Title: Firelight

Summary: Jasper, a guitar, soft music by the light of a campfire. What is his favourite tune?

Word Count: 486

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: All things Twilight are the property of Stephanie Meyer. Everything else is mine, including the mistakes. No copyright infringement is intended.

Thank you to my wonderful Beta RedSummer :o)

He sat with his back against the stout wooden pole, strumming his guitar gently. He murmured occasional words and hummed along with the chords. I watched the tendons in the backs of his hands shifting and moving in the firelight, the flicker of the flames alternately highlighting and then hiding the minute movements. I loved watching his hands.

Sparkling eyes captured mine from behind the veil of soft sandy blond curls. They crinkled as he smirked and the music stopped. The silence was filled by soft pops and hisses as sap escaped from the logs I'd just placed amongst the flames. A long fingered hand reached for the green glass bottle beaded with condensation. He raised it to his lips and gulped the last of it down before it could be warmed by the fire. I watched as his Adam's apple bobbed with each swallow.

The empty bottle twirled effortlessly in his fingers and then rattled as it came into contact with the steel strings. Smooth bluesy melodies filled our little cocoon of light in the darkness. I pulled my knees into my chest and shivered at the sounds he could entice from an instrument that only squawked and shrieked under my untutored touch. The bottle dropped and rolled in the dust as the sounds shifted again. Crisp notes were plucked in quick succession from under the swift fingers of those hands I loved.

"Anything you want me to play, Darlin'?" he asked in a gentle drawl that only added to my shivers.

"Yeah, I want you to play me," I replied breathlessly as I moved around the fire to stand next to him. The calloused pads of his fingers trailed once more over the strings, eliciting a purr from the well-loved but battered instrument. Then he placed it carefully aside, away from the heat that would warp the careful tuning. Those same calloused pads trailed up my bare legs to my thighs and pulled me sideways into his lap where only moments ago his beloved guitar had lain.

"Well, I think I can handle that," he said as a lop-sided smile spread across his face. The flickering firelight reflected in his eyes only added to the wicked sparkle they already contained.

He pulled me into a sensual kiss as his talented fingers slid up under my skirt. They teased me through the damp lace, moving expertly, exactly where I needed them to be at any one moment. I broke the kiss and moaned softly against his neck.

His agile fingers eased the flimsy cloth aside and pushed slowly inside me, twisting and curling to reach the spot that made me melt in his arms. With infinite skill, those fingers I adored drove me to the brink and I cried out, whimpering and moaning into the night, begging for release.

"Now that is my favourite tune," he said softly as I my pleasure reached its crescendo.