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A Fallen Blossom

Trees were all a blur and the wind lashed at her face. Her clothes was soaked with blood and she was running low with chakra. Fear took over her mind making her think "run...run..run..". Her pink hair had leaves and blood and her eyes were dull, tears falling.

Everything fell apart ever since she came. Everyone turned their attention to her. Everyone insulted the cherry blossom, glare at her, saying that she was weak and wrong. She make lies and people would believe her. They betrayed Sakura Haruno.


A fist had connected with her cheek and she staggered back from the force. Her hand had instinctively went to her cheek and green chakra healed it. She stared at the angry figure in astonishment and sorrow.

"What was that for?" Sakura demanded.

"You know what that was for! How could you say that to Karin? She is innocent and sweet. You're just jealous she's stronger than you and you are just weak," the blonde blue-eyed girl spat viciously.

"W-What I never said such things!"

"Stop lying. Karin even told us and she was crying nonstop."

"Ino, why do you trust her? She's the one that's lying!"

Ino punched her in the gut painfully and she coughed up blood. "That's for being a bitch!" Ino walked away with her head high. Sakura straightened herself and walked to the training ground that Team 7 used. She saw the rest were there and when she made my presence known they stopped all the talking and glared. Karin was clinging to Sasuke's arm with posessiveness.

"What are you doing here?" Naruto, her supposedly called brother, demanded with a killing aura. Sakura was actually stronger than the others. She had passed Tsunade in medical and strength.

"I was thinking if you want to spar?" She innocently asked and then a glint in the eyes went unnoticed by Sakura.

"Sure we will spar. We will see if you can take us all by yourself," Sasuke smirked and they walked to the field. Karin just watched the fight.

"Go Sasuke-kun! Kick her ass!" Karin screamed with her high-pitched voice. Sakura held back as they came to her. She dodged agilely and swiftly, but one kick to the back sent her to the ground. She didn't have time to get up as a flurry of punches and kicks went. Each hit caused her to cough up blood. Sakura thought it would never end.

Then one last kick, they walked away with smirks. When they were out of sight, she struggled to get up and started to run with the last of her chakra.

Sakura then fell to the ground in a heap panting heavily. Her vision started to blur and she was losing conscious. The last thing she saw was a blonde that looked like Ino and a person with an orange swirly mask.

"Ooh Deidara-sempai can Tobi keep cherry blossom?"

"Shut up Tobi,un. Leader wants her,yeah".

"Can Tobi dress her as a princess?"

"Shut up,Tobi, yeah!"

"Please! Deid-" Whack,"Ow! Deidara-sempai!"

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