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My previous years at Hogwarts definately started off better than this one. I, Hermione Granger, almost missed the train because of a faulty cart, had to sit in a car full of squirrely first years and now, I am being filed off of the Hogwarts Express poked and prodded by god knows who and can't seem to find Ron and Harry. A sudden flash of lightning in the sky and a loud crack make me jump.

"Not afraid of a little thunderstorm, are we Granger?" A snide voice commented to me from behind. Drops of rain began to pour from the sky as the first years were plowing through on their way to the boats with Hagrid.

"Malfoy." I said as I began to look through my bag for my raincoat or umbrella. God dang it, were did my mother put it? I felt my clothes getting heavy with water as I looked back up at Malfoy. Crabbe and Goyle, his two loyal cronies stood on either side of him. Crabbe held an umbrella over Malfoy and the other two stood in the rain. "I see you haven't changed a bit."

"And I see you are the same filthy little mudblood you always were." He said as the three of them stepped forewards towards me in unison. I looked down at my shoes as tears threatened to spill from my eyes. Where the hell were Ron and Harry? Suddenly, I felt breath on my cheek and the rain wasn't hitting me anymore. I looked up and saw Malfoy's peircing grey eyes looking into mine. He had a smirk on his face, well he ALWAYS has a smirk on his face.

"Step off Malfoy." I said quietly as I glared at him. He just stood there and leaned closer towards me.

"You know Granger, I was wrong." He whispered into my ear. I felt my blood run cold, just what was he playing at? "You have changed. You've grown into a woman."

I then realized a hard pressure on my breast and looked down to see Malfoy's pale bony fingers groping me. Crabbe and Goyle laughed as I felt the heat rise to my face. I then realized that I was wearing a plain white button up blouse, which was now completely soaked through exposing my red bra. I froze in place. I wanted so badly to slap Malfoy across his face, or punch him again like I did in 3rd year, but I couldn't find the composure to move. Then, it was too late. He and his croonies were stalking off with the crowd and I was left behind to get drenched again. I opened my bag again to look for a jacket, any thing to cover myself up with, but I couldn't find anything.

"Hermione? You look like a train wreck!" I heard the voice as it was exiting the train. I turned to see two tall and lanky boys walking my way. Both of them had bright orange hair, freckles, hand-me-down robes, and were completely identical in everyway. Very few people could tell them apart, I was one of those few people.

"Thanks Fred, you really know how to charm a girl." I said sarcastically. As they each stepped onto the concrete, they opened identical umbrellas. I quickly joined them underneath and sighed. "Either of you got an extra robe, I kinda have a problem."

"No worries Hermione." George said as he opened his bag and pulled out an oversized Hogwarts robe. I happily wrapped myself in it and smiled in the warmth. "Unlike Fred, I got the gene of gentlemany."

"Yes, and I got the brains." Fred said nudging me softly. "Especially since I know that 'gentlemany' isn't a word."

I laughed softly and we began to walk towards the carriges that would take us to our beloved school. "Either of you seen Ron or Harry?"

"No." Fred said quickly.

"Haven't seen them at all." George added.

"Not since we boarded." Fred replied. "Speaking of which-"

"I don't recall seeing you with them." George said. "Did you get there early or something?"

"No, late." I heard them both gasp sarcastically and couldn't help but laugh. "I know, this year is starting off rough. I was late, couldn't find them, and then I was harrassed by Malfoy and soaked to the bone."

"WHAT?" They said together. "YOU WERE HARRASSED BY MALFOY?"

I nodded slowly and laughed as their jaws dropped and they stopped walking. I stopped next to them, "It's no big deal guys-really."

"Are you kidding?" Fred said angrily. "Hermione, you are like the little sister we never had,"

"But you do have a little sister, remeber Ginny?" I said jokingly.

"But she doesn't count." George said.

"She acts just like a boy." Fred agreed.

"She doesn't even wear girl clothes!" George laughed and put his arm around me. "You are truly a girl, and we can tell."

He pointed at my chest and laughed as I turned bright red. I punched him lightly in the arm. "So I grew a little over the summer, why does everyone have to tease me about it?"

"A little?" Fred said with a smirk.

"More like TONS!" George added.

"I'd say you went from a dainty b cup-"

"To a blistering d!"

"Shut up you two!" I said as we approached the carriges.

"Hermione!" I heard echo across the forest. I finally saw him, one of my two best friends. Ron ran to me and hugged me tight holding his umbrella.

"Where were you? What happened? Are you okay? Why weren't you on the train earlier? What-"

I cut him off mid-sentence as I punched him in the arm.

"What the bloody hell was that for?" Ron said angrily as he rubbed his arm.

"For not waitng for me when we got off the train." I said as I hugged him.

"Well, it's not like you were alone. You had these two nimrods to keep you company." Ron pointed at Fred and George. "What are you two doing back here anyways?"

"Didn't you read the letters for this term Ron?" I said matter-of-factly. "Dumbledore hired them."

"Hired them? For what?" He asked.

"Honestly don't you read anything other than the books list?" I sighed and pulled out my letter I had gotten in Owl Post only days before. "Dumbledore said that 'Due to the reappearance of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, I have added and new addition to our staff. Mr. Fred and George Weasley shall be employed under my services to oversee all activities, non-school related, and be sure to keep morale at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at an all time high during these dark times.'"

"So, Ron," Fred said as he and his twin stood on either side of their younger brother. "I wouldn't be calling us nimrods."

"At least not to our faces." George added.

"Especially if you want to be included in all the fun." Fred laughed as he handed Ron a candy. "Be a good boy now."

They swiftly walked away and got into a half full carrige. The carrige pulled away and I saw Ron eagerly opening his new gift.

"No Ron don't!" I warned, but I was too late. Ron's face turn a shade of green and I stumbled back, but not fast enough. A bluish purple vomit spew out of Ron's mouth and on to my shoes and robe. "RON!"

"Sorry Hermione..." He mumbled as he wiped his mouth on his sleeve. I kicked my shoes to get the vomit off and slowly peeled off the robes.

"Great, this day just gets worse and worse." I shook the robes gently and then folded them over each other. "Ron, where is Harry? ...Ron!"

"Huh?" He said faintly. I looked at him and realized he was staring at my chest. I quickly grabbed my bag and pulled it up to cover myself.

"Honestly, Ron." I said as I smacked him in the back of the head. "Can't you think for just a minute?"

"Gosh Hermione.." His cheeks turned a bright red. "You..Wow."

"Ron, I asked you a question. Where is Harry?"

"Well, I haven't seen him for a while. He left me on the train, said he was going to find you." Ron's reddness began to fade slowly as he looked around. "Now that you mention it, where is that slimy git?"

"Well, maybe he already went on a carrige. We better go catch one before they are all taken." I said as Ron and I began to jog to catch the last carrige. We approached them and saw that a few of the teachers had check stations set up along the loading area and were checking students bags and persons. "Well, I see they beefed up security quite alot."

We walked up to the empty station and soon discovered just why it was empty.

"10 points from Gryffindor Miss Granger. For your lack of decency in what you wear." A sneer was added to Snape's greasy complextion.

"I'm sorry Professor, I didn't expect it to rain until later tonight." I explained as I sat my bag on the table.

"Then 10 more points, for being unprepared." He added with a smirk as he waved his wand over my bag slowly.

"But sir-" I felt Ron's elbow dig into my side. "Ow!"

"Shut it Hermione, the year hasn't even started and you are loosing us points!" Ron whispered angrily. I sighed as Snape handed me my bag back and took Ron's. He wved his wand the same way and then gave it back waving us off as though he was annoyed. Ron and I hurried to the carriges and hopped into one, then we were off heading up the trail to our home away from home.

After I was able to go to the restroom and change my shirt, I joined Ron and Ginny at the table in the Great Hall. Harry was still no where to be found. I glanced around the hall and noticed quite a few kids missing from their tables-probably unable to return to school since the reappearance of Voldemort. My eyes then wandered to the Slytherin table where I saw Malfoy sitting alone.

Why is he alone? I though he was their idol. I thought to myself. He looked so sad and serene. It was almost sublime the way that the light hit his pale skin and white blonde hair. He looks like an an-WHAT THE HELL? I shook my head slightly as I pushed away the thought, after all it was Malfoy. Then, his eyes turned to me. He smirked as he caught me staring and I felt the heat rise to my cheeks. I instantly looked down at my plate.

"What's wrong Hermione?" Ginny said looking at me then turning around to look at the Slytherin table behind her. Her eyes sparkled with the idea of gossip. "Ooo, do you have a new crush?"

"No, just observing the quantity of students this year." I mumbled softly.

"Ugh, I want this sorting to be done with! I'm starving." Ron said as he held his fork and knife tightly in each hand.

"Ron, Harry is still missing. How can you be hungry at a time like this?" I said angrily as I threw my napkin at him.

"Guys," Ginny said as she turned back to us. "Why is Malfoy staring at us?"

"Not us." I said quietly. "Me."

"Why?" Ron said as his eyes darted to Draco.

"Calm down Ron it's nothing." I said as Dumbledore finished his speech. Food suddenly appeared on the table and Ron instantly began to dig in.

"It sure doesn't seem like nothing." Ginny said as she turned around again. "He's got a smirk on his face, and not the normal kind."

"Did sumfing appin on da twain?" Ron said as he stuffed his face with chicken.

"Not exactly." I said as I took a bite of my roll and popped it into my mouth. I looked across the hall at Malfoy again. He poked and prodded at the food on his plate but never actually put any in his mouth. His eyes were fixated at me, and there was a smirk on his face that seemed more like a smile. I looked back down at my plate and rolled a pea around with my fork.

"Wa o you men not exafly?" Ron said before he gulped down pumpkine juice to swallow his bite. He cleared his throat. "What happened?"

"Nothing, we just exchanged words is all." I said silently.

"Well he certainly seems to fancy you Hermione." Ginny said with a giggle as the Great Hall doors burst open. There stood Harry looking disheveld as ever with blood running down his robes. He quickly walked foreward to where we were sitting at the table.

"Harry! What on earth happened to you?" I said as I stood up and hugged him lightly.

"I'll tell you later." He said as he sat next to me and glanced at Ron, who was currently gorging himself.

"Goud fu ee you Ari." Ron said not taking his eyes off his food.

"You save me any food Ron, I'm starving." Harry said as he began to make his own plate of food. I heard Ron gulp again as he looked at me.

"Hermione, don't think you are off the hook." He said as he picked up his pumpkin juice.

"What did I miss?" Harry asked as he began to eat his dinner.

"Malfoy and Hermione seem to have had sparks fly earlier." Ginny said with a giggle.

"We did not!" I said angrily as I looked at Harry. "Don't believe these two, let's just eat dinner and then go unpack."

"No," Ron said angrily. "I wanna know why Ferret Boy is staring at you all of dinner with that dumbass smirk."

"Well then why don't you go ask him because I have no clue Ronald!" I spat angrily. "Why do you two always assume that I know the answers to everything?"

"Well because you usually do!" Ron said as he gulped down more pumpkin juice.

"Well, sometimes I just don't know, can you accept that for once in your life?" I folded my arms tightly across my chest.

"Well maybe if you didn't act like such a know it all.." Ron mumble as he looked away. I stood up suddenly and glared at him.

"I'm sorry Ron if I have had to rely on intelligence to help me excell in life. I'm sorry that I actually study, pay attention in school, and hope to make something of myself instead of just gorge myself on food and ask others to do my work for me! I'm sorry if it inconviences you that for once in my life someone other than you or Harry or Ginny takes any particular notice in me!" By this time I noticed that the whole Great Hall was silenced and staring at me. I turned on my heel and headed for the door. When I reached it, I looked back and saw Ron eating again. I scanned the hall and noticed that Draco was now missing from his seat as well.

When did he leave? I thought to myself as I left through the doors. I quickly headed for the Gryffindor common room and then realized that I didn't know the new password. I looked at the watch on my wrist-the only muggle thing I kept on me when I was at Hogwarts. It was still 2 hours before the feast would be over. I decided to wander the corridors for a while until someone that knew the password showed up.

"Why do you always have to upset Hermione?" Harry asked Ron and they watched their best friend leave the Great Hall. "I mean, you do it every year, Ron."

"I dun ian du." Ron said as he finished off his plate. Suddenly, the deserts appeared before them and instantly Ron dug in.

"Did anyone else notice that Malfoy left while Hermione was yelling?" Ginny asked with a slight twinkle in her eye.

"I'm going to find her." Ron said as he stood up from the table. Harry grabbed his arm and forced him to sit back down.

"No, give her sometime to cool off. She can take care of herself."

I decided to sit next to the portrait of the Fat Lady until the feast was over. Thankfully, she got bored of me and left to have tea with on of her thousand other friends in the castle. I sighed and looked at my watch, still had 30 minutes before the feast ended. I heard footsteps on the stairs below me and jumped up. Maybe it was Ron coming to apologize. I peered over the railing looking for bright red hair, instead I saw light blonde hair coming my way.

Why is Malfoy here? I asked myself as I silently slid into the corner to hide in the darkness. I held my breath as he got closer.

"No use hiding Granger," He said as he turned the corner. "I could smell your filthy blood at the bottom of the stairs."

He started to approach me as I looked down at my shoes. Malfoy was the one person who knew that on my own I was weak. Around others I usually acted tough, but when caught on my own-sheesh I am pathetic.

"Buzz off Malfoy." I said quietly. "Why are you even up here?"

"I left the feast early and though I'd go for a little walk." He smirked at me as he stopped just a few feet away. "Nice outburst by the way, I caught the gist of it as I slipped out. So, Weasley is jealous because some pathetic prick has a little cruch on you?"

"Not really," I mumbled. "Ron is like a brother..it's more of a protection thing than a jealousy thing."

"Well, who is the lucky guy?" Malfoy chuckled slightly. Is he being nice to me? I thought to myself. No, he's teasing you.

"Y-No one." I said quickly. "Just a rumor Ginny started. She said the reason I was late for the train was because I was with a muggle boy."

"Well," Malfoy said as he slowly stepped foreward. "Don't be surprised if this year ou get a few male suitors."

"What?" I asked quietly as Malfoy came within 2 inches of me. I pressed myself into the corner. "What do you mean?"

Malfoy slowly reached out and tucked a stray strand of hair behind my ear. I felt the heat coming off of his body as I looked up into his grey eyes. What the hell is going on? I said as Malfoy leaned down close to my face and I heard footsetps coming our way.

"You truly have blossomed over the summer..even for a filthy little mudblood." His breath was hot against my lips and I heard the steps come to a halt.

"What the bloody hell?" I heard Ron gasp. I thought quickly and slapped Malfoy across the face-bad idea. I felt instant pain as he grabbed my wrists and slammed me back against the wall.

"If I were you Granger, I'd watch myself." He whispered so low only I could hear. "The Dark Lord has returned and soon filthy mudblood like you will be wiped clean from the Earth. If I were you, I'd make friends where it would help, with someone who could protect me. I'd becareful what blood traitors I associated myself with, because their time is limited."

I was stunned. I couldn't move a muscle until he let go of me. I felt my knees give out as I sunk down to the floor. I saw Malfoy as he turned on his heel and stalked off past Ron and Harry. I felt myself shaking and tears welling up in my eyes. What did he mean by "because their time is limited"? What did he know that I didn't. I felt Ron and Harry's arms around me as they helped me stand up.

"What was that all about?" Ron asked me as we turned to the Fat Lady. She had just returned to he post as we heard everyone being released from the Great Hall.

"Caput Draconis." Harry said clearly. The door flew open and we entered the common room. "Hermione, are you okay? Why was Malfoy up here?"

"I'm going to bed." I said quickly. I tried to dart upstairs but Ron caught my arm and held tightly.

"Hermione, tell us what is going on between you and Malfoy." He said sternly.

"Nothing is going on between us Ron." I tried to jerk my arm out of his grip but found it useless.

"What did he say to you?" Harry asked with his arms folded over his chest.

"It was nothing. Really, don't worry about it." The common room opened again as more Gryffindors stepped in. Ron released my arm and glared at me. "Good night."

"Night." They both mumbled as I darted upstairs. I took as quick shower, pulled back my hair and got on my night clothes. The dorm was incredibly quiet and I heard the rest of my house celebrating the start of a new term. I sat next to the window with my chin resting on my knees. I could tell that this year was going to be hard on me. Suddenly, I saw an owl sitting outside of the window. I opened it slowly and let if come inside. It was one of the school's owls and had a letter tied to it's leg. I opened it slowy.

Tell no one what I said. Or you will regret it.


P.S. Meet me tonight in the Forbidden Forest. Come alone.

I balled up the letter and shoved it into my truck. What the hell is Malfoy playing at this year. Groping me, following me, and now asking for me to meet him in secret. I sighed and crawled into bed slowly. There was no way in hell I was going to meet that prick so late. I turned off my light and closed my eyes to try and get some sleep.

I heard knocking at the window next to my bed and sat up slowly. I was still dark in the room. I picked up my watch from the bedside table and looked at the time. 2:27 am. I stood up out of bed and went to the window. Outside was another owl, this time it was Hedwig. I let Harry's owl in and took the letter. I opened it and read.


Come to the common room now. It's just me.

Ron is still sleeping. We need to talk. Now.


I sighed and quickly put a robe on to cover my cold legs and slid my feet into my slippers. As silently as I could, I slipped out of the room and down to the common room. I found Harry sitting in the empty couch by the fire and sat next to him. He wrapped his blanket and his arms around me to share the warmth.

"Fred and George told me what you said this morning about Malfoy." He said quietly. "Did he really molest you?"

"Well, when you say it like that.." I mumbled silently.

"Wait, are you saying he actually did?" Harry whispered to me as his eyes got wide.

"He grabbed my boobs, that was all. He was making fun of me because I got stuck in the rain with a white shirt on." I felt the heat rise to my cheeks again.

"Jesus Hermione." Harry said. "Is that why you slapped him? Cause he brought it up again?"

"Wel...yeah." I said quietly. I hated lying to Harry, but I couldn't help feeling that Malfoy wasn't kidding about his threat. "Look, it's over now okay. Let's just forget about it and have a good first day tomorrow."

"Yeah, okay." Harry said. "By the way Hermione, I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but you look really good this year."

"What do you mean?" I asked looking at him curiously.

"Well, I.." He blushed slightly. "I mean this completely as friends and nothing more, but your hair looks nice and you look like you really...well...developed this summer."

"I really need some girl friends." I laughed. "You are the fourth boy to tell me that today alone."

"Well, we are men. We can't help but to notice and appreciate these things." Harry said with a goofy smile. I picked up the pillow next to me and hit him in the face with it.

"Go get some sleep, Potter." I said as I stood up. I kissed Harry on the cheek and then headed up the stairs again to try and sleep before classes began.

"Miss Granger...Miss Granger!" I was awoken by the shrill voice of Professor McGonagall as she tapped her wand infront of me. "I would appreciate it if you got more sleep before my class, Miss Granger."

"I'm sorry Professor. I had a rough night is all." I explained pitifully.

"It's quite alright, considering you have already read the pages we are going over-"

"Actually I haven't." I heard the entire class gasp. "You see, I preordered my books over summer but they still haven't arrived. I'm hoping to get them in the post today, if not I'll be spending my night in the library."

"Not the ideal way to start off your first N.E.W.T. year Miss Granger. I had hope better of you." She turned and walked back to her desk to continue with the lesson. I looked at Harry and Ron who were seated next to me.

"Sheesh Hermione. What happened to you over the summer." Ron said as he slid his book to me so I could share.

"I'm not sure. I think maybe I've just run into a bit of bad luck is all. It'll all straighten out soon enough." I said as I began to take quick notes from McGonagall's lecture. It was torture for once to be in class. I had no book of my own and Ron couldn't keep up as fast as I could. Eventually he decided to share with Harry and let me have the book to myself. When the class ended, I stayed after a bit to gather my things.

"You guys go ahead." I said to Ron and Harry. I looked to McGonagall's desk and walked to her. "Um, Professor, I was wondering...Well I would like to know if there is some kind of charm or curse that can cause someone to have bad luck."

"No, why do you ask Miss Granger?" She said as she waved her wand to get the classroom back in order.

"Well, you see, I just haven't had the best start to term." I sat down infront of her desk. "I've been feeling really befuddled and confused. I can't seem to keep up with anything and it's only been two days."

"I see. Well, just go about everything as you normally do Miss Granger. I'm sure it will all sort it's self out." I nodded and headed out the door for Charms class. Once in the corridor, I heard a small whisper and my bag split open. All of my stuff spilled out onto the floor. I looked behind me to see the Slytherin possy; Crabbe, Goyle, Blaize, and Pansy. Surprisingly though, there was a lack of Malfoy.

"Oh, the poor mudblood's bag ripped." Pansy's snarky voice rang in my ears as I knelt to pick up my things. Crabbe and Goyle laughed deeply as the group walked towards me.

"You know, I have to give you props Granger." Blaize said as he stepped on a roll of parchment. "You've got guts. I mean after all, you are the only mudblood who returned this year."

I looked up at them shocked as I whispered a charm to fix my bag. "I highly doubt that."

"Oh no, it's true. All the others stayed home to protect their filthy muggle families." Pansy said as she picked up my pen and inkwell. She pocketed them and smirked. "But, I guess you don't really care about them. Othrewise, you wouldn't be here either would you."

"What is it with you all this year?" I said angrily as I jumped up to face them off. "You-Know-Who returns and you all seem to think you run the school! Well, I've got news for you-Dumbledore runs the school and Voldemor-"

I felt a cold sting as Pansy backhanded me. Tears sprang to my eyes and I felt Blaize's hand at my throat and his wand just under his palm.

"I will not let the Dark Lord's name spew from a filthy mudblood like you." He sneered in my face. "Avad-"

"Back off Blaize." I heard from somewhere in the corridor. Blaize stopped mid-curse and dropped me to the floor. I looked up to see Malfoy standing at the corner of the hall. "Go to class. All of you."

The group of Slytherins quickly dispersed and I began to pick up my stuff and put it back in my bag. Malfoy stepped foreward to me and knelt down. He reached out and grabbed my chin roughly making me look up to the ceiling.

"What happened, Granger?" He asked as he let go of my chin. I looked at him curiously.

"Why should I tell you?" I said as I stuffed parchment into my bag and Malfoy held out a small black book to me.

"Because it's my job." He said as he pointed to the badge on his cloak. It was the prefect badge. I felt my jaw drop and then quickly closed my mouth.

"Well, it was nothing. Don't bother with it." I said as I snatched for the black book. He pulled it away from me and smirked.

"What is this?" He looked at the spine and read. "Moby Dick? What is that?"

"It's a muggle novel, you wouldn't know it." I snatched the book from him and shoved it in my bag. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna be late for Charms."

I turned on my heel and began to walk away. Malfoy quickly joined me and fell into step next to me. "Let me walk you, then you won't get in trouble for being late and you can tell me what happened."

I glanced at him. Malfoy seemed almost worried about me. "Just your friends being stupid is all. Like I said it's nothing to worry about."

"Nothing to worry about, Blaize was about to use the killing curse." Malfoy said as he stopped me and made me turn to face him. "Granger, you need to be more careful what you say around certain people. Now that the Dark Lord has returned, they won't hold back."

"Malfoy, I need to ask you something." I said as I looked down at our shoes. "Why are you being so nice to me?"

"I'm not being nice Granger." He turned away from me and looked at the floor. "Let's just say I know that some things around here are going to get very bad very fast, and I know you and your friends have a tendancy of finding trouble. Now, since you are the mudblood of the group-you'll be the one most...affected by it."

"By what?" I reached out for Malfoy's arm and he quickly jerked it away.

"You need to get to class before I give you a detention Granger." He said angrily as he began to walk again. I felt confused to no end. What was with these random mood swings, why was he being nice, why is this year so horrible.

"Was Blaize really going to kill me just because I was going to say his name?" I asked quietly. Malfoy stopped again and turned to face me.

"You'd be surprised what can set off a Death Eater." He said to me.

"Blaize is a Death Eater?" I said quicker than I expected. Malfoy just nodded.

"They all are."