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Farewell to a Peaceful Afternoon

Sirius tried not to glower at his boyfriend

Sirius tried not to glower at his boyfriend.

It wasn't working, however.

Remus looked up from where he was sitting, peacefully (until Sirius came along and started burning fucking holes into the side of his head with his eyes) reading a book that his parents had owled to him a few days ago. "What," he asked, annoyance and bloody exasperation dripping from his voice like honey.

Sirius continued to glare, his mouth puckering rather ridiculously (and really, that should not be allowed to look as attractive as it was. Stupid, bloody pretty boys who were too pretty for their own good).

Remus glared back at the other boy, just because he could… and well… it stopped him from doing something rather impulsive, like…. throwing his book aside to ravish Sirius. No, that wouldn't do at all. Not right now, at least. He wanted to have a peaceful, quite afternoon for once. That couldn't be had if he decided to jump his boyfriend.

"I'm bored," Sirius said, in the same way he would have said something like "I will kill you if you do not bow down to me". Not that he would have ever said anything like that, but… Remus imagined that if Sirius did say something like that, he would use the same tone of voice that he was using now. and Remus would have to kill him for it; Just to put him in his rightful place, of course.

"Well what am I supposed to do about?" This was asked in a voice that really sounded like it was saying "I am not your fucking keeper. Leave me alone, or beware of the consequences."

Sirius didn't seem fazed by the not so well hidden threat.

"Entertain me," Sirius told him, and he wasn't simply answering Remus' previous question. He was making a demand.

Remus resisted the urge to growl… just barely. "I'm not your keeper Sirius," he told the other boy.

Sirius suddenly grinned. "No. you're just my love slave, here to serve my every desire. So serve me, slave."

"You did not just say that," Remus said, his mouth dropping open in shock. Oh… Sirius better pray to Merlin that Remus was under the impression that he had heard wrong.

"You heard me," Sirius said. The words rolled off his tongue like a challenge.

Remus practically snarled as he lunged for Sirius, pushing the ebony haired boy's head down into the carpet. Well…. There went Remus' quiet, peaceful afternoon. May it rest in peace. "I am not your love slave, you wanker! I am not here to please you! If anything, you're here to please me, since I even bother to put up with you!"

Sirius laughed as his arm shot back to push Remus off of him. The two rolled around on the floor for a bit, wrestling as teenage boys often did, before Sirius rolled over and loomed over the werewolf, pinning him down on the floor as a rather crazed smile spread across his face much too lovely face. "Thanks Moony. I don't think that I'm quite as bored anymore."

"Fucking wanker," Remus muttered, before Sirius leaned down to kiss him, the laughter still tainting his lips with a rich, sweet taste.

Remus decided not to be too angry with him.

After all… who wanted a quiet afternoon when they could have Sirius?

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