The ground shook beneath the feet of the many Tokyo citizens as they scrambled to escape; Godzilla was once again rampaging through the city. The King of the Monsters roared and let loose a blast of atomic breath, toppling Tokyo Tower among other buildings in his path. With each step he took the ground shook for miles, the concrete and asphalt cracked and crumbled under his mighty weight.

Capitan Gordon cursed under his breath as he rushed down the hallways of the Global Defense Force Headquarters. "Damn monster," he said, "Saves the earth one day, sets out to destroy it the next."

"Capitan Gordon," someone called from behind him, Gordon turned to see Doctor Egon Spangler, one of the GDF's best scientists. The man has since retired from Ghostbusting when the organization went worldwide, shortly before they became funded by the GDF. Dr. Spangler had continued his work in the field of science since. He stood alongside Kazuki Kitamura, a member of the GDF's leaders.

"We'd like to have a word with you," Kitamura said.

"Now's not the best time," Gordon retorted.

"It's about Godzilla," Dr. Spangler said.

Gordon scowled but followed the two men into a nearby laboratory. Dr. Spangler set a crystal on the table, "I take it you know what this is," he said.

Gordon took the crystal in his hand and examined it, "The last physical remains of SpaceGodzilla, when the M.O.G.U.R.A. blew off its shoulder crystals, the pieces stayed behind when the monster died. Along with all of those crystal towers it made."

"Yes, as you may have known we've been studying them," Dr. Spangler explained, "They're an amazing source of energy, self sustaining power generators. Those crystal towers the monster left behind have been moved and now power all of Japan. We've been trying to find a use for the smaller ones but the power they give off is just as much as the larger ones, they're too powerful to weaponize. So far we've been using them as backups in case anything happened to the larger crystals. But we've recently made a breakthrough with them, we've managed to encode them with human DNA, when energy is passed through them, they can turn any living creature into a human being, including giant monsters like Godzilla."

Gordon looked back to the crystal in his hand, "I don't believe it," he said, "how do you know it works?"

"Because," A voice said, a woman that Gordon didn't even notice when he stepped into the room, "I volunteered to be their first test subject." The woman herself was beautiful, if it wasn't for the antennae sticking from her forehead Gordon would've thought her to be human. Though he didn't need any clues to figure out who she was.

"Mothra," Gordon said.

Mothra nodded, she had long black hair and wore a formal kimono that resembled the pattern of her wings. In her hand were her two servants, the cosmos.

"Mothra was the one who assisted in creating these crystals," The two small girls said in unison, "It was the last thing she ever did with her powers."

"It wasn't my first choice of action," Mothra said, "All of this fighting and destruction is tearing the earth apart, and I can't have that. Godzilla is too stubborn to listen to reason, this is our only choice. I've chosen to join my monster brethren and be the first to undergo this transformation as an example of what we can become."

"We've also rebuilt Kiryu," Kitamura said.

Gordon looked to him, "You've got to be kidding me, I thought that thing was a bad idea," he pointed at Mothra, "She even told us so."

"The original had its flaws," Kitamura explained, "We've learned our lesson, this new Kiryu, which we've been calling the Mark II, hasn't been built around the bones of the original Godzilla, and it's unmanned."

"How?" Gordon asked.

"We've developed an Artificial Intelligence, one based on a human mind, one that can properly control the machine," Dr. Spangler explained, "Computer technology is not my strong point, while I did work partially on this project, and it was headed by Dr. Kamiya. His mind was the basis for the AI."

"And what if this new AI decides to go on a rampage like the last Kiryu?" Gordon asked skeptically.

"Dr. Kamiya's loyalty and patriotism were traits that were given to this AI," Kitamura said, "A repeat act is not likely. Not to mention this AI can be transferred from the machine to any other that is capable of containing it. Meaning in the case of an emergency, we can remove the AI from the MK II, therefore stopping it in its tracks. The MK II has been equipped with the new crystal weapon, we want you and your crew to give it back up and keep Godzilla distracted."

"When hit with this weapon, Godzilla will go through three stages," Mothra explained, "The first is the initial transformation, changing Godzilla's size and shape to that of a human. During this phase he will have full access to his power, the second phase is when the most prominent of his powers will fade, this would include his atomic breath and his healing factor, but keep in mind the transformation isn't truly complete. Even when the process has completed, he will still be very powerful by human standards."

"We plan on using Mutant troops to make the arrest," Kitamura said.

"The third phase is the final mental and physical shock of the transformation, the force of it will knock him unconscious, during this time his mind will adapt to his new form and he will learn the more complicated motor skills of it, including speech."

"You have your mission Capitan," Kitamura said, "I expect you to do it well."

Gordon saluted him, "Yes sir!"

Gordon sat in the Capitan's seat on the Gotengo; Kiryu MK II flew beside the ship. "Approaching Godzilla," The voice of the AI said over the Gotengo's radio.

"He's on radar," Gordon confirmed. "Lay down a suppressing fire as we pass over him!" Gordon commanded his crew, "Keep his attention as the MK II lands."

The Gotengo flew low, just barely out of Godzilla's reach, guns firing at him. The Giant monster swiped at the ship, roaring when he missed and fired off a ray of atomic breath that just barely missed the Gotengo's hull. Kiryu landed while his back was turned, the MechaGodzilla threw a sucker punch to the back of the head of the king of the monsters. Godzilla turned in anger and saw a familiar form, he was about to attack when he was struck in the back from missiles shot by the Gotengo. Godzilla couldn't seem to handle the sudden team attack as Kiryu fired a blast from the Mazer Cannon in his mouth. Godzilla was knocked back from the blast. The Gotengo kept attacking him, but it seemed that Godzilla was choosing to ignore the ship for now. Gordon ordered more missiles as he saw the MK II opening up his chest plate, charging the new weapon. Godzilla roared in anger and was only slowed down as he began to charge. Gordon cursed and ordered for the freeze ray, by the time the ship was lined up and shot the ray, it was almost too late, almost. Godzilla was stopped in his tracks just yards away from the MK II as the weapon fired.

The beam enveloped Godzilla in a bright light, and he seemed to disappear.

The next thing Godzilla saw was that he was at the feet of the metal imposter, he couldn't understand why it was suddenly so much bigger than him. He tried to roar, but the sound came out wrong. All of the sudden he was surrounded by humans with shields, how were they suddenly his size? He remembered towering over them a moment ago. Whatever it was it pissed him off, he growled and fired off a blast of his atomic breath at the humans. To his surprise the shields actually deflected his blast, now he was really mad as he suddenly charged the humans surrounding him. Driving his fist hard into the shields he found that he could break them. They came at him with sticks, to his next surprise they were fast, and strong. Godzilla continued to fight them off when he went for another blast, but found that he couldn't do it. Then the pain, something in his brain felt as if it were electrified, his body shuddered and he collapsed.