I paced back and forth between two large doors in the small near-circle of similar such entryways in an endless sea of sand. The only other being around was Metis, and she was sitting with her back against the door to Malebolge, one of the many sections of the Abyss of Time.

"Why do you keep doing that?" Metis asked.

"It is… a compulsion." I replied evenly. "I am unsure as to why, but it puts me at ease. I apologize if I am disturbing you."

"No, it's okay…" she said, tapping her heavy staff against the door a few times. "I'm just worried about our sister… we don't even know where she is…"

"That is true." I agreed. "But, something feels significant about this place. Moreso then the rest of the Abyss, even the coliseum."

"I know what you mean…" She said with a small nod. "I just hope that something happens soon…" She curled her legs up and wrapped her arms around them. "I don't like us being alone like this…"

I stopped in my tracks, then sighed. I turned towards Metis and strode over to her, then knelt down.

"It will be alright, Metis." I assured her. "I will not leave your side."

She looked up at me with her red eyes, then smiled. "Thank you…"

There was a sudden shuddering feeling, and the two of us sprang to our feet.

"Did you feel that?" Metis asked quickly.

"Yes…" I responded. "Something has happened… Time is not flowing as it should…"

"What?" She looked at me curiously.

"Look at your internal clock."

"Okay, but… huh? March thirty-first? But, that was…"

"Yesterday." I finished for her. "That shudder must have been when time skipped backwards."

A loud rumbling drew our attention as a large set of stairs appeared in the gap in the circle of doors.

"Where did those come from?" Metis asked.

"I am unsure…" I replied, then I felt something. "Wait… there are Persona Users up those steps…"

"Persona users? Are you sure?"

I nodded sharply. "Positive. And one of them… is our sister."

Metis gasped. "It is?"

I nodded again. "Yes." I turned to face Metis. "Go assess the situation. If you require aid, call for me and I will come to your side."

She looked over at the large stairs nervously, then back at me before she nodded. Her visor slid over her face and she plucked her staff up off the ground.

"Be careful, Metis." I said warningly. "We do not fully understand the situation."

"I will." She replied as she started over to the stairs.

I sighed quietly, then turned towards the door to Empyrean and folded my arms.

It seems our journey has begun at last.

Author Notes - WELL HEY THERE EVERYONE. Weren't expecting this so soon, were you? Well, I told myself that if I didn't complete AFNF before today, March 31st, I would make a quick Prologue to the events of the Answer. Who's the perspective in? Well, it's not the character who's head the story will be in the entire time. Nope, Aigis is supposed to be the Protaganist, so it'll be in her head. However, I can't start writing it without seriously spoiling my ending for AFNF, so I took a third option and used a character, who will be introduced early in the story, to show what happened before the fight with Metis at the start of the Answer. I also made this just to TEASE YOU PEOPLE because I'm secretly Evil! But, you probably knew that by reading my Author Notes in AFNF. Sadly you'll have to wait till that's done before I write more for Answer of Aeon, but I'm sure you all can understand that, right?