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Day 300


Itachi rolled over in bed. The sheet followed, almost sliding off his legs. He half expected his hand to be met with Hinata's back, though she had probably gotten up awhile ago.

When he finally dragged himself downstairs for a cup of tea, almost at noon, he was greeted with Hinata flitting around the kitchen, hair tied back in a loose bun. There were several large plastic containers of rice, fish, vegetables, noodles, and miso broth. There was a pot of water heating up on the stove, though its purpose escaped him.

"Morning," she said. "I couldn't sleep earlier, so-"

"-You...prepared enough food for a week?" He rubbed his eyes.

"It's...for, you know..." she mumbled. "And after."


He edged around her as he went through his morning routine, deftly pulling a teacup from a high shelf. More often than not, mentioning the hospital sent him into a fit of nerves. Maybe he wasn't awake enough for it to register, or maybe something had clicked in his mind to grant him a piece of calm.

"Did you sleep well?" she asked. "You seemed tired last night."

"I suppose." He set a pot of water on an open burner, then turned on the heat. "...Are you sleeping well?

She dumped some vegetables and noodles into the water. "Not really..." She turned, looked at him. "I've been managing. It's okay."

"Is there anything I can help with?" he asked, unsure how to respond. He gestured at the counter top.

"I'm almost finished. You" She started twisting her hands together. "Wash dishes? When you're ready, of course, I-"

"Yeah." He glanced at the pot, then tossed in loose green tea leaves, smiling a little. "No problem."

"Could you, um, get the lids?" she said. She pointed at a drawer near the floor.

He did so, grabbing a mesh strainer for the tea for himself. Perhaps he'd burn some incense today. The weather was breezy and begged for an open window. Hinata's hiss of pain snapped him out of tranquility. She held her fingertip between her lips as she adjusted the stove temperature.

"What happened?"

"It boiled over..." She looked her hand over. "I don't think I got burned."