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And The light in his eyes dies...

That is what Genma saw as he completed striking with the vacuum blade followed by punch to the solar plexus that he threw. That image would haunt him for the rest of his short, pathetic life. The life in his own son's eyes fading from life, into something cold and dark. Ranma still stood in front of him, but his eyes... they reflected nothing. 'Maybe training this morning was not a good idea. Maybe waiting for him to recover from the wedding, and that Kuno-boys katana strike would have been better. Waiting for anything, any time would have been better than this.' Genma watched as Ranma started to fall, after standing there, lifeless, and for one of the few times in his life, screamed his sons name in anguish.

Inside the house Nabiki heard the scream and understood faster than anyone else. She raced to the pond, and saw Ranma's fallen form and Genma picking him up. Ranma's head rolled to the side, and Nabiki also saw into those lifeless eyes. Nothing was there, for her. Not warm or cold, just flat. Empty. She collapsed to the ground sobbing, knowing in her heart that he was gone, her ATM, her often times joke, and the only man she ever had complete trust in, was growing cold as she wept.

Hours later, Nodoka and the others gathered around Ranma's body at Dr. Tofu's . Tofu looked down, and said "Genma-san and Nodoka-san please stay with me a moment, this should be something as a family we discuss." Akane tried to interject, but Nabiki just dragged her away. Kasumi was not even at Tofu's with them, she was at home, crying to her mothers spirit, because she knew what the outcome would be.

Ranma's body was taken to a nearby hospital in the Juban ward. The Furinkan hospital did not seem to have an active morgue as no one actually was killed often in Nermia, other than from old age, or sickness. They farmed out handling of the dead to the more active Juban hospital. Nodoka was the only one following him. She barred the rest of them from following her son to this place. She promised to invite most of them to the funeral. Genma was running for his life, and not just from the fiances, but from Nodoka herself. He feared the fiancee brigade but her knew deep in his heart that Nodoka would kill him. For all of the pain he suffered for his killing of Ranma, he still put his own skin above anything else. He would try to see if he could make a new start in Brazil, and hope no one could find him there. He in the end, was wrong. Latter he was taken to a village in china, by a pair of hunters.

There he paid the price for his deeds.

Nodoka sat, in the hospital waiting to take ownership of her only sons corpse. Knowing that the hospitals and even Dr. Tofu had ruled him D.O.A. She wept while she sat there, until the grief and a not so subtle spirit chose to force her to pass out.

In her dream, she saw a gathering of people, all looking down at her, and at the center of the circle they were gathered in. The air was oppressive, giving off a cold miasma that stuck to her as she was herded to the center of the circle. None of the faces that looked at her said anything, just looked down at her, as she moved father in. More and more the miasma encroached her form, till her last step into the circle, where she could see its center was also the last step her form could take. Rooted at the edge of the circle she saw two beings. One dead, her son laid out on a pyre, yet un lit and one old man, looking at her with contempt. The miasma was not allowing her to speak, and the old man moved towards her and started to speak.

"Nodoka, you have failed us your ancestors, your 'honored dead'. He was of infinite worth to us, and you, in your blindness cast him off, and drove him to his death. We the 'Honored Dead' shall look on you and place your doom upon you." the old spirit said.

Nodoka could not respond but she remembered from her childhood that her family believed that their ancestors lead the Satome clan, though the leaders of the clan. The legends also spoke of meetings between the 'Honored dead' and the leaders, either to reprimand or praise the clan for things that had transpired. When an exceptional clan mate passed on, was a time of celebration for the clan and to receive the blessing of the honored dead was the clans greatest honor. When they chose to reprimand a clan head, it was also recorded in the annuls of the clan, as the greatest shame. She was now the current clan head. She knew deep inside that she was here to answer for Ranma's death, though she had no inkling of just how high a honor they held for him, or how disgusted at her they were.

"Nodoka, in all the time of this clan never has a more valued asset been squandered by a selfish clan leader than your own son, Ranma. He was to join us, at the end of his long life, as one of the Elders, to help guide and shape the rebuilding of the clan. We could see what his future was to be, but you allowed him to suffer, become torn and eventually die. All for the desire of you to have things your way. Grand kids at his age were not important. HE was important, for you no higher honor could have been attained but by your raising him, and his value as a leader, and man. Yet you forsake those duties for nothing more than a desire for grand kids. HE should have been your concern. He was the brightest star in a thousand years, and you have seen to his death" Spoke the spirit in the middle of the circle.

Unable to move or speak, anguish and shame boiled within her but was given no release. If she could she would fall to the floor and beg for anything that may bring him back. Her life, the lives of everyone who has wronged him, anything, even the sacrifice of her own honor to bring him back. But stuck as she was, she could do no more than cry inside and wait for the elders to pass their judgment on her for failing the entire clan in a manner unheard of in its entire history.

"Nodoka, you alone are to blame for this happening. And you alone shall be held accountable for repairing the damage. We must lose one of us, your ancestors, to provide to power to bring him back. He was that precious to us, that one of us would give into oblivion to make sure he would help in shaping the clan. I am that elder, I chose to face the void, in the end, to bring him back. You're going to correct the threats to him, and treat him like the asset to the clan he is. You will also in the name of the clan bring justice on any and all who had helped to bring this about. The head of your husband, Genma, is first among those items, but others are equally pressing. We, The Elders of the clan declarer that a blood feud must exist between the Satome and Tendo clans until one or the other is wiped out. The only lenience your allowed is anyone, any where who chooses to become nameless may be spared. All of our sub-clans are expected and are being informed that this will not end till the last Tendo lies dead at our feet. You will co-ordinate this with the Sakuraba clan, our longest and best retainers. Of those, the girl who abused him the most, you will see that she is brought to the Saotome clan burial ground, personally. We shall tender upon her out own punishment for her deeds. Akane Tendo may not know deaths release for a time, but she will taste it when we are ready for her to. She will not gain any rest from that death however, and we shall make her remunerate the clan until her debt is paid. Even after death. You Nodoka will bring her to us, without letting Ranma have this knowledge. "

He continued "Nodoka, we are not giving you the easy way out, Seppuku is not in your destiny. You will live with your shame, and the knowledge that you, of all the clan heads in all of the ages, will have managed to destroy an elder and the brightest among the clan due to your deeds. I will revive him and for a time, I will be with him, guiding and teaching him. Yet after this time, I must join the void, all that I am being given to nothingness. I shall try and impart as much of my wisdom on him as possible, before then. Remember this was your failed duty that prompts this, and you bear the responsibility for this. Do not fail us again."

The old spirit, stepped into the image of her sons corpse and shrank into it. The rest of the elders faded from view, leaving her standing miasma covered watching as her sons image jerked, like a beast, and breaths labored and sharp kept trying to happen for him. This continued for some time, until finally the corpse sat up, eyes alive with fire, looked at her and spoke in a broken voice "remember this. You are his guardian now."

In the hospital where Nodoka lie passed out, several things happened more or less at once. The corpse, on the table but not yet cut into, sat up and in a broken voice could be heard to say "remember this". Also at that time a nurse noticed Nodoka's state, and got a Doctor involved, where she looked for all intents to be in a coma. They checked her in, the doctor hoping it was too much and the brain just shut off to recover. The staff moved both of them to ICU

Then they waited, Ranma was alive again, no one had ever seen anything like that, but both Satome's were in comas, unable to be awoken. Time would tell what this would bring.