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Everything was peaceful in Atarashii Hajime, the village created from the remainings of Konoha. The market started to open their stalls for the day, people bustling in the early morning. The sunrise lighting the sky, warming the land with its rays of heat. So peaceful, yet perfect.

"Hidan, give me back my bra or so help me, I will cut off your dick and serve it on a platter!" a feminine, yet loud voice rang throughout the village. People paused to hear the voice then continued on what they were doing like nothing ever happened.

"Isn't that Haruno?" a woman questioned to her friend.

"She's not a Haruno anymore. She bears the Uchiha name," another answered. "I heard the last Uchiha and her are to be wed soon."

"Don't talk such nonsense. He didn't even pop the question yet. Don't get your hopes up yet."

The pinkette they had been talking about had been chasing and threatening the jashinist around the manor. It seems he had stolen her bra. Sakura Haruno, dressed in a robe, stood in front of Hidan with a glare. He was unaffected with it for he had a smirk plastered upon his face, his arms crossed with one hand holding the bra. Hidan leaned against the wall casually.

"I'd like to see you try, bitch," Hidan replied cockily. Kakuzu rounded the corner seeing her distress and whacked Hidan on the side of his head. "What was that for?"

"Hidan, you idiot, give her back her bra." Kakuzu said with a hint of boredom. Muttering under his breath, he handed her bra back. Sakura childishly stuck her tongue out while she took it happily.

"Thank you, Kakuzu. I would've been late if you didn't help," she hugged him. She returned to her room to prepare for the upcoming event later on that day. Sakura looked at herself in the mirror. That year had been so hard on everyone. It was hard to gain the trust of the people and to make the village successful again. Most rebelled early in the year when Akatsuki waltzed through the gates of Konoha.

They would have fear running through their veins since the hokage sent ALL the ninjas in war. What a good idea to leave the village unprotected (sense the sarcasm)! Then Suna surprised them when they stood next to Akatsuki and didn't attack them. Pein told the panic-stricken villagers that this wasn't Konoha anymore; that it is going to be a new village born from the ashes of Konoha.

Everyone worked together to build Atarashii Hajimie. In a year, the new village is finished. Pein couldn't rule it for he had his own to protect and lead. This was fine for them for they were allies along with Suna. Atarashii still didn't have a hokage, but today they were finally going to announce the hokage.

She also remember the day she had died, yet revived back to life. Everyone wanted an explanation, but it was so complicated to explain the whole thing. It was a clear memory that is forever implanted in her brain.


After Itachi and Sakura seperated from their kiss, she was grabbed into another arms. Tight, yet gentle hugs she had received from the Akatsuki, Kazekage, and Shikamaru which made her cry with joy. They all had unshed tears in their eyes, but Hidan tried to use the "I'm too cool to cry and badass" act and turned his head so they wouldn't see the tears rolling down his face.

They set her petite body on her feet. She looked at all of them then sighed. "I guess your wondering how I came back to life." Nods were the response she had received and a "Fuck yeah, Bitch!" from our favorite jashinist. Kakuzu did everyone a favor and smacked the side of Hidan's head. Hidan grumbled while he crossed his arms, pouting.

She paused to let everyone settle down before she spoke. Her eyes were closed while she spoke with a gratitude and sad voice.

"When I died, I arrived at a house of some sorts sitting on a mat. I sat across a lady drinking tea, yet the lady had a superior aura.

"Sakura, would you like some tea?" the lady offered and I hesitantly accepted. "I know you're a bit nervous, but don't be. This is heaven." This is where I started freaking out. You would too, except these ice cubes here and the zombie brothers, because nobody really wants to die even if it's your destiny.

The woman started laughing at me for some unknown reason. "Do you even know who I am, child?" I shook my head after I calmed down, "I am Kami-sama." I looked at her with shock in my eyes. This woman had waist-length light red-close to pink- hair with gold eyes. She wore a white kimono with embroidery and flowers on it. Half of her hair was in a bun, held by two white and gold chopsticks. She was exotic and stunning. I apologized for the way I acted, but she brushed it off like it was nothing. Then peaceful silence surrounded us.

"You know it still wasn't your time," she said seriously after a while, breaking the comfortable silence. I looked at her in confusion.

"What do you mean? I know I died, but we die at some point in our lives for we are shinobi," I replied with confusion laced in my voice.

"Yes, shinobi die, but you weren't supposed to die. You were supposed to live on happily," Kami stated with a matter-of-fact tone.

"It's too late already. You can't change the past or bring me back to life."

"Or can I?" Again I looked at her oddly, but then I mentally smacked myself. This is Kami we are talking to; she can possibly do anything. "Sakura, I can bring you back to the ones you love. To spend the rest of your life with the ones that cherish your well-being. Or you can stay here and spend the rest of eternity in heaven with no war or death. To have peace and silence. It's your choice."

I thought about this really. No wars would be created again. No death and dying people. No more people suffering while I lived with a roof over my head. Then, again, I have people who will miss me. Who will even love me for the rest of their lives.

"I want to go back," I said with determination and longing. Kami smiled softly and motioned with her hand to me. My body suddenly started glowing with a bright, white light.

"Your body will be fully healed so it would be easier to go back to your body. We will meet soon, Haruno Sakura," that was the last thing I heard before everything faded. Then I opened my eyes and saw everyone."

Sakura scanned everyone's faces to see their faces streamed with tears. Itachi thanked Kami with all his life for bringing Sakura back. A wind breezed through the area and he heard a feminine voice. A message carried from the wind. The voice had said," Your welcome." Itachi's eyes widened slightly then smirked again. Kami actually heard him, he thought with joy. He forgot everything momentarily as he grabbed Sakura into another hug.

Sakura sighed at the memory. So hectic, but it at least they got a happy ending. She dressed in a light green and white kimono with pink cherry blossom petals. Half of her hair was clipped up and the rest curled. Her bangs swept to the side and the rest framing her face.

Black eyeliner had the effect of making her green eyes pop out. Lip gloss placed on her rosy lips. She looked at herself and mentally applauded at her handiwork. A knock disrupted the silence in the room.

"Come in," Sakura called out. Konan stepped in the room also dressed nicely. She wore an ocean blue kimono with a white stash/bow around her waist. Her hair was in a loose bun with some locks of hair framing her pale face. A white origami flower was pinned upon her bun. She didn't have many piercings on her face today. The only makeup she wore was smoky eyeshadow and a bit of lipgloss.

"Ready?" Konan asked and Sakura nodded. The rest of the Akatsuki met with the girls while they made their way to the village's center. People made a clear pathway for the group to walk in the front of the group. Danzou was killed, giving the ROOT members a chance to redeem themselves. The elders were soon disposed of their jobs and others took their place. Pein had arrived for today and sat next to Gaara.

Sakura made her way to the front and on the stage; only Sasori, Kakuzu, and Madara stood behind her. Those three along with Zetsu were the elders, even if they weren't old much. Kisame wolf-whistled while the others just cheered or clapped. You could hear a "That's my bitch!" from Hidan and a slap in response from Konan.

"Where is Itachi?" Sakura asked Sasori.

"I don't know. He said he needed to do an errand first, so he's going to be a little late," Sasori answered. Sakura pouted before looking at the crowd. She lifted a hand and everyone quieted down. Everyone waited for her to say something.

"Everyone has been through so much this past year, but it got better later on. We all lost someone precious to us, but we had to move on at one point. We created a new village- to be born out of the ashes of Konoha, a forgotten village. To rise and to be at the top. Atarashii Hajimie is born, but yet we don't have a leader to guide us.

"We need someone that knows the pain and suffering we all went through, but has a sane mind. That person must know what's best for the village; to help it in it's dangerous time if the time ever comes." Sakura watched them nod their heads in understanding. Some had tears in their eyes, yet they didn't wipe it away.

"Meet your new hokage, Nara Shikamaru," cheers and whistles erupted in the crowd. Shikamaru looked shocked, yet happy. Some had to push him up to go up on the stage. Shikamaru walked up with a lazy grin on his face. Sakura grabbed him by the collar and hugged him. Madara placed a specifically made robe and hat upon Shikamaru.

He turned to the crowd and everyone quieted again. "This is so troublesome (cue chuckles going around) and I didn't expect to become hokage. I will fulfill my duty to protect this village, I swear."

Everyone clapped again and celebrated the new hokage. Sakura smiled softly at everything. Everything was just perfect and nothing could change it. She looked at Temari who was speaking to Shikamaru. A distant glint on her hand shined from the sunlight. It seems he had proposed to her after a long time of being together.

"Seems I'm going to have to threaten the hokage," a voice joked to her side.

"Sure enough, Gaara," she said and hugged him.

"Don't worry. I won't hurt him...much," he grinned, but she punched him playfully. Then again everything went silent.

"What is it now that got everyone to shut up?" she asked jokingly. Gaara looked at her with a small smirk, but she looked at him confused. A fake cough caught her attention and she turned around. The sight in front of made her lose her breath. Itachi was dressed in a tuxedo with his hair tied back loosely. A red rose was in the chest pocket. The red tie just added to the tux over the white button-up shirt. His onyx eyes stared at her with a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. He looked mysterious and handsome combined, but that wasn't what made her gasp.

Uchiha Itachi was kneeling on one knee holding a velvet box. He peered at her with his dark, onyx eyes. "Haruno Senji Sakura, I remember the day that I knew that I was in love with you. We went through thick and thin. A few times I thought I had lost you, but you fought to stay alive. My love for you is strong and our bond is unbreakable.

"Everyday we grow older and older and I plan to spend my life with you." He opened the box, revealing a ring with 3 gems. Two pink diamonds were engraved next to a ruby gem. Silver metal wrapped around the band of the metal like vines and formed into a heart around the gems. Inside of the band engraved was "Forever and always in love with you."

Tears pricked the sides of eyes and some slid down her cheeks.

Thank god for waterproof makeup Sakura thought while wiping the tears away. "Yes," she answered and threw herself in the arms of the prepared Itachi whose arms were wide open. Cheers and whistles erupted once again today. She brought him into a kiss and he happily complied. They separated and Itachi slipped on the ring.

"What have you done to the real Itachi?" Kisame joked and slapped Itachi's shoulder.

"Really, that was very corny of you, yeah," Deidara stated.

"I'm so happy for you, Sakura!" Konan exclaimed.

"Don't hurt her, Uchiha," Shikamaru and Gaara both threatened with a glare. Itachi nodded in understanding while he twirled her around and embraced her.

"I love you, Uchiha Itachi," Sakura whispered in his ear.

"I love you too, Uchiha Sakura," he replied back.

The End


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