar to annoying-little-boy-ese (the former was Hinata's second language, the latter Sasuke's), so Itachi had no trouble translating what she was attempting to say.

"I always put clothes on underneath," he said, and stood up to let the yukata fall. Underneath he wore loose shorts and one of his training shirts.

She squeaked out a reply. This one was a little harder to translate.

"You're paranoid, then."

A slightly indignant series of squeaks.

"If that was the case, you'd have married the Kyuubi jinchuuriki years ago and I would be a happy bachelor." He sighed wistfully, caught up in an introvert's dream.

She flopped onto the bed and turned away from him. This tactic bore an uncanny resemblance to something Sasuke did when he was little (like, three or four). Hinata was seventeen, almost eighteen, and this behavior was very age inappropriate.

"Would you rather get the worst part of it over now or later?" Yes, she must be taking lessons from the annoying brat. The situation was now uncomfortably like coaxing Sasuke to get his pre-international-mission vaccines (like, fourteen or fifteen).

A sniffle was his only reply. Definitely taking lessons from Sasuke.

"You're only making it harder on yourself, you know."

A hopeful glance in his direction.

"So let's treat this like a mission and, after, pretend that it never happened." If we're lucky.

She squeaked with dismay and buried her face under her sleeve.

"We can either do this the easy way or the hard way."

A slightly muffled squeak this time, followed by a very loud sniffle.

"The easy way is you remain conscious and can tell me how not to hurt you. The hard way involves knocking you out with Sharingan." If one was looking closely, one might have seen a grimace. A very tiny one.

That got her attention. Her carefully coifed hair was falling down so Itachi finished the job by pulling out all those blasted hair ornaments that never seemed to want to detach. He realized he was also still sporting his own traditional hairstyle and yanked the pins out.

"A-are you sure, Itachi-san?" She was preoccupied with pulling an errant flower from the depths of her hair and the fact that Itachi didn't know how to remove a bobby pin and would make himself go bald before the day was out if he kept it up.

"It would be prudent to use less formal speech."


"And yes, I'm sure." His fingers were still combing through his hair, looking for stray bobby pins. If he ever had children (scratch that, when he had children), he would never force them into a traditional wedding. "You don't want to be knocked out with Sharingan, and I don't want to knock you out with Sharingan."

She squeaked a little.

Eventually he shoved all the hair decorations (enough to make a small fortune off if he was ever short on cash) off the bed. "Would you prefer being on top?"

Her terrified expression indicated a no. Probably.

"Chakra-assisted or natural breaking of your...unless you don't have one?" He did not enjoy having to ask these questions. Or the idea of being within a mile of this particular girl's...Ugh. He was hoping she didn't have one.

He was pretty sure that the "uhhhm" she just uttered was not a good sign.

"Any better ideas?"

A genius Itachi was, but not when it came to being socially acceptable. He did have a point, though. She looked a little thoughtful despite the terror she was enveloped in. "Maybe...uh...d-deal with it as we g-go along?"

"That would be more efficient." Now it was Itachi's turn to look thoughtfully terrified. He hated going into things with a barebones plan, hated having to improvise. "Foreplay?"

She had taken sex ed at the academy and remembered hearing that foreplay made it much easier. "O-okay."

Itachi set to work taking off her yukata. Thankfully she wore undergarments underneath. The foreplay was mechanical, doing its job to arouse the participants without being emotionally strenuous.

Now came the hard part.

"What are you doing?" Hinata squeaked. Well, it sounded enough like "what are you doing" to Itachi.

"Making it easier for the both of us." Itachi was currently in the middle of hoisting her legs over his shoulders and removing her underwear and his and didn't really have enough hands to do all of it at once. He frowned and said, a little flippantly, "It's my first time, too."

For some reason, this gave her hope that Itachi wasn't totally and utterly terrifying, but this hope was short lived when he finally, painfully, took her virginity (long cherished by the clan) in one fell...swoop.

A few maids, loitering near the door, heard Hinata's yelp. They giggled and leaned closer. Unfortunately, the sound they heard was definitely not one of unbridled passion, but one of pain.

The bump they heard afterward was not Itachi getting passionate, but Itachi hitting his head against the wall in an attempt to get more comfortable. The curse he threw out was definitely not an expression of release, but more an expression of his irritation at having a long torso.

A few other noises followed, all of them bumps or squeals or curses. A couple of male caretakers showed up, too, and soon they were gossiping about the times they lost their collective virginity, and blithe to the utter misery within.